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ZY - Chapter 397- Another guild creation token

  Mundane Slaughter walked forwards and started to grab the equipment. With a "pa ta" he took out a helmet. He waved and its stats shone in front of everyone. This was a level 95 super purple helmet and its stats were still okay. Unfortunately, none of us needed it.

    "Does no one want it?"

    Mundane Slaughter said, "If no one wants it then whoever Rolls for it sells it."

    "Sell for money? Don't don't don't..."

    I said hurriedly, "I need it."

    A Paladin light landed on my body. I turned into the human race Paladin and the ID Lin Xi Guard Captain appeared on my head. I saw her name and my heart felt pain once more. But this helmet was a level 95 super purple and it was worth it.

    "Take it over, I need it..." I said.

    "Damn, shameless.."

    Mundane Slaughter tossed the helmet to me and continued to find equipment. This time it was a shining ring. He waved and the stats made everyone open our mouths wide--

    Blood Hand Ring (Unique)

    Agility: +215

    Strength: +192

    Stamina: +190

    Effect: Critical Strike +1.3%

    Effect: Lifesteal +4.2%

    Effect: Blood Hand, close combat damage +15%

    Effect: Heavy blow, 10% chance to cause attack to deal 150% damage

    Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 77%

    Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 76%

    Note: Blood Hand Ring, a ring that contains the power of pain and death. It was once a treasure in hell but the Blood Admiral brought it out when he came to the material world.

    Required level: 95


    "Not bad!"

    I laughed, "It is a ring for Assassins.


    Mundane Slaughter nodded, "Do you need it? If you do then you can have it. The rest of us can just take the experience, we don't have to need the equipment."

    "No need."

    I looked at my Purple Change Ring and Windwalking Ring, those were top rings that had attack skills. I shook my head, "You guys have it, I am uninterested in this."

    "Damn... Shameless!"

    Mundane Slaughter held the ring and smiled, "Ok, old rules. Top 10 brothers roll, let's see who is lucky enough!"

    Thus, they rolled altogether and a female Assassin around 17-18 years old got it.

    In the next moment, Mundane Slaughter started to feel around. Not long later, a green armor appeared in his hands. He waved and everyone cheered--

    Admiral Chestplate (Legendary Grade)

    Type: Leather Armor

    Defence: 1180

    Agility: +255

    Stamina: +252

    Strength: +250

    Effect: Damage Absorption +10%

    Effect: Dodge +18%

    Effect: Toughness, raise user's health by 6500

    Effect: Flame Armor, 30% chance to avoid 50% damage each time one is attacked

    Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 105%

    Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 102%

    Introduction: Admiral Chestplate, a treasure from hell. This chestplate was inscribed by 20 undead Inscribers for half a year and it contains magical powers.

    Required level: 95


    "A super Chestplate has appeared!"

    October Warm Sun< smiled, "Another Assassin equipment, congratulations everyone, someone will get lucky."

    Mundane Slaughter looked at me, "Little Seven, you are using an orange Hellfire Chestplate right, this Admiral Chestplate is super orange do you want it? If you do then you can have it. Share your Hellfire Chestplate with us."

    "No need."

    I shook my head, "Although the passive is shameless especially that flame armor effect, but my Hellfire Chestplate has Hellfire Body that can reduce 90% damage so I like that more. You guys can have this. I am uninterested in this too."

    I said that I was uninterested but in truth, this armor was much stronger than Hellfire Chestplate. The Flame Armor effect could compare to Hellfire Body. I could take it but there was not much need. I just gave it to them as they needed it.

    In the next moment, the top 10 players rolled. This time Mundane Slaughter was lucky and got it with 96!

    "I am lucky!"

    He knelt down and started to grab around. I found it a little embarrassing, "Brother can't you just do it all at once?"

    "You don't understand!"

    He laughed, "You didn't play such games before when you are young. Only by having surprises will this be interesting, it is not fun if we see it all."

    I dug my ears, "You really are weird why do you bother to explain so much?"

    Moonlight Firefly said, "I agree with Brother Seven."

    "I agree."

    We all nodded.

    At that moment, Mundane Slaughter took out something from the Boss's body. The blood light was really attractive. This was a blood colored dagger. The deep orange glow was about to blind us as everyone was shocked--

    Heartstealer (Legendary Grade)

    Attack: 1020-1250

    Agility: +262

    Strength: +258

    Stamina: +255

    Effect: Lifesteal +6%

    Effect: Quickness, Attack Speed +85%

    Effect: Deal 30% splash damage to enemies 5 yards around the target

    Effect: Heartsteal, each attack reduce the target's defence and magical resistance by 5%, highest it can stack to is 80%, the effect lasts for 7 seconds.

    Effect: Armor penetration, ignore 25% of target's defence

    Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 115%

    Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 113%

    Introduction: Heartstealer, a dagger from the chaotic times. Legend has it that this belonged to human hero Zhou Yuan. During the war era, giants invaded humans which nearly resulted in extinction. Many sword saints died to the giants. In the end, Zhou Yuan stabbed this dagger into the heart of the Giant King. It swallowed the blood and became Heartstealer. The person who uses it can attract one's soul and it was once listed as a banned weapon.

    Required level: 95



    I was tempted. This was a functional weapon, if I used it with Darkness Dragon Tooth it would be like adding wings to a tiger. Moreover, the armor penetration could reach 80% this meant that as long as I continued attacking, all experts were naked in front of me!

    If I used this to fight Feng Canghai, he would still lose even with Sword Energy Form!

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    Mundane Slaughter looked at me, "I understand..."

    He laughed and announced, "This Heartstealer is suitable for Seven so let's give it to him, after all, he soloed this Boss. He should deserve to get the equipment."


    Moonlight Firefly nodded, "Indeed!"

    Nine Song smiled, "No worries."

    I said, "I won't treat you all badly. I will take this but the equipment I am replacing is the Lunar Eclipse, level 72 Orange equipment, you can roll for this."

    "Orange dagger?"

    Everyone's eyes lit up.


    I took Heartstealer and switched it right away before handing Lunar Eclipse over. I looked at my stats. With Heartstealer, my combat strength rose by a lot!

    July Wildfire (Shadow of the Exiled)

    Level: 96

    Attack: 7424-8807 (+902%)

    Defence: 5483 (+884%)

    Health: 72700

    Critical Strike: 39.33%

    Lifesteal: 27.5%

    Comprehension: 97

    Charm: 100

    Soul Star: 200

    Contribution point: 55002005

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    Combat strength: 25728


    My combat strength broke 25 thousand. Heartstealer was so strong, just Heartsteal alone rose my combat strength by 2000. The system evaluation was fair and the combat strength increase of a special skill couldn't be estimated. Especially when it was used to kill Bosses or PK, that was just a god skill!

    Moreover, if I used Heartstealer as a secondary item, it could be used for a long time. Before I had armor penetration equipment or skill, this dagger could be used infinitely. Moreover, if I stacked the effect, not only did I benefit, so did my party members. Even I felt like I became much more useful.

    Before this, Shen Mingxuan's Armor Breaking Arrow was the party's strongest attack but it broke at most 50% armor. It was not on the same level as Heartstealer.

    But unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to use this in With You.



    At this moment, Mundane Slaughter continued to move about and he was shocked, "Brothers, you definitely won't expect this?"

    "Girl?" Moonlight Firefly asked.

    "Virgin?" Nine Song asked.

    "Big white legs?" Warm Sun asked.

    They were all people that knew Mundane Slaughter.

    "Am I such a pervert to all of you?"

    Mundane Slaughter was furious and pulled his hands out. A golden Guild Creation Token appeared. It really dropped!

    "Guild Creation Token? !"

    I was shocked, "We really are lucky!"


    Mundane Slaughter laughed, "Assassin Alliance won't need to hide anymore. From today onwards, we will be a large-sized guild in Linchen County, hahaha~~~ How will Breaking Dawn dare to look down on us anymore!"

    "Hahaha time to create the guild!"

    Nine Song laughed.

    Everyone was bathing in joy. A few seconds later, Moonlight Firefly spoke.


    "Then, who will be the guild leader?"

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