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CSG - Chapter 3099: A Place of Recovery

“Overarching Heaven!” The unkempt old man’s gaze became mixed when he heard Mo Tianyun mention the Sacred Lord of Overarching Heaven. He sighed gently. “That old man is lucky. He’s already taken the step. He’s already become a- sigh, let’s not talk about him, let’s not talk about him. Tell me, what do you want from me for the droplet of Essence Blood of the Myriad?”

“I want an imprint of senior’s Way of Smithing for the droplet of Essence Blood of the Myriad!” Mo Tianyun said.

“That simple?” The unkempt old man was slightly taken aback. He studied Ning Shuang closely before nodding in understanding. “Alright, deal!” He extended a finger and immediately sent an imprint of ways regarding the Way of Smithing into Ning Shuang’s body. Meanwhile, the Essence Blood of the Myriad on Mo Tianyun’s hand ended up with the old man.

“Oh right. Kid, how did you know I needed the Essence Blood of the Myriad? And how did you know I was hiding here?” the unkempt old man asked with suspicion after accepting the essence blood.

“It was a pure coincidence.” Mo Tianyung smiled mysteriously.

“A coincidence? Really?” The unkempt old man was unconvinced, but when he tried to peer into this matter, he found nothing.

“Whether you believe it or not is up to you, senior. I’ve already gotten what I want, so I won’t be disturbing your sleep any further, senior. Farewell!”

“You can go, but don’t divulge the fact that I’m hiding here, or I’ll never spare you. I still want to be able to sleep soundly for a few more years,” the old man muttered.

As for Mo Tianyun, he appeared outside the Radiant Saint Hall with Ning Shuang.

In the southern region of the Cloud Plane, Jian Chen, Ming Dong, Yun Xiaoyan, and Ming Xie appeared within an interplanar teleportation formation with a flash of white light.

However, Jian Chen was pale-white and haggard. His face was filled with a deep sense of exhaustion too. His footsteps were feeble; he tottered around as if even standing was extremely difficult for him right now.

He had only managed to return to the Tian Yuan clan with Ming Dong’s support.

Jian Chen did not want his group of friends to know about his current situation, so apart from Xu Ran and Yun Wufeng, the two Chaotic Primes of the Tian Yuan clan, he did not tell anyone about his return.

The current situation with his body was absolutely horrible. He did not want any of his friends to worry about him, so he chose to not show himself before them.

At this moment, on the highest floor of the Watercloud Hall, Jian Chen lay on the ground feebly. Ming Dong constantly fished out God Tier pills from his Space Ring and fed them to Jian Chen.

“Ming Dong, you don’t need to feed me these pills. These pills won’t be of great help to me.” Jian Chen stopped what Ming Dong was doing. His Chaotic Body was still around, and his chaotic neidan had been miraculously repaired, so he could make a full recovery from all of his physical wounds in a very short amount of time.

However, the vitality he had exhausted, the vital energies he had burned, and the two-thirds of his soul he had sacrificed could not be replenished with regular God Tier pills.

The exhausted vitality was not too difficult to deal with. There was an extremely small number of heavenly resources and pills that could recover vitality, but he could get his hands on some as long as he paid the price.

The most troublesome part was his depleted soul. As he crossed the Bridge of Life and Death, he had burned far too much power of his soul, leaving him with a heavy injury that he would struggle to recover from. Making a complete recovery with his soul would be anything but easy.

His strength was severely affected too.

Jian Chen retrieved the Space Ring he had left in the Watercloud Hall before tidying through the items silently. Just to be safe, he had basically left all of his precious resources in the Watercloud Hall when he ventured to the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng this time. He had only moved an extremely small number of them into another Space Ring in case he needed them.

That included the Fortune God Jade.

Jian Chen rummaged through the two Space Rings silently, merging the items together again. He took out the Fortune God Jade and stored it away properly.

Gazing at the Fortune God Jade that shone with colourful light, Jian Chen felt rather speechless. During his visit to the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, he was actually already prepared to give up on it. He planned on offering up the Fortune God Jade in exchange for the Anatta Grand Exalt saving fairy Hao Yue’s life in the final moments.

However, the end result was rather surprising. Apart from the heavy price he had paid to cross the Bridge of Life and Death, it did not seem to cost him anything more to get the Anatta Grand Exalt to save fairy Hao Yue.

As a result, the Fortune God Jade that he was already prepared to lose stayed with him.

Suddenly, Jian Chen halted, as he discovered something had vanished from his Space Ring.

The missing item was the bead that contained the Laws of Destruction he had obtained from his first visit to the Anatta Tower in the lower world.

He had noticed a long time ago that the bead was anything but good, so he never used it. When he ventured to the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, he had brought the bead with him.

But now, he discovered it had vanished.

At this moment, two streaks of light, one violet and one azure, sailed over from the distance. The sword spirits had clearly noticed Jian Chen’s return, so they turned into two streaks of light and returned to his body.

Master, how have you suffered such heavy wounds?” As soon as they returned, the sword spirits noticed Jian Chen's condition and immediately cried out.

The return of the sword spirits made Jian Chen set aside the matter of the missing bead of destruction. He told them about his experiences on the Bridge of Life and Death.

Of course, he only told them about what had happened on the bridge. He did not go into detail regarding his conversation with the Anatta Grand Exalt. After all, he did not dare to talk too much about Grand Exalts, afraid that they would sense something and notice the sword spirits' existence.

After hearing that, the sword spirits sank into a momentary silence. Only afterwards did they say slowly, "Master, it is very difficult for you to recover from your wounds quickly in the Saints' World. You require quite a lengthy period of recovery. However, once you go to the Xuanhuang Microcosm, healing shouldn't be an issue."

"The Xuanhuang Microcosm." Jian Chen’s eyes lit up slowly. The day they headed to the Xuanhuang Microcosm was growing closer and closer.

"However, due to the special laws within the Xuanhuang Microcosm, my strength will be severely affected. I might not even be able to use the power of laws. All I can rely on is the power of my body."

"As such, before we go, I need to try my best to make my Chaotic Body return to peak condition. By then, even if my strength has decreased due to my damaged vitality, it won't affect me too much under the special conditions of the Xuanhuang Microcosm." Jian Chen calculated inside.

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu.