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ZY - Chapter 405- Muntjac Forest

 Late at night, I returned to Winter Sun City.


    My Assassin account appeared in the city and naturally, I attracted a lot of attention. But I was really low profile and headed to storage to store large amounts of Black Beech Oil, only keeping a portion of them.

    Late at night, Ah Fei's white sportscar sped. Not long later we arrived in the lobster city and we started our late night feast.

    Not long later, our hands were covered in the smell of lobster. we raised the wine cup and drank it all. Wine and lobster taste merged in our mouths and it was a little bitter.

    Feels good!

    This was the good thing about staying with Ah Fei, we didn't need to hold back and could do anything that felt good!



    After a few drinks, Ah Fei got a little drunk and smiled, "It feels better being with your brother right? Unlike With You with those few girls. You should have came back long ago!"

    I stared at him and didn't say anything.

    "Why are you staring at me?" He asked.

    I picked up one and pealed it. I looked at him, "You want me to say the truth?"



    I nodded and said, "It feels good being with you but in With You, I would hold back. That is the true me so when I am in With You I won't forget who I am. But with you, I will become a jerk."

    Ah Fei was in deep thought, "So I can't keep living like this... Once you fix your things with With You, can you make a room for me to move over too so I can improve myself?"

    I frowned, "Is that the real reason?"

    "I... I think you saw through me..."


    After the meal,

I was really tired. I hadn't had a good rest since morning so I returned back to bathe and then headed to sleep.


    I slept all the way until 9.

    After waking up, Ah Fei held a pancake and soya bean milk and said, "Eat and then go online. I am training with Little Black and Little Bell!"


    After wolfing down and drinking the soya bean milk, I went online.

    A white light flashed across and July Wildfire appeared on the east Winter Sun City square. I sucked in a deep breath. I didn't have much to do today. I had to search for Soul Charm Grass and then make the level 5 poison.

    Repair equipment, purchase potion.

    After preparing, I headed towards the teleportation formation.


    A message came from Moonlight Firefly, "Brother Seven, our guild has accepted 192 people and we need 8 more to be full. Amazing right?"


    I laughed, "You finished your 50?"


    She smiled, "The 50 I recruited are all in the top 200 of the leaderboard. Now, our Assassin Alliance has more than half of the top 200 Assassins. Uncle Fanchen is talking to them and we will level up together soon. Will you go out with us?"

    "Nope, I need to make poisons so good luck!"

    "En en!"


    After ending the call, I sucked in a deep breath and walked towards the east gate. I clicked on the forums but there was no news at all so I could only seek help from Senior Sister.

Search hosted.novel for the original.

    "Eh, I was wondering who it was, so it is the strongest spy on the server~~"

    When I was walking a familiar voice spread from behind me. His tone was filled with mocking.

    I raised my head and saw a level 92 Priest holding an orange staff. ID Little Rain, it was Wang Siyu and beside her was Wine and Poems in orange armor. I smiled coldly.


    "Why, did I block your way?"


    Wang Siyu laughed coldly, "Lu Li I really didn't expect July Wildfire to be you. You really hid things deeply!"

    "You don't know many things," I said.

    "Scoff, so stubborn!"

    Wang Siyu looked in another direction and her eyes lit up, "Wow what a coincidence, With You is here too. Enemies really meet easily."

    Shen Mingxuan held her bow and walked out with a few elite With You members. After seeing me, she looked at Wang Siyu and understood everything.


    Wang Siyu mocked, "I didn't expect that after I left you you actually ended up like this, learning from others to be a spy and getting exposed. You got chased out like a homeless dog, doesn't feel good right?"


    I clenched my daggers and gritted my teeth. It was hard to imagine what would cause a girl to be so ugly.

    "Such a slut."

    Shen Mingxuan said calmly, "This girl called Little Rain really is slutty?"


    With You nodded.


    Wine and Poems frowned, "Shen Mingxuan this is not your problem, scram! This is between For Dreams and July Wildfire, it has nothing to do with With You!"


    Shen Mingxuan looked at me, "Forget it then."


    Wine and Poems laughed coldly, "Lu Li I told you that I would trample on Shi Shangfei and you like ants. Those words are still effective, no matter if you are July Wildfire or Lin Xi Protector!"


    Shen Mingxuan's eyes were filled with rage, "Zhou Datong don't mention that ID. If you want to fight With You will fight with you. With You can step on For Dreams as easily as stepping on ants!"

    "Sure sure sure."

    Wine and Poems waved, "I shall not then. Shen Mingxuan this is not your problem, scram. Today I am only targetting Lu Li."

    "Is that so?"

    A person flashed out and it was Moonlight Firefly. Her petite body was wrapped up under the orange leather armor and she looked really alluring. She smiled, "Zhou Datong, so you want to touch our guild leader? Great, we are tired of beating up Breaking Dawn so it is time to switch opponents."

    "Moonlight Firefly you really think highly of yourself!"

    Fenghua Sizhan said.

    Another person walked out. It was Mundane Slaughter with our men. His daggers shone coldly as he stood by my side, "Zhou Datong do you want to be a clown?"

    Nine Song frowned, "Assassin Alliance welcome you, let's head out now?"

    More and more Assassin Alliance members appeared. Mundane Slaughter, Moonlight Firefly, Nine Song etc top Assassins were here among them. For Dreams was at a disadvantage. "We are leveling in the new city so we aren't free to play with you. Brothers head out. If Assassin Alliance tries to provoke us, kill them!"

    "Yes leader!"


    For Dreams headed out.

    "Let's go too!"

    Mundane Slaughter waved his dagger, "Let's not level today, let's train on For Dreams!"


    Everyone nodded and was filled with killing intent.


    I frowned, "If we can level then let's just don't fight. For Dreams are harmless. Fanchen just lead them to level. We can't waste time on these trash."

    "Okay... Okay then!"

    Mundane Slaughter nodded, "What about you?"

    "I am doing a quest, they can't do anything to me."

    "Okay, let's level."



    We scattered. Shen Mingxuan and the others had disappeared. They didn't head out and probably just teleported to a place to level.

    I crushed the city return scroll and headed to Black City.


    I appeared outside Blood Pond Hall and walked straight in.

    Senior Sister Yun was wrapped in flames and the Undying Bird Technique surged behind her. She opened her eyes when I walked in and smiled, "Junior Brother what problems do you have today?"


    "Senior Sister Yun has traveled the world for so many years, have you seen a herb called Soul Charm Grass?"

    "Of course, I even suffered from the poison."

    Her mouth twitched, "When I was trying to break through, two bandits used it to poison me."

    "Ah? !"

    I was shocked, "And then?"

    She was satisfied with my reaction and smiled, "Who is your Senior Sister, do you think I would be hit by such a shallow poison? I just used Phoenix Technique to chase away the toxins and then shattered the skulls of the two of them."

    "So tragic for them to actually meet you..." I said.

    She stared and slapped my head, "You brat, did you want me to fall to them!"

    "No no no..."

    I shook my head, "They deserve it. So Senior Sister did you find Soul Charm Grass anywhere?"


    She squinted her eyes, "My Junior Brother is interested in whose daughter?"


    I stared, "Am I such a person? Do I need to do that? I am just creating a poison..."

    "That's good."

    She smiled, "North of Winter Sun City is a place called Muntjac Forest. If I recall correctly Soul Charm Grass is there, you should be able to have some gains from that place!"


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    "Great! Thank you Senior Sister, Senior Sister is the most beautiful!"


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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.