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ZY - Chapter 389- To Li River

  Stream Yue, KFC


    "What happened?"

    I sat opposite Ah Fei and my face sunk down. I asked calmly.

    Ah Fei's face was ashen white, "It is Tina, the girl I got in the bar... She used my phone to video call Little Qian, Little Qian she... She... Was furious so she sent the screenshot to Lin Xi. Sorry, it is my fault..."

    "It is not."

    I rested on the chair and looked at him, "I shouldn't have agreed with that preposterous plan. If I didn't agree, I wouldn't have ended up like this."

    "Sorry... Ah Li, I..."

    "I said, it is not your fault!"

    My voice was much sharper and I looked at him calmly, "You have failed yourself! Sleeping with those random girls in the bar, it must feel good right? Ah? I told you so many times. Can you control your own lower body? Are you happy now? I am sorry to Lin Xi, you are sorry to me. Is this what you want?"


    He clenched his fist and smacked the table, "Don't say anymore, when Little Qian left, her gaze... I won't forget that in my life..."


    I laughed expressionlessly, "Do you love Little Qian?"

    "Love, I do..."

    "Do you know how to love?"

    I looked at him calmly, "You have never cherished her. Don't lie to yourself, you will never learn from your mistakes."

    "Ah Li, I am sorry..."

    He looked at me, "I sabotaged you."

    "No, I asked for it myself."

    I sighed, "Forget it, let's not talk about all this. If you really feel bad,

that means you have been punished. You don't have to feel guilty towards me, I deserve it!"

    "Then you..."

    He looked at me, "What are you doing now? Move back or head over to my place?"

    "No need."

    I waved, "I want to be alone myself."



    Night, beside the lake, a villa stood by the shore and faced the wind.

    After I got out, I held the helmet and pressed the bell. In the next moment, I heard sister's voice, "Ah Li? Why are you back?"

    "I want to come back so I am back."

    "Okay, I will open the door. Father is home too."


    I entered and sister Ouyang Nuo Yan walked over, "I just got off work. We can have a full meal. Yi..."

    She looked at me in shock, "Why do you look so bad? You look like you suffered from some defeat."

    "No worries."

    "It is good that you are okay."

    She walked at the front and shouted, "Dad, Ah Li is back."

    Father took a book and walked out from the reading room on the second floor. he looked at me and had a complicated gaze in his eyes, "What happened? You look defeated. What happened?"

    "Nothing much."

    I shook my head, "I might need to stay here for a few days to quieten down."


    Father nodded, "Nuoyan, tell the chef to cook a few good dishes. The two of you will drink with me tonight, we haven't eaten together in a long time."

    Sister nodded happily, "En en, I know, I will make arrangements."

    I was stunned as I looked at father. I sat down in the hall and watched random television shows.

    My heart was unable to calm down at all. My face was filled with Lin Xi's tears as well as her angry and disappointed expression. This time I had hurt her too badly.

    if I had another chance, I wouldn't hide things and would be honest right away. Even if she scolded me, it would be better than this right?


    I checked my phone and one news was red in color on the game forums--

    Hot: Latest news, With You Deputy Guild Leader Lin Xi Guard Captain has been kicked!

    Content: With You top Paladin Lu Li is July Wildfire, he is a player with two accounts and his main account is the popular July Wildfire. His sub-account is With You's top paladin Lin Xi Guard Captain. He used his Paladin account to join With You to get close to Lin Xi and was found out. Now Lin Xi kicked him out due to rage, who knows where this kid will head to.

    Below were many replies--

    Hot Reply (Player Feng Canghai): I didn't expect him to be July Wildfire, no wonder he would try to break Elements and With You's relationship, eh... (59291 likes)

    Hot Reply (Player Unrivalled): I didn't expect Lu Li and July Wildfire to be the same! So this means that With You was so overpowered. Not only did they have Lin Xi, but they also had Shen Mingxuan, Gu Ruyi, Light Lantern. Apart from that, they actually had July Wildfire! (44217 likes)

    Hot Reply (Player Breaking Dawn Ash): Scoff, I knew it. Each time that Paladin was killed, July Wildfire would rush over. I felt that July Wildfire and With You were the same. What Lin Xi versus July Wildfire, it was all a show. They treat us Linchen County as fools? (39010 likes)

    Hot Reply (Player Yun Jian): Pui! That surname Lu guy is so shameless. He entered With You for so long! Think about it, if a person lives with you every day and games with you and all his words are lies. Isn't that terrifying? (37881 likes)

    Hot reply (Player Moonlight Firefly): Those scolding Lu Li I would like to ask, he has been in With You for so long, has he done anything bad to them? (36662 likes)


    I felt even more complicated now.

    When I opened WeChat, I noticed that Shen Mingxuan kicked me out of the group. I was even not friends with Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi.

    "Du du du..."

    Right at that moment, I got a call from a random number from Yunnan. Who was it?

    After I picked it up, a familiar and rough voice spread out, "Little Seven do you know who I am?"

    "Fanchen?" I was stunned.

    "Amazing, you can recognise me even like that!"

    He laughed, "I understand your situation, actually... It is not your fault. I think you must feel bad, why not... Come out for some air?"

    "Some air?"

    "En, that's right!"

    He smiled, "Come to River Li, I stay here and open a hotel. Come and enjoy yourself, don't be alone. If you overthink it would only get worse. Of course, this was suggested by Moonlight and Warm Sun. If you come over, they said that they would want to take leave. Our Assassin Alliance will gather here, what do you think?"


    I hesitated for a moment.

    Mundane Slaughter laughed, "Aiyo, stop hesitating. It is just an air ticket, so are you coming or not? If you come, I can give you free room and food. If you need I can arrange girls for you too. So are you coming?"

    I thought about it. right, where could I go now? if I was at home, I felt too depressed and would fight with dad sooner or later. If I headed out, Ah Fei would be in a mess and I didn't want to see him either. If I saw him we would definitely talk about this sad matter. Maybe heading to Li River was a good choice.

    "Okay, let me look at the tickets. I will reply you after I book one."



    Thus, I went to search for tickets. There really was one so I booked the next flight to Li River.

    Not long later, the smell of delicious dishes spread from the kitchen. Father opened two bottles of red wine and sat down, "Let's watch the news and eat together?"


    I nodded.

    Sister placed her phone down and smiled at me, "Let With You's matter rest, once there is a chance... I will talk to Lin Xi, she should give me some face."


    I objected, "Let us solve our matter, don't interfere."


    I turned around and said to father, "Dad I want to head to Li River, my friend opens a hotel there."

    "I understand."

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    Father nodded, "Then have a good meal with me today."



    Father poured the wine while saying, "I have unfrozen your bank card so you can use it. take care of yourself, treat your friends well."

    "En, okay."

    Sister asked, "Do you have enough money? I have 70-80 million to use, do you need me to transfer to you?"

    "No need."

    I shook my head, "Even if I spend a month there, I wouldn't even spend 100 thousand. I am not buying a villa or resort..."

    She laughed, "That's great, if you don't have money then tell me."


    I nodded and picked up the wine glass, "Father, this is for you."


    We touched glasses and I drank it all. The bittersweet taste entered my mouth and I started to eat.

    Just like that, I ate with my sister and father. After we finished, I felt a little heavy in the head.

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    "I can't drink anymore, let me head back to sleep." I touched my head.

    "What time is your flight tomorrow? Where are you flying from?" Sister asked.

    "12 noon, Sunan Airport."


    She smiled, "Go to sleep. I will arrange for someone to send you over. Just sleep and don't think so much. Have all the fun you can have at Li River!"


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