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ZY - Chapter 392- rough


    A message came from Ah Fei, "You are finally online, do you feel better?"

    "Much better."

    I smiled, "What about you?"

    "I feel complicated."

    His voice was a little sour, "After Little Qian left, I feel a sense of defeat that I have never felt before. Ah Li, do you think I have been a failure of a man?"

    "Not really, you were just not a man."


    He was speechless, "Then... What should we do in the future?"

    "As per usual."

    I said calmly, "You continue as the only Inscriber in the server, I am still July Wildfire. As for With You... Let's treat it like it had never happened. We have to look forwards, we can't live in memories if not we would be the ones that are tortured."

    "Okay, as long as you can see past it, I can too. I will head out with Little Black to get to level 70."

    "Get to level 100 as soon as possible, level 10 inscriptions are the king."



    I thought about it, and it seemed like I had nothing much to do. I shall continue to hunt Greystone Ocean Turtle and get Chancetaker Grass. I wanted to get Poison Refining Technique to level 5 and then I can make even stronger poisons!


    I appeared on Shallow Ocean County and set automatic travel. I looked at my friend list and Gu Ruyi was online but she didn't talk to me. I was unable to take the initiative to talk to her. After all, I felt sorry for many others apart from Lin Xi. I held my identity for so long so I was sorry to Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi too. In Mundane Slaughter's words, I played the three of them like a fool.

    Since that was the case, I shall be an ostrich, sticking my head into the sand...


    A message came from Mundane Slaughter, "You are online,

do you want to do a quest with us?"


    I was stunned, "What quest did Assassin Alliance get?"

    "Not really, our daily quests are leveling and PK. I heard that Breaking Dawn Dust brought some people out to level and Nine Song is scouting. We would probably fight them in a while, do you want to join?"

    "No need."

    I shook my head, "It is pointless to wipe them out. You all have fun yourselves, if you can't win then call me."

    "Okay~~ Go do your things."


    Not long later, I arrived at Ocean Wind Forest and the bunch of Greystone Ocean Turtles was still there. The last time I saw them I was still okay with With You. Lin Xi even gave me orange juice. However, the world had collapsed now. Who knew whether or not there was a chance to heal our relationship.


    Three hours passed like that. At 10 pm, Ocean Wind Forest was really quiet. I didn't see Yanshi Wuxing and I was the only person here.


    A message came from Mundane Slaughter, "Little Seven it is time you returned! We are in trouble!"

    "Oh? !"

    I was shocked, "What happened, with those few from Breaking Dawn, they shouldn't be Assassin Alliance's match right?"

    "Not only Breaking Dawn Dust!"

    He said solemnly, "Two minutes ago Nine Song was killed! Damn, the person that attacked wasn't from Breaking Dawn. Guess who it is, I can give you a hint. He was from an old guild!"

    I crushed the city returned scroll and said, "Is it Legend?"

    "No, Vanguard!"

    Mundane Slaughter said solemnly, "Vanguard's deputy guild leader, Wild Returning Light, a top ten warrior... This fellow brought people from Vanguard over and said that they were assisting Breaking Dawn!"


    I studied members from the various guilds in Illusionary Moon and naturally knew about Wild Returning Light. I frowned, "How many did Vanguard send? They are so arrogant, why are they assisting Breaking Dawn?"


    Mundane Slaughter's voice was a little rushed, he was probably speaking and talking at the same time, "I heard that Wild Returning Light and Breaking Dawn Ash are friends. We are north of Red Valley, the coordinates are (2891, 19992), come over quickly!"



    The moment I appeared in Linchen County, I charged out of the city. I switched to the Paladin account and galloped towards Red Valley. If Wild Returning Light brought people over, Assassin Alliance definitely wasn't their match. One could say that Mundane Slaughter's chance over Wild Returning Light was not more than 40%. As for Firefly, Nine Song, Warm Sun etc, they would get surpressed by Breaking Dawn's elites. With Vanguard's elites, Assassin Alliance had no chance at all.

    But we had to fight, if not Assassin Alliance wouldn't be able to raise their heads in Linchen County!


    Thousand Mile Moon Foal sped through the forest and headed towards Red Valley at its fastest speed.


    Half an hour later, Red Valley edge.

    I sped through the bushes and got close to where Mundane Slaughter was at. After I charged out of Flame Bird's region, I saw a young Warrior staring at me. A familiar With You mark appeared on his shoulder and his eyes were filled with shock, "Deputy... Deputy guild leader!?"

    I looked at him but I wasn't With You's deputy guild leader anymore.

    Just like that, I brushed past this Warrior. The moment I entered a wide area, I heard a cold laugh, "July Wildfire really came, attack!"

    "Shua shua shua~~"

    Dozens of Breaking Dawn cavalry players charged. Their blades were covered in energy and they had used Assault!

    "Kill July Wildfire!" They shouted.

    I pulled my reins and the Thousand Mile Moon Foal jumped into the air. I dodged their Assault. At the same time, I switched accounts and a golden light covered my body. Darkness Shura was bathing in flames as I descended on the ground. My daggers shone coldly as I leaped down. I used Apprehension+ Dragon Will into the crowd!


    With one Dragon Will, four players were killed!

    That With You Warrior's eyes opened up, this was the first time he saw me switch accounts. He was filled with disbelief and his voice shook, "Deputy... Deputy Guild Leader... You... You..."

    I used Flames of Karma to kill one Breaking Dawn Paladin before looking at him calmly, "Leave, you will be in danger here, Breaking Dawn will kill you."


    He gritted his teeth and wanted to leave.

    "You want to leave!"

    A familiar voice spread over and Gouge shone brightly. The With You Warrior was stunned and Breaking Dawn Destruction appeared in front of him. Breaking Dawn's top Assassin was here too, was it so as to kill me


    Breaking Dawn Destruction shouted.

    I frowned. To kill this With You Warrior in front of me was impossible. I used Dark Shadow Jump and appeared behind Breaking Dawn Destruction. White Cloak+Annihilation was used. The moment the dagger shone, Breaking Dawn Destruction's pupils constricted. He obviously knew the strength of this move. He gritted his teeth and retreated.

    "No chance!"

    After I landed, I continued to charge forwards so that Breaking Dawn Destruction couldn't escape. My dagger shook and White Cloak+Annihilation hit his chest. 120 thousand damage was dealt, enough to kill him 3/4 times.


    "Deputy Guild Leader!"

    The Warrior was stunned.

    I turned around, "Leave, are you asking for death?"

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    "Oh... Oh!"

    He nodded and retreated. But he just took a few steps before someone charged out. "Pu", the wind was slashed through and Wind Chasing Stab was used. The Warrior stopped in the wind and was hit by Double Hit+Frost Slash.

    The killer was Vanguard's deputy--

    Wild Returning Light (Imperial Warrior)

    Level: 94

    Guild: Vanguard

    Job: Deputy Guild Leader

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    "Tsk tsk..."

    Wild Returning Light picked up the sword that he dropped, "It actually is a level 86 purple sword, With You really has many resources."

    "Wild Returning Light!"

    I was furious and said coldly, "If you are here to assist Breaking Dawn, just attack me. Why are you attacking With You?"

    "Very simple."

    He said seriously, "Because With You is Breaking Dawn's enemy so why can't I touch him?"


    Another person charged out. At the front was Breaking Dawn Ash. He looked delighted, "Since he is here, naturally we will deal with With You at the same time, moreover..."

    He glanced at me, "You are Lu Li, you are from With You. Since you are protecting them, I have a reason to kill him. So, he died because of you."


    I looked at him calmly and then at Wild Returning Light, "Wild Returning Light, you represent Vanguard. If you attack Assassin Alliance then forget it, but are you really planning to make With You your enemy?"


    A high-grade Cavalry called Don’t Be Foolish rode his horse out, "Don't try to use With You, Vanguard isn't stupid! Since you are brother Breaking Dawn Ash's enemy then you are ours. Even if we can't beat you, at most we will return to Yongfeng County. Deputy Guild Leader am I right?"

    Wild Returning Light's mouth twitched, "It is a little direct but yes."


    I smiled, "Good good, if With You doesn't take you down, our Assassin Alliance will take you down!"

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