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100000PSI - Chapter 86.2: Feigning Obedience (2)

Zhang Ning dropped her high-pitched tone and remarked contemplatively, “Maybe I should find a youngster to date too.”

Ji Fanyin ignored her.

“I mean it.” Zhang Ning nudged Ji Fanyin with her shoulder. “It might just be a cup of latte now, but once you set this precedent, there’s no stopping it anymore.”

“There are no precedents I can’t put a stop to,” replied Ji Fanyin with her eyes still locked on the documents.

Zhang Ning burst into laughter. “Orh. What about the young master from the Bai Family?”

“… I nearly forgot. There’s him too.” Ji Fanyin took a moment to consider the matter.

Do I have to report Bai Zhou’s employment here to Mrs. Bai?

She should be fine with it. It’s unlikely that Bai Zhou can take the grind anyway. He’ll probably be gone in a few days.

Ji Fanyin checked the time and saw that there were still a few more minutes left before the resumption of the meeting. So, she took out her phone and quickly composed a message to inform Mrs. Bai of the matter.

As expected, there was no reply.

The break soon ended. The team members poured back into the meeting room, having energized themselves for the next round of debate.

Bai Zhou had no work experience.

He had never had any superiors other than his own parents.

To make things worse, this was Ji Fanyin’s workplace. Bai Zhou dared not put on airs here. His gut feeling told him that he was a mere excuse away from being fired by Ji Fanyin.

However, what annoyed him the most was none other than Chen Yunsheng.

Considering that they were born just a year apart from each other, it was likely that Chen Yunsheng had only joined the studio not too long ago. Yet, the competency he displayed in his work was far beyond that of Bai Zhou’s.

The two of them had the same nasty scowl permanently etched onto their faces, but for some reason, Chen Yunsheng was much more popular than him amongst the staff members.

Throughout the day, the employees from other departments kept dropping by to chat with him.

“Are you free today? Let’s play basketball after work!” 
“I just bought an insanely fun game recently. You definitely have to try it out too!” 
“Have you heard? X band is holding a concert soon. Let’s go together!”

… He could still grudgingly accept it if it was just these.

But Chen Yunsheng was popular with the girls too!

One of them came over with a beaming smile, saying, “I tried the ‘sure-kill’ recipe you sent me, and the food was really yummy! A huge huge thank you for that! I’ll be rooting for you!”

Bai Zhou thought about the three pots he had already destroyed on his arduous route to becoming the next Masterchef, and he clenched his fists tightly under the table.

… Shit! There’s no way there could be such a huge gap between me and Chen Yunsheng!

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Written by Yuan Yao. Translated by StarveCleric, Stephen Honor. Edited by ru.