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ZY - Chapter 404- Double Faction players

 Haidilao, we didn't bump into Lin Xi or anyone familiar. They were just a bunch of random people.


    Night, continue to go online.


    A light shone in Black Beech Forest and my body descended. The moment I went online, I received a message from Mundane Slaughter, "Our guild has got to level 2, it is time to discuss expansion. Should I pull you into the group?"


    I nodded. I pulled out my dagger to slice Iron Demons.

    A few seconds later, I was added to a group with less than ten people. There were Mundane Slaughter, Moonlight Firefly, Nine Song, Warm Sun etc. The weakest ones were already party leader level in the guild.

    "Brother Seven is here!"

    Moonlight Firefly smiled, "Everyone is busy training so let's be quick. We had just over 100 and now the limit is 200. We have to recruit people so I want to get all your opinions. What kind of path should we take? Should we continue being an Assassin guild or start to recruit other players."

    Nine Song said, "Anything."

    Ah Shui said, "I think... We should recruit other jobs. At least we need Musicians and Priests. We can't always have no health and no buffs right?"

    Mundane Slaughter said solemnly, "I considered Ah Shui's suggestion but I still can't make my mind up. Seven you are the leader, what do you think?"

    I thought about it, "Our guild has been fixed and over 95% of us are Assassins which is why it is really tough to change unless we kick 80 people and recruit other jobs for the other 180 spots. If not, Assassin Alliance has to be Assassins."


    Moonlight Firefly said, "What does Brother Seven think?"

    I smiled, "Let's continue on this path. If we try for proper combinations we won't be the match of Breaking Dawn or Elements so we have to take the Assassin path. We will fight for a spot before changing to another and never compete with others. After all, that is the essence of Assassin Alliance."

    "Well said!"

    Mundane Slaughter laughed, "What Seven said was exactly what I considered,

There isn't sugarcane that is sweet on both ends, same as a guild. we can't ensure that we have both strong assassination ability and still being able to have a proper formation. So let's just go all in. Anyways looking at Illusionary Moon, even in the late games there is still a place for Assassins."


    Nine Song nodded, "Then let's continue to recruit Assassins, then... What rules or standards?"

    "Try to raise the standards."

    I said solemnly, "Many people are moving into Winter Sun City and there are definitely many Assassins. We can use this chance to recruit experts."


    Moonlight Firefly smiled, "I am good at that, I can pull people from the Assassin leaderboards."

    Mundane Slaughter smiled, "Okay, I shall give you 50 slots, the rest will be done by the rest of us. Moonlight Firefly can you deal with these 50?"

    "No problem."

    Moonlight Firefly smiled confidently.

    I smiled, it seems like we had started to use beautiful girl diplomacy. Moonlight Firefly was not only beautiful but she had really high eq and iq. It was hard for single players to escape from her. Mundane Slaughter was also good at persuading people and I could tell that from when he got me to join.

    These two were the right and left hands of Assassin Alliance and they were core members of the guild.


    Thus, we started to hand out jobs. As the guild leader, I continued to slack and continued hunting in Black Beech Forest with the bunch of Iron Demons.

    A few seconds later, a bell rang in the sky--


    System Notification (Player Mundane Slaughter shouted): Winter Sun City Assassin friends, Assassin Alliance has started to recruit new players! Our Assassin Alliance has always prioritized Assassin players. People might find trouble with us but we won't find trouble with them. We are the home of Winter Sun City's first Assassin guild, welcome to join! What is everyone waiting for July Wildfire is in this guild? Our current requirements are level 90, combat strength above 15000. People who are interested please add me and those who meet the requirements can just join in. Those who don't can wait while we level up the guild!

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    As expected, Fanchen really used me as their signboard. In truth, I was the most famous in Assassin Alliance. Although Fanchen was second on the Assassin leaderboards but in terms of fame, mine was far above. After all, on the forums, I was the system guy, the guy who defeated Feng Canghai, the only poison refiner. This was much cooler than Fanchen who was only number 2 Assassin on the server!


    Ah Fei's voice spread from beside me, "Ah Li, your Assassin Alliance got to level 2?"


    I nodded, "We just got to level 2, why?"

    "Accept me!"

    He grumbled, "Damn, aren't we brothers, your guild hasn't even taken me in!"

    "Cough cough..."

    I coughed, "Wait, Assassin Alliance is charging for levels and we are accepting crazy people. Why are you coming to occupy a slot for? Wait for a while, when the guild gets to level three then I will take you in. Also Little Black and Little Bell, after all, you all are close friends!"


    He laughed, "If you don't accept me at level three I will join Elements to be their guest and piss you off!"

    "If you dare then I will smash your head!"

    "Damn, so violent... After going to With You you really didn't treat me nice, I want to cry!"

    "You really are disgusting..."



    In the end, a few minutes later, another bell rang--


    System Notification (Player Wine and Poems shouted): Winter Sun City brothers, For Dreams has started to recruit people! Required level 85+, combat strength 11000+, welcome all who are interested! For Dreams has strong financial backing and we have large amounts of rewards each week. The top reward is a piece of high-level orange equipment and the top ten can get 5000 RMB. During each guild PK, the player who kills the most can get one high-level orange equipment and the top 10 will get 8000 RMB. Our prize pool now is 37 million. What are you waiting for, come brothers, join For Dreams!



    Within the Assassin Alliance guild, Mundane Slaughter was speechless, "The casher is here, where did this Wine and Poems come from, he is actually so arrogant?"

    "His name is Zhou Datong."

    Moonlight Firefly said, "Suzhou Region, his father has a corporation with many mines. He lacks anything but money. I heard that he joined Illusionary Moon because his father sent him."


    I smiled, "What?"

    "I heard that. I heard that his father said that he would take out 500 million to support Zhou Datong in game to get famous. Then his corporation will enter and invest in Illusionary Moon. His father wants a complete supply chain in game."

    "Good idea but it will be tough." said.


    Mundane Slaughter laughed, "Currently this isn't good for us. after all this Wine and Poems fought us a few times. I heard that he hates Seven is it?"


    I nodded, "Zhou Datong's current girlfriend is my ex."

    Wet July sent a bunch of green leaves.


    Mundane Slaughter laughed, "What happened exactly?"


    I smiled, "A slut, she dealt no damage to me."

    "That's good, we need to quicken our pace!"

    Mundane Slaughter said solemnly, "For Dreams has reached level 3 and is getting bigger and bigger. Once they are strong enough, we might be the first they attack!"

    "That is possible..."

    "Hahaha, fight then, what is the point of playing if we don't fight!"



     "Pa ta!"

    Another Black Beech Oil entered my bag. At the same time, I reached the monster kills required. I had 8000+ sets and it was enough to craft many level 5 Midnight Ecstacy. Next, I had to find Soul Charm Grass but it probably wasn't today.

    Time to turn in the quest!

    I returned to the forest and found Long Dashan. Complete.

    "I didn't expect it!"

    He looked at me in shock, "July Wildfire you really shock me. I didn't expect such a strong adventurer to appear in Winter Sun City. Duke Zhenyang would be really pleased! Come, here is your reward, I hope you don't forget the teachings of the light and go against all evil!"


    System notification: Congratulations for completing the main quest Iron Demon (S Tier), obtained rewards: 25% experience, 800 thousand contribution points, charm +1, gold +2000!


    It was obvious that after the maintenance, the rewards from S Tier quests had been reduced. As I was a dual faction player, Black Castle recognised my contributions to the human camp. My reputation there was also turned into contribution points so this was a good thing!

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.