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ZY - Chapter 394- Poison tactic


    I used White Cloak+Annihilation and then Godslaying Blade+Mist Slash+Separated by water. The moment I used my killing attack, a silver figure charged into Wild Returning Light's body. A Paladin had used Self-sacrifice and my damage landed on his body. Moreover, he reduced the damage by 70%!

    However, my attack was top of the server and even after a 70% reduction, the numbers were terrifying. He was down to 11% health. His face turned green, "Damn... July Wildfire's attacks are too sick, quick, Self-sacrifice me, I am going to die~~"

    Another Paladin shouted and used Self-sacrifice on this low health Paladin which was using Self-sacrifice on Wild Returning Light!

    "Stop that!"

    I shouted and charged towards the crowd with my daggers. At the same time, I used my movement to dodge the attacks.


    A bunch of Vanguard players laughed, "I like to do that so what can you do?"

    "Let them!'

    I jumped behind a Paladin. At this point, they had all linked their Self-sacrifice and at least 10 of them were connected. I raised my hand and used Apprehension. At the same time, the dagger in my right hand disappeared. I spread my arm and used Dragon Will!

    "Hong hong hong~~~"

    Two huge AOE skills intersected. AOE was the counter to this tactic! No matter how they used Self-sacrifice, they would definitely get hit. The person that used Self-sacrifice and the person that was buffed would both get hit. So they would share the damage but my damage was definitely too much for them!

    "So vicious!"

    A Paladin in the middle couldn't take it and fell to the ground. His health was sucked dry by Apprehension. Another Paladin's health started to drop. As for those that weren't buffed by Self-sacrifice, a large group of them were insta killed!



    A Stun Shot landed on my chest and I was stunned!

    Was I going to die?


Focus fire on him, kill him!"

    Wild Returning Light shouted, "This is a great chance, use stuns and silence him!"

    The moment their dense firepower landed, the Stun Shot effect had disappeared. This was due to Ashen White Helmet's effect that reduced the time of crowd controls by 15%. This 15% time was actually so important!


    The moment those spells were about to land on my body, I used Dark Shadow Jump to enter the crowd. My daggers were covered in Throat Sealer poison and I sliced about. Dozens of Vanguard players were covered in a layer of poison and their health started to drop.

    This was my Throat Sealer attacks and the health reduction effect was related to my Agility. I had the most Agility on the server so one could imagine how high the damage was!


    A Vanguard Mage used Element Shield but the poison on his chest was like a plague that spread across his body. The Priest beside him tried to heal but it was useless. This Priest was also hit by the poison and he was losing health too quickly. In just five seconds, the Mage fell to the ground!

    Next, the Priest was dead too!


    Wild Returning Light was furious, "What are all of you doing? Paladin cleanse the poison, healers don't you have purify magic?"

    "It is useless!"

    A middle aged healer shouted, "This is a poison dagger attacked. We can only purify dark magic and not poison. We aren't antidotes!"


    Wild Returning Light was furious and looked as dozens of people were killed.

    I laughed. So that was the case, I didn't need to kill those low-health jobs alone. I just needed to attack them and they would die after being hit by the poison. Although my poison couldn't kill heavy armored players like Wild Returning Light, but I could make them feel bad.


    "Damn, what is going on at the main battlefield?"

    Mundane Slaughter asked in the party channel, "Seven, I heard them say... Just hitting the Mage with poison and you can kill them?"



    Moonlight Firefly was stunned, "How high is your agility? We can't poison them to death and each time we can only deal half their damage. We can't poison them to death."

    "How high is your agility?" I asked.

    Mundane Slaughter, "1948."

    Moonlight Firefly, "I have slightly fewer, 1894."

    Nine Song, "1820."

    Wet July, "I have 1628!"

    "Ah Shui, don't tell people your Agility, it is so embarrassing." Mundane Slaughter smiled, "Little Seven, how high is yours?"

    I glanced at my stats, "3093."


    Mundane Slaughter was shocked, "How did you do that. You are actually much higher than us, that doesn't make sense?"

    I smiled, "I have a hidden job and my quests will award Agility. Moreover, my equipment is much stronger than you!"

    Nine Song drooled, "Brother Seven show us your equipment, bless our eyes?"

    "Let's not."

    I shook my head, "Nope, this is my little secret, hahaha~~"

    Everyone laughed.

    Mundane Slaughter said seriously, "Okay, Seven has destroyed most of their strongest party. We should speed up and try to wipe them all out."

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    I nodded, "It is okay if we can't wipe them all out. We just want them to feel pain and reduce our own losses."


    Moonlight Firefly said, "Based on what Uncle Fanchen says, Assassin Alliance's average level will definitely drop!"


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    Just like that, after I entered from the front twice, Vanguard had suffered heavy losses. Although Don’t Be Foolish and Goodbye Tears went to revive, but their overall numbers dropped by half. Breaking Dawn was also attacked by Mundane Slaughter and Moonlight Firefly. In the end, both guilds added together had less than 300 people.

    "How are you doing?"

    Wild Returning Light dragged his poisoned body and looked towards Breaking Dawn.


    Breaking Dawn Ash's face was filled with rage, "They aren't fighting us head on. They only know how to use Ice Boomerang Blade and poison us before running. So shameless!"


    Wild Returning Light said coldly, "July Wildfire's poison is too strong. Over 50 people were poisoned to death by him, July Wildfire... Is trying to waste our time. Each time he poisoned a bunch of us, he just kills two Priests. He wants to kill our healers before wiping us out at once!"

    "Scoff, do they think their plan will work?"

    Breaking Dawn Ash frowned, "I ordered the seven parties of Breaking Dawn to stop leveling and they will be here within 10 minutes. We will have over 2500 people. I want to see how Assassin Alliance will fight us!"

    "That's great!"

    Wild Returning Light frowned, "One has to say that I underestimated July Wildfire. I didn't expect this Assassin to be so strong. This person, his strength is no lower than our Guild Leader Fushen Thousand Blade!"


    Breaking Dawn Ash smiled, "I think he might be stronger than Fushen Thousand Blade. After all, this person killed Feng Canghai. Can your guild leader kill Feng Canghai?"

    "I think... It will be tough..."



    A while later, under our attacks, 100 of them died once more. But when Breaking Dawn and Vanguard were about to collapse, their reinforcements had arrived. Dense amounts of players entered Red Valley.

    "Damn, we can't continue!"

    Mundane Slaughter said, "There are too many of them!"

    "The battle is over."

    I said calmly, "We have made them pay a huge price. let's head out and stop now."


    Not long later, Assassin Alliance members retreated.

    I was still here in White Cloak state to cover everyone.


    In the distance, a huge group of Breaking Dawn members appeared. Apart from that, one could see some With You players. Among them, at the front was Lin Xi. Shen Mingxuan, Gu Ruyi and Light Lantern were all here. They entered Red Valley and occupied a good position.

    "The battle is over."

    Light Lantern said solemnly, "Assassin Alliance is gone."

    "Lu Li he..."

    Gu Ruyi said.


    Shen Mingxuan frowned, "Why are you talking about him..."

    "Guild Leader."

    The Warrior beside her was the one that I had saved. He gritted his teeth and said, "The truth is that Deputy Guild Leader was protecting me and he wanted me to flee. I was not careful and was killed by Wild Returning Light."


    Lin Xi looked into the forest and stopped saying anything.

    Shen Mingxuan gritted her teeth, "What did they say?"

    The warrior frowned, "He was in Paladin form at first and after Breaking Dawn sneaks attacked him he turned into July Wildfire... Then he told me to leave if not Breaking Dawn would kill me, then... Breaking Dawn Destruction sneak attacked me. Deputy Guild Leader chased and helped me to kill him. Then Wild Returning Light killed me. When I died he charged over and started fighting with Wild Returning Light..."


    Lin Xi sighed, "Haiz..."

    "Why is he doing all this, can it change what he had done?"

    Shen Mingxuan gaze was calm, "If he really is guilty why doesn't he come out and explain everything?"


    I looked at Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi and felt so distant. I knew that where they were was home but I couldn't return.

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