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NETS - Chapter 190 – Ripped Off

After sending off the grateful Fang Tao, Lu Ping suddenly felt helpless. As his cultivation base increased, trouble came looking for him on its own, with no way for him to escape from it.

The instruction he gave Fang Tao was a preparation for the worst possible scenario.

Lu Ping activated the spirit vein migration formation and dragged over the mini spirit vein in Lu Qin's former nest. This time, due to the great distance, the migration caused a stronger quake than before. Fortunately, there were often earthquakes at sea, so it didn’t attract much attention.

Lu Ping felt a great sense of achievement, after experiencing the spiritual energy becoming thicker in the cave-dwelling. He had built this cave-dwelling from scratch, and now, he had accumulated six mini spirit veins. He only needed four more mini spirit veins in order to combine them to form a small spirit vein.

Lu Ping was envious whenever he thought of the small spirit vein in Enlightened Master Jin's Golden Scale Palace. He told himself that he would definitely find a way to migrate that small spirit vein to his cave-dwelling when he was strong enough.

Returning to Tian Ling Mountain was very troublesome. He first had to go to Xuan Qi Island and use its teleportation formation. This made Lu Ping really consider the feasibility of building a teleportation formation on Huang Li Island, but it was impossible at the moment.

Whilst on Xuan Qi Island, Lu Ping had initially planned on visiting Enlightened Master Qu Xuan-Cheng, to try and see if he could get some hints for the future events. But it appeared that Enlightened Master Qu had already expected him to come, as Enlightened Master Qu specifically ordered his disciples to bar Lu Ping’s entry and instruct him to return directly to Zhong Hua Palace.

So, Lu Ping did just that, and travelled straight back to Zhong Hua Palace on Tian Ling Mountain. To show his respect to his teacher, Lu Ping didn’t fly across the lake to the palace, and instead sailed on a boat. While on his way to the palace, Lu Ping happened to meet an old man exiting from it.

Lu Ping recognized this old man. He was one of the two Core Forging Realm disciples who sat outside Zhong Hua Hall and listened to Enlightened Master Liu Xuan-Ling's teachings during the cultivation forum.

Even though he was only a registered disciple, Lu Ping didn’t dare to treat him lightly, and went to greet him, "Greetings, Senior Brother Luan. How have you been?"

Senior Martial Brother Luan saw Lu Ping and smiled, "Ah, Senior Brother Lu. You've returned just in time; the young lady is looking for you."

Lu Ping was puzzled, he didn't know who the "young lady" that Senior Martial Brother Luan was referring to, could it be his Ninth Junior Martial Sister, Jiang Zi-Xuan?

Senior Martial Brother Luan noticed the puzzlement on Lu Ping's face. He laughed silently while shaking his head, and walked away without explaining further.

Lu Ping had no choice but to continue onwards to Zhong Hua Palace. When he entered Zhong Hua Palace, Lu Ping saw Enlightened Master Liu Xuan-Ling sitting in the top seat in Zhong Hua Hall, it seemed that she already knew he had arrived.

Lu Ping stepped forward to salute. Enlightened Master Liu Xuan-Ling smiled and said, "I didn't expect to see a disciple of mine be a ‘moneybag’."

Lu Ping immediately knew that his teacher had learned about what happened in the Heaven of Seven Stars, so he quickly said, "Teacher, although I have secured considerable wealth in the Heaven of Seven Stars, I don’t dare to bear the name of 'moneybags'."

Enlightened Master Liu Xuan-Ling laughed, "It seems like you are still sensible. However, it's obvious that there’s someone working behind the scenes, spreading this information. The sect is prepared to release news that you have offered the wealth gained in the Heaven of Seven Stars to the sect. This way, you will be able to wash away your title of ‘moneybag’."

Lu Ping understood what Enlightened Master Liu meant, but he still asked with some reluctance, "What kind of treasures would the sect say this disciple has offered?"

Enlightened Master Liu smiled and didn’t answer. Lu Ping knew that he had asked a stupid question, so he took out one-third of the 36 Golden Nuts from his interspatial ring. He put it in a jade box before offering it, and said, "This disciple has secured 12 Golden Nuts from the Seven Star Palace, and would like to offer them to the sect."

Enlightened Master Liu was surprised for the first time, and said, "Oh? Golden Nuts?"

"Initially, I was a little unwilling when the sect asked me to carry out this task. The treasures you've gained in the Heaven of Seven Stars are ultimately yours. Although the sect can protect you from external threats, there are still internal conflicts we have to face. However, I really hadn’t expected you to have such a precious treasure like the Golden Nuts."

Lu Ping naturally understood the meaning behind this. The sect's involvement could only mean one thing: he was a valued disciple in Zhen Ling Sect, and hence any person or power that had ulterior motives towards him, would be dealt with by the sect. With Zhen Ling Sect's status and influence in the North Ocean, it could definitely protect Lu Ping from external threats.

Seeing that Lu Ping understood, Enlightened Master Liu didn’t explain further. She said, "I initially thought to have you produce something that is of reasonable value. But with these Golden Nuts, we can even get some benefits from the Great Ancestors."

Enlightened Master Liu took out a golden message sword, the same kind that Enlightened Master Qu Xuan-Cheng had used before.

Enlightened Master Liu said something to the message sword, and placed the jade box on the message sword. A golden light flashed and the message sword flew out of Zhong Hua Hall.

Enlightened Master Liu saw Lu Ping's puzzlement, and said, "You are already an alchemist, so you must have heard of Golden Nut Pellets and know their effects?"

Lu Ping nodded, "I know that Golden Nut Pellets are excellent medicinal pellets, but I don't have the recipe for Golden Nut Pellets."

Enlightened Master Liu smiled, Lu Ping knew she had understood that he was asking for the pellet recipe.

Then, Lu Ping said, "I don't know anything about Golden Nuts. I only know that Golden Nut Pellets are a type of half-step Core Forging Realm medicinal pellets, but I have no idea why they are so valued by the Great Ancestors."

Enlightened Master Liu thought about it and replied, "This isn't something that Blood Condensation Realm disciples should know yet. In the Avatar Realm, Great Ancestors have to face a life-and-death challenge. This challenge requires a strong body, but most body-strengthening methods aren’t as good as natural enhancement from cultivation methods. Hence, every efficient body-strengthening method is extremely precious. One of the best methods is using Golden Nut Pellets."

Enlightened Master Liu continued, "The sooner you strengthen your body, the better. I know you have saved a few Golden Nuts for yourself. Once you get the pellet recipe, concoct Golden Nut Pellets and consume them as soon as possible. If you can already concoct Beauty Everlasting Pellets, then I suppose Golden Nut Pellets won’t be a problem for you either."

Lu Ping nodded.

Suddenly, the space in front of Enlightened Master Liu quivered and broke like a piece of glass. This was the second time Lu Ping had witnessed a space crack like this.

Enlightened Master Liu retrieved the jade scrolls from the crack, and stood up slightly to salute the space crack. The space crack quivered once again and the space returned to its original state.

Enlightened Master Liu looked at the jade scrolls in her hand, before handing it to Lu Ping with a smile, "It seems that the Great Ancestors are willing to get ripped off this time."

The two jade scrolls were not covered with any seals, so Lu Ping could read them directly with his divine sense. He was naturally looking forward to the rewards from the Avatar Realm Great Ancestors.

The first jade scroll contained the pellet recipe for the Golden Nut Pellets that Lu Ping wanted. This was his third half-step Core Forging Realm pellet recipe, after the Beauty Everlasting Pellet and Heart Condensation Pellet recipe.

The second jade scroll contained a complex inscription. Even with Lu Ping's divine sense, that was far beyond ordinary Ninth Layer Blood Condensation Realm cultivators, he was still struck with a burst of dizziness after reading the inscription. Although he didn’t manage to understand it clearly, the inscription felt familiar, as if he had seen something like it before.

Lu Ping looked at Enlightened Master Liu with some uncertainty and asked, "Teacher, is this a Mystical Inscription?"

Enlightened Master Liu nodded approvingly, "Yes, it is. Your divine sense hasn’t transcended into divine revelation, and yet, you were able to browse through the Mystical Inscription. Your divine sense is certainly impressive.

"This Mystical Inscription belongs to the water element and is traditionally used mostly by Enlightened Masters who have cultivated the [Sea Coast Wave Listening Scripture] in their nascent weapons. Your arcane energy is far beyond what the [Sea Coast Wave Listening Scripture] can achieve, I know you must have obtained your own fortunes that empowered your arcane energy. However, you have yet to forge your own nascent weapon, since you are clearly waiting for the best options. So, I have requested this Mystical Inscription on your behalf. It will be of great use to you when you advance to the Core Forging Realm."

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