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ZY - Chapter 395- Blood ARmy

 Next day, noon.

    In an exquisitely decorated Li River restaurant, we ate local delicacies and drank their rice wine.

    "Life here is so comfortable..."

    Moonlight Firefly spread her arms and stretched, "It would be great if I could live here."

    I glanced at her, "Firefly, don't Warm Sun and you need to work? Don't accompany me here and go back. You can't compare to the jobless me."

    "You don't have to worry."

    Mundane Slaughter touched his nose, "Although Moonlight Firefly is working but her company belongs to her father, so... She can play for as long as she wants. As for Warm Sun she has finished her courses so she can skip school for a month."

    "Aiyo, so amazing?"

    I was impressed by them.

    Moonlight Firefly smiled, "Right, Warm Sun is a genius too are you impressed?"

    "yes yes yes~~"

    I nodded, "Actually I was from MIT."


    The three of them opened their mouths wide, "I don't believe you!"

    "Scoff, I knew you won't so I just made it up, hahaha~~~"

    Everyone laughed but I was helpless. Sometimes even if I said the truth people didn't trust me.


    "What plans do we have in the afternoon?"

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    Mundane Slaughter said, "Seven do you want to level up Poison Refining Technique?"


    I nodded, "Why, do you have an activity for me?"


    He said seriously, "I am planning to hunt a level 100 Boss,

it is quite difficult so we hope you can be there if not we might lose."


    I smiled, "What time, just tell me."

    "We shall start when we return home!"





    July Wildfire appeared in Linchen County and this place was still bustling. I looked at my account and behind the Shura identity was a flashing figure of the Paladin. But now I didn't have to use it so it wouldn't appear for a long time.


    A message came from Mundane Slaughter, "Enter the party and come over."


    I entered Fanchen's party and clicked on the map. I noticed that they were nearby so I went to meet up with them. Then we headed north. The journey was far and that was understandable. If the level 100 boss was too close then the guilds would have taken it down. Assassin Alliance wouldn't have a chance.

    Just like that, after half an hour, we got close to the border of the human territory. A blood-energy-covered valley appeared ahead. Mundane Slaughter walked at the front and said, "We are about to arrive. Be prepared, later Little Seven will analyse and set up a strategy for us."


    I walked forwards and noticed a huge being in the mist. It was a demon holding an axe. With Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, I saw its stats--

    Blood Admiral (legendary grade)

    Level: 100

    Attack: 18500-22500

    Defence: 13000

    Health: 75000000

    Skill: Army Sweep, War Trample, Undying Meridian, Battle Form

    Introduction: Blood Admiral, an undead spirit from the depths of hell. It has a really strong undying bloodline and was a lord tier expert's general. Now it was leading the Dimension Legion Army to defend the south in case the humans invaded. His blood axe is really sharp and many human warriors died to it.


    "I can't see its level and skills, but..."

    Mundane Slaughter sucked in a deep breath, "I heard the news that the chances of a Legendary Grade Boss dropping Guild Creation Tokens will increase exponentially. Assassin Alliance can't continue like this if not we would be at a disadvantage."


    Moonlight Firefly said, "Right, if we don't form a guild, Breaking Dawn would crush us in the next battle."

    I nodded, "I understand but I can see the stats of the Boss."

    I raised my hand and shared the Boss's stats into the channel. Mundane Slaughter's eyes opened wide, "Little Seven, you can actually see the stats of such a high level Boss?"


    I smiled, "Firstly, I am at level 95, just 5 levels lower than the Boss. In theory, I would be able to see it. Secondly, even if my level is not enough, I have an ability. Okay, time to decide the plan, let's try to kill this Blood Admiral."


    Mundane Slaughter held the screenshot out and looked at it for a while, "War Trample and Army Sweep are short range skills. War Trample has high damage and normal Assassins can't tank it. Players with 50 thousand health can fight up close, the rest must maintain 20 yards distance and use bows."

    "Use bows?"

    I was stunned, "Assassins can use bows?"

    "Og course..."

    On the side, Moonlight Firefly raised her hand and a purple bow appeared, "Brother Seven you should know about this setting right? Assassins can use bows but we are restricted by rules and are only able to use bows that are half our level. My bow is level 44 and it is just nice. The damage isn't high but it is still useful if I can't get close to the Boss."


    Nine Song pulled one out, "My bow too."

    Mundane Slaughter looked towards the exquisite-looking mage, "Warm Sun is our only ranged player and she is the Mage that we spend all our effort on. She is one of the top 5 mages in Linchen County so she will be the main damage. We must protect her so she is able to attack easily."

    "Don't worry!"

    Warm Sun held her staff in front of her chest, "Leave the magic damage to me, I won't disappoint all of you."

    Everyone nodded their heads.

    I frowned, "Last time I faced an Ashen White Treant which was a level 98 Legendary Grade Boss, its stats were really strong. If it crits, Assassins like Nine Song and Firefly will get killed. Just in case, all of you attack from afar, I will fight it alone."


    Mundane Slaughter was stunned, "This... Is it okay?"


    I smiled, "I can use Flames and my health will reach 216 thousand. My Defence will be above ten thousand. If not then I shall upgrade the transformation and use Darkness Shura, my health will reach 360 thousand and defence would be 15 thousand. Moreover, my poison efficiency is higher and my recovery is high too. Apart from that, after the Boss uses War Trample, Fanchen, Firefly, Nine Song all of you use Heartloss Powder to attack once. I will use the chance to heal back."

    "Ok, understood."

    "Anyways just be safe, we will try to kill this Boss without any losses!"


    Mundane Slaughter was emotional, "Little Seven it is so great with you. Our pure Assassin guild needs seven to eight deaths each time. We even failed previously and all of us lost 1 level!"

    "Normal, get ready."



    I walked forwards slowly and placed a Bloodthirst Banner in front of the Blood Admiral. Bloodthirst Banner could increase my damage and also allow me to avoid damage. After all, this was a level 100 Legendary Grade Boss. I have not challenged such a boss before so I needed to be safe.

    finally, the moment I got close, the Blood Admiral noticed. its eyes shone blood in color, "Damn ants, did you think that you could fight against the strong Dimension Legion Army?"

    He jumped up and slashed with his axe!

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    I didn't expect him to attack just like that. I used Flames and it made me look like a demon from hell. I placed my daggers in front of my chest to block. My arms went sore from the shaking and I flew backward, smashing onto the stone. The momentum was too much and the stone started to crack.


    Blood Admiral hollered and charged over in a streak of blood light. He slashed, this was Army Slash!

    He was attacking!

    I sucked in a deep breath. The moment the Blood Admiral used Army Sweep, I used Dark Shadow Jump to appear behind him. I dodged that attack and used Hunter's Edge+Flames of Karma. Six attacks made his back bloody!


    Blood Admiral hollered and used War Trample!

    It hit me and my health started to drop. The damage numbers were terrifying--




    He raised his axe and slashed. The basic attack dealt 40 thousand damage. This series of attacks caused Mundane Slaughter's face to turn white, "Damn, this Boss definitely can insta kill, be careful! Firefly, Nine Song, we go. protect Seven!"

    The three of them used Quickness and focused their attacks on the Boss. Heartloss Powder was effective. When Firefly used Backstab, the Blood Admiral shook and was stunned for 0.5 seconds. Then there were 2 seconds of silence. The effect of Heartloss Powder was reduced by the Boss but it was still relatively useful!

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