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100000PSI - Chapter 86.3: Feigning Obedience (3)

Determined to pull his weight too, Bai Zhou marched up to the art director, whom Shen Qi had introduced him to earlier, and said, “Give me… Cough. I mean, please arrange some work for me to do.”

The fifty-year-old man raised his head to look at him. There was a brief moment of thought before he started going through his desk.

Bai Zhou waited patiently while looking around. In his peripheral vision, he saw Chen Yunsheng from the opposite sector receiving a phone call before subsequently walking out of the office.

Less than a minute later, Chen Yunsheng returned with a few paper bags with the Starbucks logo imprinted on them. He placed the bags on the communal table, informing the people around to help themselves to the beverages.

Bai Zhou scoffed in disdain: Tsk. Bootlicker.

“Is Yunsheng treating us to coffee?” The art director looked over before turning to Bai Zhou. “Bai Zhou, help me get a cup. You’ll have to hurry, or else it’ll run out before you know it. Remember to get one for yourself too.”

A tight frown formed on Bai Zhou’s forehead, but he eventually walked over with a resigned look on his face. On his way there, he saw Chen Yunsheng picking up one of the paper bags and walking away.

Bai Zhou stared intently at Chen Yunsheng’s back as the latter navigated his way toward the meeting room. He spent a moment peeping in from outside before heading in.

“...” Ji Fanyin hasn’t left that meeting room since early morning, right?

He stared sharply at the meeting room door until someone approached him and carefully asked, “Bai Zhou, what are you looking at?”

“…” Bai Zhou tried his best to mellow down his tone before replying, “Chen Yunsheng entered the meeting room.”

“Oh…” The enquirer secretly reached for the last two cups of coffee while Bai Zhou wasn’t paying attention. “Sometimes it takes a pretext to make a move, y’know? It’s kind of similar to how you can’t just give a packet of snacks to one person in class; the whole class will protest and make things awkward.”

“Fuck.” Bai Zhou cursed under his breath.

… I knew it! Chen Yunsheng is trying to court Ji Fanyin too!Why is he such a bootlicker?!

… Shit. I should have thought of buying coffee too!

“…” The colleague was about to swipe away the last two cups of coffee when he heard Bai Zhou’s curse. Intimidated, he put back the two cups with trembling hands. “Y-you can have it. I don’t need them anymore.”

Bai Zhou angrily picked up the two cups of coffee, but he continued staring through the meeting room’s glass door till Chen Yunsheng finally exited the room. The latter was radiating rainbows and sunshine, to the point where his image as a cool guy was on the verge of unraveling.

Their gazes happened to meet mid-air then. Sparks flew from their eyes.

Bai Zhou’s angry-o-meter hit the max whereas Chen Yunsheng’s smile slowly faded.

The Art Department happened to overcome a huge problem that very night. Overjoyed, they used welcoming the new intern as a pretext to have dinner together.

The studio was rather tight-knitted with each department being on close terms with one another. It didn’t take long for news to travel, and the number of attendees swiftly snowballed.

Unfortunately, Zhang Ning was in a rush to return home to switch to a gown for a social gathering. As for He Shen, there was no way someone who had to video-conference in for an important company meeting would voluntarily participate in a gathering.

In the end, Ji Fanyin checked her schedule with Shen Qi before coolly waving her hand and saying, “Let’s go. Dinner’s on me.”

“Long live our boss!”

“Thank you, Sister Yin!”

“Big sister, you’re awesome!”

All sorts of compliments rained down on Ji Fanyin, especially from the girls.

Bai Zhou: “...”

Chen Yunsheng isn’t the only one who calls Ji Fanyin ‘big sister’ in the studio!

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