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ZY - Chapter 406- Taking over the map

 North of Winter Sun City, Muntjac Forest


    This was sunny forest land and the map was huge. It was even 3-5 times larger than other maps and it covered a large area.

    "Chirp chirp~~"

    In the distance, the monsters of Muntjac Forest gave out a weird shout. They were half human tall deer-like monsters. They had short horns and their bodies were covered in flame red fur. Moreover, they looked really timid. When I got close the muntjac shrieked and tried to flee. But a few moments later, a blood red light covered its head and it turned around to charge at me!



    One strike dealt 5 digits, its attack was strong!

    At that moment, I saw the muntjac's stats. Honestly, it was on the level of the Iron Demons in Black Beech Forest--

    Red Muntjac (Legendary Grade)

    Level: 105

    Attack: 13200-16800

    Defence: 10000

    Health: 1400000

    Skill: Fake weakness, Charge, Trample, Scorch Covering

    Introduction: Red Muntjac, a living being that lives in Muntjac Forest. They were timid and gentle but after Dimension Legion attacked Winter Sun City previously, the demonic energy corrupted them and turned them violent. They attacked the humans around and even forced Winter Sun City to send troops to hunt them down. However, their reproduction ability was too strong and without natural enemies, it was hard to wipe them out.


    Its attack was close to 17 thousand and the defence was just nice ten thousand. Based on the level 105 monster's base stats, its defense would be terrifying. But as I waved my daggers, although the Red Muntjac was able to block at first and suffer from only 20 thousand damage, but with Heartstealer stacking up, the damage reached 50 thousand. It was as if Red Muntjac had around 2000 defense and it wasn't my match at all.

    "Ang ang--"

    The deer cried,

this Red Muntjac fell to the ground and gave me huge amounts of experience and a few gold.

    I continued forwards and after killing dozens of Red Muntjacs I searched the forest but still didn't find any Soul Charm Grass. What was going on, did Senior Sister lie to me? That shouldn't be the case!

    Was it not in this region?

    I frowned and opened the map. Muntjac Forest was a narrow map and it spread for a long distance. I was at the end of the east side so I had to walk west. Maybe there would be Soul Charm Grass in the middle.

    Thus, I killed the muntjacs along the way.

    Not far away, I saw people flash across. It was an Assassin in stealth form. It was Nine Song and my Shifang Flame Spiral Eye caught him!

    "Nine Song~~"

    I raised my dagger, "Why are all of you here?"

    "Ah? !"

    Nine Song stepped out and smiled, "Brother Seven you are here too. Uncle Fanchen and I are training with the guild but we are at the south. The muntjacs there are only level 100 and are suitable for us.

    "Oh, so that is the case."

    "Why are you here?"

    "The material I am collecting is here called Soul Charm Grass, did you see them?"

    "Nope, they shouldn't be in the south."

    "I understand."

    I nodded, "Okay, continue training, I will head to the west."

    "En en!"


    At around 11, I finally reached the west but I noticed that the leaves here were dense. The noon sunlight couldn't shine in. At the roots of the trees wre many twisted vines and it was covering a plant that shone a devilish light.

    Found it, Soul Charm Grass!

    I was delighted. In the next moment, an entire Soul Charm Grass entered my bag and turned into three sets.

    Time to refine one!

    I took out Black Beech Oil and one bottle and added two Soul Charm Grass. In the next moment, along with a bell ringing, the first set of Midnight Ecstacy appeared in my bag. Once used, it would form a mist in an 8x8 range, reducing speed and poisoning enemies. There was also a 50% chance that they are unable to use skills and attack. Such a poison was truly a holy weapon in fights!

    I kept it. It seems like Midnight Ecstacy would have a great chance to be used later!


    I killed Red Muntjacs while collecting Soul Charm Grass. At around 12, I had close to 100 sets.


    A message came from Ah Fei, "Let's go, do you want to eat sour vegetable fish?"



    I went offline and wore a coat before heading down with Ah Fei.

    A few minutes later, we were in a suite of the restaurant.

    Ah Fei looked at me, "Two months have passed. In the two months, I brought Little Qian over here and sat in this spot. I didn't expect it to change to you, what a joke."

    "Really a joke?"

    I looked at him, "You are the one that caused it? You player. If you like Little Qian then focus on her, don't waste this chance."

    "Do you think Little Qian will forgive me? She already went home."

    "Hard to say."

    I frowned, "You went to sleep with other girls and she found out. That is a serious matter. Time to see what her views on love are. If she doesn't allow any mistakes then you are finished. She will never turn around because you did an unforgivable mistake."

    I felt a headache and touched my forehead, "Damn, I always think that you aren't worth such a good girl, you really aren't good enough!"

    "Damn, is that what a brother should say..." He was speechless.

    I looked at him, "You aren't a human so what can I say?"

    "Haiz, what do you think I should do?" He was helpless.

    I sighed, "What? I can't even solve my own matter, I don't have rights to try to help you..."


    He opened his eyes, "Speaking of which, this thing had a huge impact on you, did you... Fall in love with Lin Xi? With your personality, nothing would make you change so much."

    "I don't know."

    I closed my eyes and what I remembered was that kiss. I didn't even know if it was Lin Xi and there was no way for me to find out. Maybe it would be a mystery for the rest of my life.

    After a short while, the sour vegetable fish was at the table.

    I ate a mouth and it was the same taste. It was really nice. I looked at Ah Fei and smiled, "Find some time and apologise to Little Qian. Apologise to her sincerely and try to change. If you are not determined then don't apologise, don't cheat her."

    "How do I change?" He asked sincerely.

    I stared at him, "From today onwards, can you ensure that you will only touch Little Qian? If not then don't. Continue to be yourself and cheat others' feelings."

    He was silent and was deep in thought.

    After a while, Ah Fei said, "If I can't let her go and while I still think about her, I can't control my body and get close to other girls, what should I do?"

    I raised my chopsticks, "Scum, let's just eat and not talk about this."




    I continued to beat up muntjacs and refine midnight ecstasy.

    At around 2pm, I had 300 sets of Midnight Ecstasy, the rewards were quite touching.

    The moment I killed one muntjac a message came from Mundane Slaughter, "Seven are you still in Muntjac Forest?"

    "Yes, what happened, you want to fight?"


    He said solemnly, "A few minutes ago our few brothers were killed. For Dreams really targetted us. Nine Song went to help them and was sneak attacked by a few Assassins led by Heart's Desire. He died!"

    "What, Nine died?"

    I gritted my teeth, "Add me, I will be there, don't move!"



    I entered the group and Nine Song was furious, "Brother Seven is here, Damn prepare to take revenge. For Dreams is just too arrogant!"

    I entered White Cloak state and got near Mundane Slaughter. Not long later I entered the battlefield. On an old tree, Mundane Slaughter, Moonlight Firefly, Nine Song etc were in stealth state. As we were allies, we could see one another. The moment I appeared on this side, everyone saw me.


    Mundane Slaughter said, "You are here!"


    I looked belong and For Dreams members appeared, "What is going on?"


    Moonlight Firefly pointed in the forest, "I told everyone to hide and not fight. Now For Dreams is trying to take down this map and move in."

    "They want to occupy this map?"

    I looked into the distance and laughed, "Zhou Datong thinks too highly about himself? Does he think that For Dreams can steal our training area? He really is arrogant!"

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    Mundane Slaughter nodded, "I have sent people to scout to confirm how many there are then we shall fight?


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    I nodded, "You did well. We must know our enemy for every battle before we fight. Either we don't fight, if we do, we have to win!"


    Nine Song laughed, "Damn, I really love brother seven's style!"

     ! ! !

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