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ZY - Chapter 386- Spectre body

  I watched for a few seconds before backing out of Yanshi Wuxing's battle region. He didn't notice me at all due to my high agility. Moreover, he didn't have Shifang Flame Spiral Eye. The reason why I backed off was because Limitless had nothing to do with me and there was also no need to create enemies.


    Thus, I avoided his leveling region. With White Cloak, I headed towards one side of Ocean Wind Forest. After two miles, I stopped and continued to hunt turtles and collect Chancetaker Grass.

    Not long later, there were more and more materials in my bag. Moreover, I had bought flame stones and bottles. After killing a batch of ocean turtles, I started to refine poison!


    The first level 4 poison was created. Heartloss Powder, when applied to the weapon, it lasted for 2 minutes. During that time, one had a 10% chance to silence and stun the target, en... Refine more for my own daggers. Then I would be able to suffer less from these turtles and let my equipment last longer. I would be able to spend more time here.

    Just like that, many sets of Heartloss Powder were created. I selected the passive option to continue applying poison to my weapon. I refined poison while killing monsters. Actually, the stockpile was fake as I was still going to hand it over to Mundane Slaughter. My goal was just to train skill familiarity. Level 4 was not enough for me.

    At 11pm, I already had 5000+ Heartloss Powder and also five sealing cards. But the success rate was only 10% so it was still not high enough!


    Right at that moment, when I killed one of them, another card was dropped. When I bent down to pick it up, I heard the sound of wind being broken. I turned around and attacked with Darkness Dragon Tooth!

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    Sparks flew. The enemy had charged over so he had higher momentum. I was forced back and when I raised my head, I saw that it was Yanshi Wuxing!

    Finally, he came to find me.

    "What do you mean?"

    I frowned, "Yanshi Wuxing, we don't have anything between us? Why are you sneak attacking, are you asking for death?"

    "Don't be mad.

    He laughed, "If I wanted to sneak attack you I would have attacked you from stealth and not upright. What do you think?"

    "That is true." I smiled, "Then what do you want?"

    "Look, this Ocean Wind Forest is so boring!" He glanced at the sealing card in my hands, "I just wanted to spar, how about that?"

    He said with interest, "You are Linchen County's king Assassin and even Mundane Slaughter lost to you. I want to challenge you and see how strong you are. Also, let's add some bets."


    I laughed, "What would you like to bet?"

    "Why not we bet sealing cards?" He smiled, "If I lose then I will hand my nine to you, if you lose then you have to give me yours. How about that?"

    "Sure but I have only six, you are losing out."

    "It doesn't matter."

    He smiled, "The bet is just to add some interest and not really for the cards, then... Let's begin?"

    "We aren't using the sparring mode?" I asked.

    "That is so lame, let's fight for real. Without dropping equipment and level, Pk is pointless."

    "Ok! As you wish!"

    I smiled and started to admire this top Assassin, "First, let me remind you, don't stealth, I can see through everything."

    "I know."

    He smiled, "Then let's not stealth, let's fight head on!"

    "I had the same intentions!"


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    Yanshi Wuxing activated Quickness. The dagger on his left hand flashed red as he used Gouge towards me.

    So quick!

    Fortunately, my Agility wasn't low. I bent backward to dodge Gouge and then kicked his stomach.


    He was stunned and tried to flip around. The instance he avoided my legs, he raised his daggers to block Hunter's Edge. Sparks flew and Hunter's Edge only hit once but he still lost 12000 health. He was shocked, "Damn, so painful!?"

    "Is it pain?"

    I laughed, "I haven't transformed yet!"

    "Do it!"

    I activated Flames and Yanshi Wuxing also used his skill. Golden words appeared around him and they were the words "Windwalking Blade". In an instance, his speed reached a terrifying level. He used Basic Attack+Godslaying Blade+Mist Slash onto me!




    A series of damage numbers appeared above my head, that was painful! One of the three attacks dealt extra damage due to a crit and my health was down to half. This Assassin was really strong!

    "You were overconfident!"

    He laughed and charged. His dagger brushed past my wrist and it felt a little numb. He then raised his daggers up and the SS Grade attack Circular Blade Dance triggered.


    My gaze turned cold. I had to go all out. I charged towards the side and sunk down. Yanshi Wuxing was stunned and he sunk down too. He slid before turning around. Was he defending against Dark Shadow Jump? He predicted that I was about to do that!

    Unfortunately, my actions were just to deceive him. The moment he turned around, I used Gouge on him and then Flames of Karma!

    However, when my attacks hit him, streaks of white light shone around him like a shield. At the same time, two Flames of Karma attacks missed!

    Moreover, in the chat, I found the reason--


    Battle notification: Player Yanshi Wuxing has been attacked, Spectre Body passive has been triggered, dodge +3% This effect can increase to 70%!


    Spectre Body?

    I was stunned, there was actually such a shameless skill that could stack dodge infinitely. That was such a cheat. As long as he was lucky, won't all my attacks be dodged?

    "July Wildfire you lose!"

    Yanshi Wuxing took the opportunity to use Ice Boomerang Blade+Demon Tribulation!

    I looked at him calmly and a light lit up in my heart. I waved my dagger three more times at his left wrist. The first attack reduced his speed and momentum, the second caused his dagger to change directions and the third one shifted his attack completely!


    Right when Ice Boomerang Blade was about to hit me, his left hand was smacked high up and he couldn't defend himself anymore. He was temporarily stunned!


    His pupils constricted and at the same time, he asked in shock, "Pulse Breaking Style? How do you know that? !"

    What would I know!

    My body sunk down and I used Separated by water and it hit him three times. I raised my hand and used Apprehension. His body fell and he also dropped an orange dagger. Its stats were similar to Lunar Eclipse but it was weaker than Darkness Dragon Tooth.


    A message came from Yanshi Wuxing, "Don't leave, wait for me!"


    I laughed, did he want to take revenge? That was fine, I would just wait here. Honestly, his equipment, mechanics and skills were all first rate but there was still some gap compared to me. If I was serious, he had no more than 20% chance of winning.


    Just like that, I waited for 2 minutes

    A white light flashed across and Yanshi Wuxing stood up, "It seems like Linchen County's Assassin King is strong. You are probably the only Assassin that can kill Feng Canghai, I accept defeat!"

    He took out seven sealing cards, "I dropped two when I died so here are the other seven. I am willing to accept defeat, all of them are yours."

    I accepted it and tossed his dagger to him, "Take this back."


    He was stunned, "I died and this belongs to you."

    "It is different."

    I shook my head, "you said that our bet is only sealing cards. I am not your enemy so there is no point. So no matter what is dropped, I would return it. If you won, I believe you would return me my equipment right?"

    He laughed, "You really think highly of me... Okay, I want you as a friend. Add me?"



    At this point, my Assassin account could add friends but it was one-directional. Assassin's friends could only see my Assassin form and the same as the Paladin. It would just show friends from the Assassin account. Only Ah Fei, Mundane Slaughter who knew about me could contact me.

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