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ZY - Chapter 410- Trap Technique

   Next day, afternoon.


    I spent a day in Muntjac Forest and killed numerous muntjacs. Unfortunately, Muntjacs weren't pets and they didn't even drop a single sealing card. Fortunately, the experience they gave was a lot. At 2 pm, along with me using Ice Boomerang Blade to kill two Muntjacs, I finally leveled up and got to level 100.


    I looked at my bag and it was full of Soul Charm Grass. It was time t refine Midnight Ecstacy and this time it would be a production line.


    The City Return Scroll light shone in the air and I returned to Winter Sun City. I took out a bunch of Black Beech Oil and started to refine it.

    In half an hour, the storage was full of level 5 poisons, a full 4000+ sets. This should be enough for a long period of time. I sent a message to Mundane Slaughter and sent him 4000, leaving the rest for me. After Mundane Slaughter left, I shattered the City Return Scroll and headed back to Black Castle. Time to learn level 100 Assassin skills!

    War Hall.

    In the quiet hall, many people in black robes stood and they represented the teachers of the various jobs. A thin person in a black shirt holding two daggers, this was the Assassin tutor. This was a female elder and she looked at me, "July Wildfire why did you come?"

    "Learn skills..."

    I touched my nose, I didn't hold back, "I am level 100 so I want to learn more skills."


    She raised her hand, "Our Assassins are walkers of the night and our blades represent the darkness and also light. Kill those despicable people is the highest honor for us. Come, these are the skills you can learn, I hope you follow your heart and fight for honor!"

    I liked those words. As an Assassin, if one did things just for money, that would be too lowly. As someone walking in the darkness, our purpose should be to kill the evil people!

    A white light flashed across and skills that I could learn appeared. There were two skills and they were both level 100 ones--

    Trap Skill (S Tier): Set a trap,

deal damage and lockdown effect on those who step in. The effect is related to Agility. One can set at most 3 at once. Required Job: Assassin, required level: 100

    Killing Energy Protection ( S Tier): Passive skill, each time the target is hit, form a thin body protection power around the body lasting for two seconds. The durability is 10% of one's damage, required job: Assassin, required level: 100


    I sucked in a deep breath. These two skills looked normal but they are both very practical. They were skills that mid to late game players needed to have. Traps could make Assassins more useful in teams and the Killing Energy Protection was a continuous technique where each attack could form a shield. With these, the Assassin's survivability could greatly increase.

    But these two skills were expensive, 2000G each. Were level 100 skills all so expensive? With the current gold prices, 2000G was 1000 RMB. Normal players couldn't take that right?

    Forget it, anyways I could!

    Two streaks of light flashed across and the skills disappeared. Two diagrams appeared in my skill column and I instantly felt that I was much stronger!



    A message came from Moonlight Firefly, "Brother Seven, you are level 100!"

    "En, I just leveled up, hehe!"

    "Should I buy the level 100 skill books for you? Trap Skill and Killing Energy Protection are really expensive and the drop rate is low but if you want it we can get it."

    I was stunned, "Moonlight, do we need to collect these books?"


    She said seriously, "Winter Sun City's Assassin tutors don't teach these skills and players have to get it from monsters, the current price... En, Trap Skill is at 3000RMB and Killing Energy Protection is more expensive, at 4000 RMB. But it shouldn't be much for you."

    "So that is the case..."

    I smiled, "I don't need it, I learned it from my Hidden Job teacher."


    She opened her eyes, "You can learn it?"

    "I did!"

    I sent her a screenshot of my skills and Moonlight Firefly opened her eyes, "You really learned it... The Hidden Job is so good..."

    I laughed, "Don't be sad, when you have a chance I will switch you over."

    "En, that's a deal, don't give the Job Change to Uncle Fanchen!'

    "Don't worry!"

    "En en."

    She smiled and went to level.


    I looked at my new skills, time to head out to train. Trap Skill needed to hit the target to raise skill familiarity. The Killing Energy Protection too needed one to attack targets to train skill familiarity. These two were support skills and had to be trained up. I was level 100 so my skills could reach level 10. This was a long process and the skills improved too slowly. My White Cloak, Apprehension, Annihilation were all between 7-9 and they were far from level 10.

    Time to head to Senior Sister to get a quest. I hadn't nagged at her in a long time so there should definitely be something.

    Blood Pond, main hall.

    I stepped into the hall and from afar, Senior Sister was in mid air. Flames spurted out around her and she was still cultivating Phoenix Technique. She seemed much stronger than before. After seeing me walk over, she descended and retracted those flames, "You are here for materials again?"


    I shook my head and smiled, "I came to serve Senior Sister, what quests do you have for me? I will try my best to complete it!"

    "That is better..."

    She smiled, "I have a quest meant for you, apart from you, the other disciples are just too weak."

    "Oh, what quest?"

    She said, "Undying Mountain Range is huge and our Black Castle occupies 10-20% of it. It is hard for our powers to touch anything outside of Bright Moon Pass. Very long ago, the last King of Darkness built a branch of Black Castle in charge of getting intel. Based on the history books, this branch had 100 thousand men, however..."

    Her gaze became sad, "Many years ago, they betrayed Black Castle and joined Blood Dynasty. Our power to the east of Undying Mountain Range was cut off. Now we don't know whether or not this branch still exists. So, King of Darkness is planning to send someone over to find out. It is obvious that you are the best choice but this trip is dangerous. Junior Brother do you dare to go?"

    "Why don't I dare?"

    I smiled, "I even dared to face the Country Heads much less one branch."


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    She smiled, "As expected from my guy, then this quest is for you!"


    System notification: You have accepted the main quest Scout Branch (SSS Tier)!

    Quest content: Find the branch of Black Castle to the east of Undying Mountain Range and find out what happened to the branch. Bring the news back to Yun Yue and you will be greatly rewarded!


    It is actually SSS Tier?

    I sucked in a deep cold breath, this was just a scouting quest but it was actually SSS Grade. This meant that this branch was definitely filled with dangers.

    "Junior Brother..."

    Senior Sister Yun looked at me, "This trip will be really dangerous, I have nothing much to help you. This is my Flash Spirit Talisman and if you can't win then use it. Naturally, you can return back to Black Castle. Use it carefully do you understand?"

    "I understand."

    I kept the Flash Spirit Talisman and smiled, "Senior Sister don't worry, I am not so weak."

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    Five minutes later, I left Blood Pond and traveled through the mountains. No one sent me over so I could only walk. Luckily the map wasn't too far away and it would take over an hour.

    I looked from afar and mists wrapped around the mountains. This region was not for current players.

    Not long later I arrived at Bright Moon Pass. With my Blood Pond disciple token, I passed and my body disappeared into the mist.


    A message came from Ah Fei, "Damn, level 100? Should we celebrate and head to Haidilao?"

    I laughed, this fellow was helping me to find an excuse to eat Haidilao and try to meet those from With You?

    "Okay, I shall treat."

    "Okay let's head out in half an hour. I will book a table."



    Half an hour later.

    Under White Cloak state, I had reached the marked location of the branch. But this region was huge and it was half the size of Muntjac Forest.It wasn't so easy to find a small branch. This place was silent and there were only old trees and giant vines. There were no signs of life at all.

    Forget it, time to eat first!

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