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CSG - Chapter 3086: Protector Xue

In the Tian Yuan clan, every single protector had their own place of cultivation allocated to them to demonstrate their esteemed status.

These regions allocated to the various protectors were all enveloped by various formations as well.

These formations varied in strength. The strong ones were enough to stop the attacks of late Infinite Primes, while the weakest could only stop First Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes.

In comparison to the new formations around the Tian Yuan clan that could obstruct Grand Primes, these formations located where the protectors stayed obviously seemed puny.

These formations were obviously cast down by the Primordial realm experts staying there. Their main objective was not to fend off any attacking enemies, but to create a quiet, private space for themselves.

Within the region where the protectors stayed, there was one formation that stood out much more than the rest, as it was strong enough to block the attacks of late Infinite Primes.

The region had been allocated to protector Xue.

Protector Xue was a late Infinite Prime, one of the few late Infinite Primes among the many protectors the Tian Yuan clan had recruited. He was also the most loyal Primordial realm expert of the clan. He obliged with every single command from the leader of the clan, without any resentment at all. He had completed many missions seriously, making a tremendous contribution to the clan’s development.

At this moment, protector Xue was dressed in white clothes with his hands by his side as he stood beside a pool of water. He stared straight at the tiny, palm-sized, golden turtle at the bottom of the pool. He completely failed to realise that two figures had already appeared behind him silently.

The two figures were Mo Tianyun and the woman in black!

Mo Tianyun directly ignored protector Xue. The moment he appeared here, his eyes had been glued to the bottom of the water pool, fixed on the golden turtle that swam around aimlessly. His gaze gradually deepened.

“Tianyun, do you recognise it?” At this moment, the woman in black beside Mo Tianyun spoke up. Her voice was extremely soft, possessing a wondrous charm as if it could enchant souls.

The sudden voice made protector Xue leap in fright. He turned around quickly as his face changed drastically, staring at the two of them that had appeared behind him silently. His face was filled with alarm and caution as he called out, “Who are you?”

Mo Tianyun did not even look at protector Xue. His attention remained on the golden turtle the entire time, and he said indifferently, “You don’t have to panic. I have no ill intentions.” As he said that, Mo Tianyun pointed at the golden turtle in the pool and asked, “What is your relationship to it?”

As soon as he heard that Mo Tianyun had come for his young master, protector Xue immediately became stern. He said grimly, “May I ask who you are? Don’t forget, this is the Tian Yuan clan. I’m certain you know exactly what kind of background the Tian Yuan clan has.”

Mo Tianyun looked up and glanced at protector Xue. He said indifferently, “Looks like you won’t believe me unless I tell you my identity. I am the great elder of the Empyrean Demon Cult, but in the Saints’ World, many people call me the Empyrean Demon Lord!”

“What? Y-y-you’re the legendary Empyrean Demon Lord? The Empyrean Demon Lord who destroyed the Tian Empire of the central region with a single palm strike?” Protector Xue paled in fright. Back then, the Cloud Plane had descended into chaos. The Tian Empire of the central region had tried to conquer the entire Cloud Plane. In the end, they drew over the great elder of the Empyrean Demon Lord.

In the end, a single palm strike from the great elder of the Empyrean Demon Cult completely annihilated the unprecedentedly powerful Tian Empire that had upheaved the entire Cloud Plane. The event had once shaken up the entire Cloud Plane. News of it had even reached many places beyond the Cloud Plane, catching the attention of many great organisations.

However, because only a very small handful of people had ever seen the Empyrean Demon Lord’s true appearance before, protector Xue had never imagined the middle-aged man standing right before him was the legendary Empyrean Demon Lord!

“A-are you really the Empyrean Demon Lord/” Protector Xue’s voice trembled. He struggled to believe this.

“Since you know who I am, it’s your turn to tell me about it.” Mo Tianyun looked at the golden turtle again as if only the golden turtle existed in his eyes.

If it were not for the fact that he had noticed the peculiar relationship between the golden turtle and protector Xue, the latter would not even have the right to know Mo Tianyun’s true identity given his realm of cultivation.

Protector Xue sucked in a deep breath. Even a late Infinite Prime like him felt pressured inside when interacting with a legendary figure like the Empyrean Demon Lord at such a close distance.

“He’s my young master.”

Protector Xue began to tell him everything slowly. As it turned out, he was only a human youth who wandered the streets many years ago. Suddenly, he was adopted by the young master’s parents one day and became a servant. They provided him with resources and taught him a cultivation method.

Afterwards, when he was brought back to the clan by the parents of the young master, he finally learned that they were from a peak organisation that stood at the apex of the eighty-one great planets. They were known as the Alligator Turtle clan, and they had a First Heavenly Layer Grand Prime ancestor.

Afterwards, the Alligator Turtle clan faced devastation. His master and mistress had both died in battle. Right before their deaths, they entrusted the newly-born young master to him to take care of.

Afterwards, protector Xue lived a life on the run with the young master. After a few twists and turns, he finally arrived on the Cloud Plane and joined the Tian Yuan clan.

“You sure are a loyal person, but your young master is suffering from quite a big problem. It has clearly been born prematurely, such that it suffers from inherent deficiencies, as well as many other hidden problems. If you remain in the Tian Yuan clan, you’ll probably have to spend several million years serving the Tian Yuan clan for an opportunity to save your young master given the rate at which you’re rewarded for your contribution.”

“The issues your young master is suffering from are far worse than you can imagine. If you want your young master to recover completely, the price is so great that even if you give up your life, it won’t even come close.” Mo Tianyun turned towards protector Xue and said seriously, “I will give you an opportunity right now. Take your young master with you and leave with me. I will do all that I can to help your young master. Not only will I cure your young master of his problems, but I’ll even assist him in his growth as well.”

Protector Xue’s breathing immediately became ragged, but he did not lose his rationality. He asked cautiously, “Then may I ask what price you want in exchange, senior?”

“There is nothing I want. I’m not helping your young master for any payback, as your young master and I are of a similar existence. Your young master and I possess a similar duty and objective,” said Mo Tianyun. His gaze gradually deepened.

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu.