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100000PSI - Chapter 89.2: I Don’t Need Your Feigned Concern (2)

Bai Zhengye didn’t know Bai Zhou’s current address, but there was no way his secretary wouldn’t know. After all, he was one of the two emergency contacts stated in Bai Zhou’s university records, with the other one being Mrs. Bai’s assistant.

Upon arrival, they chanced upon the sight of a drunk Bai Zhou being carried out of a car by a man.

Bai Zhengye clicked his tongue and asked, “Who’s that?”

The secretary took a quick look at the man and smoothly answered, “He’s an employee from the studio the young master is interning at.”

“Bai Zhou went on an internship?” Bai Zhengye rubbed his lower jaws in gleeful surprise. “That’s good news! Get him over to Yandu and intern at the main company instead. He’ll learn much more there. Inform his university that he will be withdrawing from his studies.”

His secretary assented.

“Tsk tsk. Look at his unseemly state. It’s fine for a man to drink, but not to this extent.” Bai Zhengye shook his head in disapproval. 

He tidied up his suit before stepping out of his car. He might have just been thinking too much, but he had a feeling that Shen Qi had shot him a glance the moment he opened the car door. 

As he approached the duo, Shen Qi suddenly stopped and greeted him, “Mr. Bai.”

When he was near them, Shen Qi stopped to greet him, “Mr. Bai.”

Bai Zhengye looked at him with a dour face. “Do you know me?”

“Yes,” replied Shen Qi impassively. He tossed Bai Zhou over to Bai Zhengye and said, “I’ll leave your son to you.”

This was the first time in his life that Bai Zhengye had an adult man thrown into his arms. He stumbled a little trying to support his son, who had grown taller than him at some point in time. He couldn’t help but notice the scent of hotpot lingering on the latter.

“I’ll be taking my leave now since I’ve gotten him home safely.” Shen Qi directed a nod at the two men before taking his leave. His words were so stoic and mechanical that he felt like an emotionless robot.

Bai Zhengye frowned. He waved his secretary over to help him support Bai Zhou.

Just then, Bai Zhou groggily awoke from his sleep and saw Bai Zhengye. Without any hesitation, he raised his arms and pushed Bai Zhengye away, causing the latter to stagger backward and nearly fall to the ground. 

Bai Zhengye immediately hollered at Bai Zhou, “Are you so drunk you can’t even recognise your own father?!”

Bai Zhou swept a glance at him, but he swiftly turned his eyes away and continued walking toward his apartment. 

Bai Zhengye was infuriated by his disrespectful attitude. He followed Bai Zhou and bellowed, “What’s with your attitude? Do you know whose money you are spending?”

“My mother’s,” Bai Zhou answered coldly.

Bai Zhengye’s heart congested from the anger. “Are you siding with your mother now, huh?”

“At least she didn’t bring her bastard in front of me.”

Bai Zhengye nearly gave Bai Zhou a tight slap there and then… and he would have if Bai Zhou hadn’t caught his hand mid-air. 

It was at that moment Bai Zhengye realized in astonishment that his son had grown stronger than him. 

“Nothing good ever happens whenever you visit,” Bai Zhou sneered. “Get on with it. What do you want this time?”

“Is this how you treat your father who took time off to visit you?” No matter how cool Bai Zhengye was in his social circle, he couldn’t keep his composure when dealing with his rebellious son. He thundered, “I specially came here to check on you because your stepmother told me that you have been drowning yourself in alcohol lately. Take a look at yourself! You’re really a hopeless case!” 

Bai Zhou’s senses were dulled by alcohol. It was only after Bai Zhengye finished his speech that he noticed a particularly jarring term that the latter used. “Stepmother?”

That question choked Bai Zhengye. His airs weakened for an instant, but he quickly regained his confidence and forcefully refuted, “Haven’t you met her before?”

Bai Zhou mocked, “Have I ever acknowledged her? Does the law acknowledge her? You said that you specially came here to check on me. Am I supposed to feel honored by your annual visits? I would have thought that I didn’t have a father if you didn’t come by today!” 

Right as the quarrel was about to further escalate, the secretary interjected, “Pardon me, but the lift is here.”

Bai Zhou shook off Bai Zhengye’s hand and strode into the lift. “Don’t follow me, I am going to bed.”

After the lift door closed, Bai Zhengye turned to his secretary and sheepishly asked, “Has it really been a year?”

“Do you really want to know?” asked the secretary.

Bai Zhengye scratched his head awkwardly. “It really is?”

The secretary shook his head. “It has been more than two years now.”

Bai Zhengye: “…”

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