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100000PSI - Chapter 92.2: How Can She Compare With You? (2)

Ji Fanyin not only knew what Li Xiaoxing was down with but also why he came down with it. Most importantly, she knew there was a high probability Li Xiaoxing’s condition would take a turn for the worse.

When she told the story of ‘Ji Fanyin’ to him that night on the phone, she had focused on details surrounding Ji Xinxin posing as ‘Ji Fanyin’ but had left out the fact that she was a transmigrator.

That would be the next thing she had planned for him.

How would Li Xiaoxing react when he finds out he is the one who indirectly caused the loss of his only chance to recover?

… To be able to feel pain in his legs after many years of not feeling anything, and for it to be twenty-four hours non-stop…

How would he feel to have his hopes crushed again if he found out that his benefactor, his only hope to recover, no longer existed from a long time ago?

Ji Fanyin finished off the last bit of her ice cream cone while concretising her plans internally. She was going to leave this card to the end and achieve her ten billion dollars goal in one last swoop.

“Stingy.” Zhang Ning puckered her lips. “Anyway, they would have to seek help from somebody. If both Li Xiaoxing and Song Shiyu turn them down, you'll be the next one that they’ll be looking for.”

“Me?” Ji Fanyin had not thought of that.

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“Of course.” Zhang Ning gestured. “You have some assets to your name now. If one daughter cannot afford to help them, they will naturally go after the other.”

Realization hit Ji Fanyin.

Right, ‘I’ am also their daughter and ‘I’ am no longer that wallflower who had nothing to her name. If desperation hits them, they will no doubt approach me for help.

But the issue was that Father and Mother Ji had no means to find her. They would probably resort to calling her.

Zhang Ning observed Ji Fanyin’s expression and frowned. “You wouldn’t give up your money with some honey coated words from them, right? It wasn’t easy for you to earn that amount, you should not give it up so easily.”

“Of course not.” Ji Fanyin dusted off the crumbs on her hands. “It’s my hard earned money.”

Whenever she recalled her time as a stand-in, she could not stop herself from lamenting. Ah, the struggles that I’ve gone through!

Song Shiyu was a perfectionist and male chauvinist, Bai Zhou was a short tempered little dolt who could not express himself well, and Li Xiaoxing was a controlling extremist who had low self-esteem.

Although they were rich, their emotional states were more tattered, one more than the othe.

If Ji Fanyin lent out the money she had earned, it would directly affect her progress in the ‘Temptation of Home’ app.

And it was highly unlikely Father and Mother Ji would return the money.

They had not even repaid the sum they had borrowed from Ji Xinxin and Song Shiyu.

Zhang Ning seemed to have prophetic powers. That very night, Father Ji’s phone call came while Ji Fanyin was home. In a sickly warm voice, he ordered, “I am downstairs. Come out for a meal with us.”

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Written by Yuan Yao. Translated by StarveCleric. Edited by ru.