Chapter 3100 - The Spirit of the Anatta Tower
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3100 - The Spirit of the Anatta Tower

This time, he would be entering the inner world of the Xuanhuang Microcosm.

The place he had entered last time could only be considered as the outer world of the Xuanhuang Microcosm or the external region.

The external region corresponded to the lower world. It was on approximately the same level as the Tian Yuan Continent.

The inner world was a higher place. According to the estimates of the sword spirits, the level of the Xuanhuang Microcosm was extremely high, so even Immortal Exalt level Xuanhuang beasts might have appeared.

Immortal Exalts corresponded to Grand Primes in the Saints’ World.

If Xuanhuang beasts of that level appeared, then it would mean the inner world of the Xuanhuang Microcosm had reached the same height as the Saints’ World.

The heavenly resources growing in the external region of the Xuanhuang Microcosm no longer have much effect on me. Only the high level heavenly resources in the inner world will help.

“There’s still a year before we set off. During this year, not only do I have to try my best to recover from my physical wounds, but I also need to prepare a large number of vessels to hold the various heavenly resources.”

Afterwards, Jian Chen remained in the Watercloud hall to recuperate, slowly recovering from his wounds. It did not take too much time before his Chaotic Body made a full recovery. Apart from the chaotic neidan shrinking drastically, basically everything returned to its state before he attempted the Bridge of Life and Death.

However, his exhausted vitality, vital energies, and collapsed soul did not change. Even the God Tier pills he ingested for these issues only produced negligible results.

He had damaged his very foundations. While regular God Tier pills and heavenly resources could bring a person back from the brink of death, they could not repair his foundations.

During the time Jian Chen spent in the Watercloud Hall, the Tian Yuan clan had carried out a large purchase. Jian Chen gave Xi Yu a secret order. Afterwards, she directly mobilized the forces of the entire clan to purchase various pieces of precious jade across the five regions of the Cloud Plane and some high level vessels with special properties designed to hold certain kinds of heavenly resources.

All of the precious jade was carved into jade boxes of various sizes before being delivered into the Watercloud Hall and ending up in Jian Chen’s hands.

As a matter of fact, some of the jade was so precious that they were priceless!

The large purchase obviously came at an immeasurably great price, such that even some peak organizations on the Cloud Plane could not afford that. However, the current Tian Yuan clan possessed a large number of resources offered up by several dozen peak organizations, so they could afford it with ease.

The Tian Yuan clan had only managed to benefit so much because of Ming Dong, but Jian Chen did not care about this at all because Ming Dong was his brother.


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Outside the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, there was an inconspicuous swirl that lurked in the space there silently, wandering about as if it was hesitating.

The inconspicuous swirl had already spent several days there. It maintained a certain distance from the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng the entire time as if it was trying its best to remain hidden and avoid detection.

Suddenly, the swirl seemed to make some kind of decision. After a slight pause, it flew towards the Heavenly Palace of Bishening, vanishing silently into the palace in the end.

The Heavenly Palace of Bisheng’s artifact spirit appeared and glanced in the direction the swirl had vanished into with mixed feelings. After quite a silence, he let out a gentle sigh.

The swirl advanced through the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng carefully as if it was extremely familiar with the layout of the palace. It directly made its way towards the top floor of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng and encountered no obstructions at all. All of the divine generals it encountered failed to sense its existence.

On the highest floor of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, the Anatta Grand Exalt sat in the same place without moving at all, wrapped in a hazy light and giving off an air of mystery.

At this moment, the swirl hidden in the space there appeared slowly, turning into the figure of a child in the end. His figure was illusionary, like a wisp of smoke that could disperse in the wind at any moment.

“Master!” At this moment, the child dropped down to his knees politely.

“You still have the courage to return?” the Anatta Grand Exalt said coldly.

The child shuddered violently. Fear and fright immediately filled his face. He basically understood the Anatta Grand Exalt better than anyone else. He had clearly sensed from that short response that the Anatta Grand Exalt had been angered.

“Please calm down, master. Please calm down. I was heavily injured in the past, and I’ve been slumbering for all these years. I only woke up a few days ago when I sensed the presence of master’s laws from the Bridge of Life and Death.” The child trembled as he knelt there, trying to explain himself in a hurry.

“Hmph, a bunch of lies!” The Anatta Grand Exalt snorted coldly. “Tower spirit, you’ve spent all these years by Jian Chen’s side, wanting to possess him when he merges with the Laws of Destruction. Do you really think you can hide your plan from me? You’ve underestimated me far too much.”

Towards the end, the Anatta Grand Exalt’s voice became filled with a sense of bleak murderousness.

That was the killing intent from a sovereign of the world. With its appearance, all of the laws began to tremor. Even the space there seemed to freeze. The world fell silent.

The fright on the child’s face deepened. “No, that’s not true. That’s not true at all. Master, listen to me. Listen to me. Jian Chen definitely is not as simple as he seems. He’s hiding a colossal secret.”

“Do I need you to tell me that? Tower spirit, how dare you impersonate me back then. That’s basically treachery. Since you are even considering treason, I will not be sparing you today.” The Anatta Grand Exalt raised his arm slowly and pointed a finger towards the child gently.

“N- no, master, spare me, spare me, master! I’ll never do it again! I’ll never do it again!” The child pleaded fearfully, but it did not result in anything. In the next moment, his body collapsed violently, turning into a ball of origin energy, its most primitive form.

That was a wisp of the origin energy of the universe!

The original form of the tower spirit was a wisp of the origin energy of the universe. Its body did not disperse, still remaining in this world, but all of its memories and impressions had completely shattered under the Anatta Grand Exalt's finger.

The finger was equivalent to the Anatta Grand Exalt’s will to erase the artifact spirit’s consciousness. It returned to its most basic form and would be nurtured from scratch again. After many years, it would turn into a new artifact spirit.

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