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100000PSI - Chapter 94.1: Which Ji Fanyin? (1)

Ji Xinxin had a plan in mind.

Since their engagement three weeks ago, she had been taking pregnancy tests religiously. After multiple positive results, she was confident she was carrying Li Xiaoxing’s child.

Her initial thought was to hold off the news until Li Xiaoxing got better than find some opportunity to announce it.

If things go well, not only would it be her ticket to marry into the Li family as well as build good relations with the elders, it may even help her mend relations with Li Xiaoxing.

But with the recent happenings… Ji Xinxin had given up on the possibility of the latter.

She no longer cared about retaining Li Xiaoxing’s favor.

As Li Mingyue would one day get married and the low possibility of Li Xiaoxing having another child, the traditional Li family would never forsake this child.

Ji Xinxin took a deep breath and arranged her expression in the mirror into one of nonchalance but no matter how hard she tried, she could not do so.

Just half a year ago, she was still a confident individual who could easily spot men’s weaknesses and twirl them around her little finger. But now, she was reduced to the point of questioning her own abilities.

After all, she had built her confidence on others’ acknowledgment. The moment the people she cared about turned her back on her, her confidence would cease to be nothing.

“It’s alright, your expression does not matter,” Secretary Fan said.

Ji Xinxin glared at him.

… Is he trying to say the only thing that matters is this face?

But she did not voice her displeasure. She straightened herself and walked out the washroom towards Li Xiaoxing’s ward.

Ji Xinxin could not comprehend and did not attempt to comprehend why Li Xiaoxing had refused to receive treatment from a private hospital overseas and chose to stay in the country. She was too mentally exhausted to do so.

Some people worked for money, some people worked for their dreams, and some worked to seek excitement. If it was true that every single person in the world had a goal they work for, Ji Xinxin’s goal would be to gain the attention and love of others.

However, the attention and love that had been showered on her had been gradually taken from her since an unknown point in time.

… Not only did they disappear, but they also became contorted and ugly as the very people who cared and loved her started to bare their fangs at her.

Not just the men in her life, even her parents were starting to blame her for the things that went wrong.

Even the tiny snowflake could crush a tree trunk if too much were piled on it. With Ji Xinxin’s brittle mental foundation, it did not take much for her to crumble internally.

Her only mental support left was Liam. He was also the person who cared about her the most.

Despite not seeing each other in a long time, he would still text her daily to ask about her wellbeing.

Both of them were caught up with new year celebrations shortly after they came back and by the end of the spring break, Ji Xinxin had announced her groundbreaking engagement.

After that, she was held up with the preparations for the engagement ceremony and subsequently taking care of Li Xiaoxing… As such, she had not had the time to go back to school in a long while.

A number of schools had to find temporary replacements from the French department due to her absence.

But Ji Xinxin did not have the additional energy to worry about them. She was deep in the mud herself.

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Thankfully, Liam was still there to support her.

Not only did he not mind her engaged status, but he had also confessed his feelings for her and promised to stay by her side as long as she does not cut contact with him.

This little warmth was the thing that kept her sane in the days after her engagement.

As she made her way to the ward, she replayed the video-call conversation she had with Liam the day before in her mind to garner courage.

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