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MCAB - Chapter 117

After exiting the transit space, Jun Zishu visited the Emotion Separation Division as usual.

After pretending to be a fool and living a carefree life for so long, she suspected that her brain might have rusted a little.

Upon returning to her dormitory, Jun Zishu received an email informing her that she had received an S-rank evaluation for her mission, followed by a significant sum of money being transferred into her bank account.

After taking a quick shower, Jun Zishu ordered a food delivery and simulated rain outside the window. Then, while listening to the calming pitter-patter of the rain, Jun Zishu finished her meal and wiped her mouth.

Afterward, she did some reading for a while before falling asleep.

While Jun Zishu had entered slumberland, a group of people was busily researching her.

"We managed to locate Lord's position, but Lord is rapidly moving from place to place. It won't be long before we lose track of Lord again."

"Fluctuations have been appearing in the smaller worlds of a few divisions previously. However, as the number of missions she completes increases, those worlds seem to have regained stability."

"Lord appears to have fallen into a subconscious sleep. This is very strange. How did she manage to wake Lord up?"

"Who knows?"

Everyone in the control center looked at each other, nobody able to provide an answer.

"Thankfully, she's a very diligent employee. If she is one of those who take long breaks after a mission, it might be a long way off before we could find Lord," Liang Yi said while caressing her chin thoughtfully. Then, she asked, "Which division should we send her to next?"

"She should come to mine," the chief of the Mary Sue & Tom Sue Banishment Division said.

"Rainbow Mary Sue, go away!"

"Ptui! Do you think your Masochist Division is amazing? Blergh!"

"I think she should get to know my Stand-in Division..."

"She should come to the Anti-Stand-in Division."

"Hey! Do you want a fight?!"

Every division chief naturally wanted Lord to visit their respective divisions, so they quickly entered a heated argument.

"She should come to my place," a man standing in the corner of the room said with his lips curled up slightly. Although his voice sounded soft, everyone in the room fell silent when they heard him speak.

After sending the man a glance, Liang Yi nodded.

"Welcome to Area 11."

A mechanical voice entered Jun Zishu's ears as soon as she appeared inside the transit space. Then, looking at Little Fairy in confusion, she asked, "Area 11? What division are we working for this time?"

"The division's name is called Area 11. It is one of the larger divisions within the Department. It is also known as the Love and Justice Division," Little Fairy introduced as she fluttered her wings around Jun Zishu.

"Love and justice… Why do I have a bad feeling about this?"

She had experienced a similar premonition not long ago, and that was when she worked for the Professional Break-up Division.

"This division is slightly unique. I will have some of my abilities sealed, such as my surveillance function. I can only use the pain reduction function and emergency authorities."

"Emergency authorities."

"Forced disengagement, for example."

"Do you mean to say that this upcoming world is very dangerous?"

"It is moderately dangerous. The setting is a lawful society."

"Let's go, then," Jun Zishu said, raising an eyebrow as she walked toward the door of light with Little Fairy.

The next moment, Jun Zishu found herself sitting cross-legged in an office.

The tailored uniform and the banner hanging on the wall with the words "Serving the People" written on it clearly indicated her current body's identity.

Leaning back against her chair, Jun Zishu started accepting her new body's memories and mission details.

The original owner was called Jun Lan, and her background was clear at a glance. There were no intricate family relationships or emotional relationships. The large swath of memories Jun Zishu received was mainly composed of information on criminal cases.

Jun Zishu lowered her gaze and tapped her finger on the armrest, her brain rapidly planning and analyzing the character she would play this time.

Afterward, she took out her phone, turned on the selfie camera, and looked at the face displayed on the screen,

The woman on the screen was someone who couldn't be ignored. This description reflected not only her appearance but also her stern aura. The sharpness hidden under her lackadaisical behavior was like a sharpened blade that could cut at even the slightest of touch.

Jun Zishu adjusted her expression as she looked at herself on the phone before closing her eyes. Then, when she opened her eyes again, a playful smile appeared on her face.


[Host, your mission in this world is to apprehend three criminals.]

Just that?

[Yes. Your mission will be complete once you catch three criminals. To be precise, you need to solve three cases. Even if a case involves multiple criminals working together, it will only count as one. Once you complete the mission, you can choose to leave or remain in this world until you die.]


It was no wonder the division was called Love and Justice. Her mission actually involved bringing justice to society.

After stretching her back, Jun Zishu looked at the phone's clock and saw that it was almost time to get off work.

Jun Zishu didn't ask what would happen if she didn't encounter three criminal cases. There was no way that would happen, after all. According to the original owner's memories, the city she lived in ranked third in the country when it came to crime rate. So, everyone in the city's justice system was very busy.

The original owner had only completed a case yesterday, so she had a rare relaxing day today.

According to the original storyline, the original owner would die later when she got off work and tried to save a little girl from a runaway car.

It was a huge waste, honestly. After all, the original owner was an excellent police officer. Had she continued serving normally, she could've caught many more criminals and saved many more lives throughout the rest of her career.

Of course, that didn't mean the original owner's actions were wrong. No life should be abandoned, after all.

However, now that Jun Zishu was here, she naturally wouldn't allow the accident to happen.

Standing up, Jun Zishu put on her coat and left her office.

"Captain Jun, how rare it is to see you get off work on time," Wang Duoduo, who was holding onto a cup of coffee, exclaimed in surprise when he saw Jun Zishu getting ready to leave.

"My mom wants me to go back for a blind date. I have to at least humor her," Jun Zishu answered casually."

"Again? You've scared off three partners already, yet your mother still hasn't given up?"

Wang Duoduo's mouth twitched when he heard Jun Zishu's answer. The first time Captain Jun went on her first blind date, everyone on the team had discussed excitedly what kind of man would be capable of taking her down. So, everyone had secretly followed Captain Jun to spectate the date from afar. In the end, when the other party heard that Jun Zishu was the captain of a criminal investigation team, he promptly settled the bill and fled.

The second one was much calmer, but Captain Jun said she didn't want a man who couldn't beat her in a fight. The other party was a weak scholar, so how could he possibly beat her? Thus, he, too, fled.

The third one was coincidentally a colleague from the department next door. The poor guy's legs nearly went limp when he saw Captain Jun. Needless to say, the blind date also failed.

After three consecutive failures, Wang Duoduo didn't expect that Captain Jun's mother had yet to give up and still insisted on matching Captain Jun with someone.

"I plan to persuade her to stop this time," Jun Zishu said, shrugging before leaving.

"No man can be worthy of our Captain Jun," Wang Duoduo muttered as he looked at Jun Zishu's elegant departure.


Several voices of agreement appeared from around the office.

After looking at the time, Jun Zishu followed her memories and arrived at the location where the original owner died. Unlike the original owner, though, she arrived here one minute earlier.

Upon arriving at the location, Jun Zishu immediately spotted a little girl standing on the sidewalk staring at a ball in the middle of the road. The girl looked around five or six years old, yet neither of her parents was by her side right now. Jun Zishu couldn't help but frown at how irresponsible the girl's parents were.

Afterward, Jun Zishu looked at the other end of the road. She would have to cross the road to get to the little girl.

Less than ten seconds were left before the pedestrian traffic light turned red, so Jun Zishu quickly walked across the road.

At this time, the little girl had already wobbled her way onto the road. However, the pedestrian traffic light had also turned red, which meant that cars could start passing the pedestrian crossing again.

Jun Zishu hurriedly walked up to the little girl and dragged her back to the sidewalk by the back of her neck.

Several seconds later, a car sped past the place where the little girl originally stood.

When the passersby saw this close call, they subconsciously sighed in relief.

"Yangyang, are you alright?!"

A young mother came running out of a nearby shop and hugged the little girl in a panic.


The little girl named Yanyang shook her head as she switched her gaze between her mother and Jun Zishu, the confusion on her face showing that she failed to realize what had nearly happened to her.

"Mommy, the ball," Yangyang said as she pointed at the ball that had rolled onto the busy road.

"Nevermind, nevermind. Mommy will buy you a new one," the young mother said. She was so frightened that tears had nearly come out of her eyes. Then, after calming down, she looked at Jun Zishu and gratefully said, "Thank you! Thank you so much!"

"I am just doing my job," Jun Zishu said, smiling as she parted her coat slightly and revealed the police badge underneath it.

"Yangyang, hurry up and thank Miss Police Officer," the young mother said when she realized Jun Zishu's identity.

"Thank you, Miss Police Officer," Yangyang said in a childish voice.

"Pay more attention to your daughter next time. Don't leave her by herself next to a road. She is still small and doesn't know what danger is. Also, vehicles aren't the only threat. There are plenty of bad guys nowadays, especially human traffickers. You have to watch out."

"Yes, yes, yes."

The young mother repeatedly nodded while mentally chastising herself for being so careless. She had gone into a shop to check out something just now. She didn't expect her daughter to run outside while she wasn't paying attention.

After her work here was done, Jun Zishu stuffed her hands into her coat pockets and left.

A team member had borrowed her car, so she had no choice but to take a taxi back home.

Jun Zishu's mouth twitched when she saw the state of the original owner's home. The place thoroughly reflected the saying "there is beauty in chaos."

After taking a seat on the sofa, Jun Zishu pulled out her phone and gave Mother Jun a call.

"Hello, Mom?"

"What's wrong? It still isn't time for the date yet."

"No need. Cancel it for me."

"Don't give up! You can't possibly expect to spend the rest of your life alone, right? If other occupations don't work, you can find one of your colleagues!"

Mother Jun was a little anxious. Her daughter was already 26 this year. Although her daughter couldn't be considered an old woman yet, she wasn't getting any younger. Honestly, she secretly hoped that her daughter would retire from the force every day.

"Mom, there is really no need to go on another blind date. I don't need it. I simply don't have the heart to fall in love, let alone get married. I don't want to get pregnant, either. Rather than urging me to get married, how about you urge Big Brother to have a second child? I doubt one grandson is enough to keep you busy," Jnu Zishu said somewhat helplessly. The original owner didn't wish to find a partner, and Jun Zishu wanted it even less.

Mother Jun sighed when she heard her daughter's words. Then, she began her daily sermon.

While listening to her mother's sermons, Jun Zishu removed her coat and started tidying up the house.

The original owner might be able to locate the items she wanted with her sixth sense, but Jun Zishu couldn't. Although her actions could be considered a little out of character, nobody would find out since this was her home.

Meanwhile, Mother Jun's sermon was still ongoing, her endless chattering filling the space around Jun Zishu with warmth.


"Arc 6 - Welcome to Area 11" will be a detective arc that involves gory scenes. While this arc has very little fluff, similar to the yandere arc, I highly recommend reading this arc. It is probably one of the more well-written arcs (in my opinion, at least) in this book.


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