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ZY - Chapter 403- Iron Demon

 This bunch was obviously Winds of Battle's elites, their average level was above level 93 and that was a terrifying level. This bunch didn't get the full experience from killing level 90 monsters and they would only get 80%. Their ladder-style tactic was really efficient and they trained like termites going over wood, leaving nothing there.

    So although the experience they got was low but with their efficiency, it was probably higher than other parties who spent much effort into leveling. This was a high efficiency method and as long as they killed enough and at speed, they would level faster than same-level players!


    Winds of Battle was deemed to be the boldest team in the country and they would sweep groups the moment they see them, it seems like... They were worthy of their title. Winds of Battle Fengxian did have skills.

    A few minutes later.

    A dark forest appeared ahead and this was the legendary Black Beech Forest. Many dozen meters tall trees were pitch black and I could smell a scent similar to fire oil.


    The moment I was about to step in, a human scout charged out with a black sword. The blade was chipped and his eyes were bloodshot, "Who are you, what are you doing here?"

    I pointed at the Winter Sun City emblem on my shoulder and said, "I am an adventurer from Winter Sun City and am here to find some materials. Why?"

    He frowned, "This... Isn't a place for you!"

    Seems like there was a quest!


    "If you want to know then follow me."

    He brought me through the forest and the moment I got close to the bushes, I heard people crying out. I looked closely and seven or eight human soldiers fell to the ground. Their bodies were covered in wounds and their armor was pierced by some sharp thing. Most of their injuries were piercing injuries. There was even a soldiers' shield that was covered in black spikes. A portion of which had pierced through the shield.

    "What happened?"

    I bent down to look at the spikes on the shield. It was really tough and there was a thick demonic energy from it.

This wasn't a normal monster.

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    "Monster... Monster..."

    An injured soldier whose chest was wrapped up said, "This bunch of monsters suddenly came to Black Beech Forest and they are too strong. They can even pierce through steel shields..."

    "They are iron demons."

    Their captain stood up and he held a broken broadsword, "July Wildfire, you are an adventurer from Winter Sun City?"


    I looked at his name, "Scout Captain Long Dashan", "Do you need my help?"

    "If you are strong enough, maybe..."

    Long Dashan said, "We have been trapped here for a day and night and if we can't breakthrough, we would probably be buried here. The defenders of Winter Sun City still don't know that such terrifying Iron Demons have appeared, we have to return to inform them."

    I nodded, "How should I help you?"

    "Very simple."

    Long Dashan said seriously, "Once you enter Black Beech Forest, crush those Iron Demons, after killing 500 of them you can tell me. Then we would be able to return to Winter Sun City."


    System notification: You have accepted quest Iron Demon (S Tier)!

    Quest Content: Enter Black Beech Forest and kill 500 Iron Demons. Then report to Scout Captain Long Dashan, you will obtain great rewards.


    I got the quest!

    I got up and my daggers shone a cold glow. Time to see how strong these Iron Demons that were called monsters were, they could actually trap high level NPCs.

    Black Beech Forest.

    "Sha sha..."

    When I stepped into the forest I felt a cold wind blow into my face. The Black Beech Oil smell got thicker. Right ahead were many Black Beech Trees. Among them were a few shining trees which indicated that they were materials. I used my dagger to scratch the bark and used a small bottle to collect.


    System notification: You have successfully collected Black Beech Oil x2!


    Right, this was how the material was obtained. But when collecting Black Beech Oil, I felt a chill down my spine like something was staring at me. I glanced and saw a terrifying figure behind me. It was a human-shaped thing whose body was covered in black spots. Above the spots were chilling spikes and its head was like a true monster and it looked terrifying.


    It roared and charged over. It raised its left hand and a cold glow surged towards my throat.

    I retreated while slashing with Heartstealer. Sparks flew and I blocked his strike. Shortly after, I returned the favor and used Gouge+Backstab+Godslaying Blade to deal 45% damage. Right at that moment, a steel needle shot out from its back and hit my shoulder.


    So painful. No wonder those high-level NPCs weren't their match.

    Dark Shadow Jump!

    I headed forwards and used another combo. The moment it was about to fall, I managed to pick up its stats--

    Iron Demon (Legendary Grade Monster)

    Level: 105

    Attack: 12400-16500

    Defence: 9000

    Health: 1300000

    Skill: Flying Needle, Slice, Swallow

    Introduction: Iron Demon, a monster type from hell. It has strong shells and sharp spikes and can use flying needles to kill targets. The speed and power of those needles are really shocking and can pierce the shields of the human army. Moreover, the hands of the Iron Demon are a pair of sharp blades and they are good at stealth attacks. They are natural killers.


    So they were good at stealth, no wonder I didn't see them!

    I used Shifang Flame Spiral Eye to cause them to be unable to hide.


    I used Mist Slash with Darkness Dragon Tooth and the Iron Demon knelt onto the ground. Its soul turned into a thick white light that floated into my body. The experience from the white light was huge and it was rare for normal monsters. In the next second, my experience bar jumped and that was enough to prove how much experience this level 105 monster gave!

    Conservatively speaking, killing one of these was equivalent to killing 3 level 100 Legendary Grade monsters!

    Not bad, I shall spend the day here today!

    I swept with Shifang Flame Spiral Eye and noticed a new target. Not far in front was an ice-cold corpse behind a tree. That was a Iron Demon. Its body merged with the dark environment and its black eyes were ice cold. It looked at me slowly and was waiting for a suitable chance.

    Unfortunately, it didn't have a chance!

    I activated Soul Star Explosion and charged over with my dagger. I used Gouge+Backstab+Flames of Karma+Annihilation. When it was about to counter attack, I used Dark Shadow Jump to leap behind him and then Hunter's Edge+Mist Slash+Godslaying Blade. Instantly its 1.3 million health was gone and it couldn't counter attack at all.

    "I really am strong..."

    Seeing the iron demon fall, I praised myself. After many battles, my mechanics got stronger and stronger. Combos that players found hard to execute were easy for me and sometimes even their movement felt slow.

    Was I getting faster?



    I flipped my daggers and many Iron Demons fell in front of me. In less than 3 hours, a golden rain descended and I was up to level 99. One had to say, if I focused on leveling, Dawn wouldn't be the first to get to level 100. No matter what, that would be mine!


    A message came from Ah Fei, "What would you like to eat at night?'


    "Salted Vegetable Fish?" He asked.

    "Why always that?" I frowned, "Do you think you are salty and noob and extra?"


    He laughed, "What are you saying, how can I be extra? Let me tell you. Although I came online later today but when I stood in front of the Winter Sun City Great Sage Hall, guess what happened? The Winds of Battle seller let me have the position! He said that the golden spot should be given to the only Inscriber. Do you see that, it is mine!"

    "Shameless, stop bragging!"


    He laughed, "Let's talk about the main thing, what would you like to eat?"


    I sucked in a deep breath, "I often ate there with Lin Xi and the others and got used to it."

    "I understand."

    He grinned, "The one at Yue Lake? The one where we met one another?"


    "Ah Li.."

    He dragged his voice, "Are you... Hoping to meet her there?"

    "Stop talking, let's go and eat."

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    Not long later, offline. This was the first meal since I got back to Suzhou with Ah Fei. Like what Ah Fei said, I had a small bit of hope.

    Downstairs, Ah Fei's white sports call was switched on.

    He looked at me, "This car was bought to get girls, I didn't expect... Me to be fetching you now, what a waste..."

    "Waste your grandmother!"

    I stared at him, "You make it sound like I want to sit in your broken car."

    He laughed, "Okay okay, you are a guy with a Buggati, you are right, whatever you say is correct, hahah~~ Let me drive it for a few days, I want to act cool for the only time in my life."


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