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CSG - Chapter 3083: Gongsun Zhi’s End (Two)

“Spare no details. Tell us everything,” Huangfu Guiyi added.

At that moment, their attitude towards Gongsun Zhi had changed completely. They were aloof, no longer treating him like an equal.

Before two Fourth Heavenly Layer Grand Primes like Huangfu Guiyi and Xu Zhiping, what secrets could Gongsun Zhi keep hidden? Very soon, they learnt about everything that had occurred in the Tower of Radiance from Gongsun Zhi, which left them utterly fuming.

“In other words, you no longer possess any status in the artifact spirit’s eyes?” Xu Zhiping ground his teeth. His chest heavy violently like a volcano on the brink of eruption. He was on the verge of flying into a rage at any moment.

Huangfu Guiyi stood up slowly. His face was terrifyingly sunken, which made it seem vicious, while his eyes were filled with killing intent. He said coldly, “Gongsun Zhi, our Midheaven clan and Xu family have completely listened to your command in the recent years. Even I have served you many times. Our two clans worked so hard only because you promised us protector swords.”

“But now, you’re actually telling me that not only have you failed to keep your Godslayer’s sword, you’ve even lost all status with the artifact spirit of the Tower of Radiance.” Huangfu Guiyi’s voice seemed to ring out from the depths of hell. It was absolutely frigid and filled with undisguisable fury.

“Kiddo Gongsun, tell me, how do you plan on compensating our Midheaven clan and Xu family for all the effort we’ve put in over the years? What should you use to compensate us?” Towards the end, Huangfu Guiyi completely lost his cool, yelling in a manner almost akin to roaring out. He erupted with a powerful presence uncontrollably.

Before the presence, Gongsun Zhi seemed as puny as an ant with his strength as a Radiant Godking. He was immediately blown away. He slammed heavily against the walls of the hall and immediately coughed up a few mouthfuls of blood.

Huangfu Guiyi and Xu Zhiping had found out the secret that the Martial Soul lineage was the imperial clan, but that was completely irrelevant to them. What they truly cared about was only the interests of their clans. What they truly wanted were the protector swords of the Radiant Saint Hall.

Gongsun Zhi climbed to his feet with difficulty. The robes he wore shone with gentle light, nullifying most of the damage and accelerating his healing.

“Cough, cough. I’m still the hall master of the Radiant Saint Hall right now. Y-y-you can’t treat me like this.” Gongsun Zhi coughed up two mouthfuls of blood. He completely refused to accept this, and there was intense resentment on his face too.

This resentment was not just towards the Martial Soul lineage, but also towards the artifact spirit of the Tower of Radiance as well.

Artifact spirit, if you hadn’t taken away Godslayer’s sword, would I have ended up like this? Artifact spirit, you ungrateful traitor. If it weren’t because of my ancestor, how could you have been born?” Gongsun Zhi roared inside. At this moment, he even began to hate the artifact spirit of the Tower of Radiance.

“Look at yourself. You still have the courage to claim to be the hall master of the Tower of Radiance?” Huangfu Guiyi’s eyes shone in a terrifying manner. He made his way before Gongsun Zhi slowly and grabbed him by the hair, lifting him up from the ground. He ground his teeth as he said, “Kiddo Gongsun, let me ask you one last time. Do you still have any way for our Midheaven clan and Xu family to possess a protector sword each?”

“I-I-I don’t know-” Gongsun Zhi kicked his feet in the air as he struggled desperately. His face was filled with pain.

“You don’t know? You’re actually telling me that you don’t know?” Huangfu Guiyi’s eyes were filled with killing intent. His tone was extremely frigid.

Perhaps because he sensed Huangfu Guiyi’s killing intent, Gongsun Zhi immediately became flustered. Fear appeared in his eyes as he said in fright, “What are you trying to do? What are you trying to do? I’m the descendant of a Grand Exalt. The blood of a Grand Exalt flows through me. My identity is anything but ordinary. You can’t do this to me. You can’t do this to me.”

“The descendant of a Grand Exalt? Even in the current situation, you’re still going on about being the descendant of a Grand Exalt?” A sneer appeared on Huangfu Guiyi’s face. His terrifying gaze made him seem like he was about to eat Gongsun Zhi alive. “If your ancestor was still around, I obviously wouldn’t have the courage to even touch a hair on you. Let alone your ancestor, even if you had a powerful backing, I wouldn’t be able to do anything to you either. However, you just happen to be completely isolated now. Just what right do you still possess to make me feel wary?”

“No, no, no. Behind me is Xuan Zhan and Xuan Ming, as well as Donglin Yanxue, Han Xin, and Bai Yu. They’re all protectors of our Radiant Saint Hall. If you even touch a hair on me, they’ll never spare your Midheaven clan!” Gongsun Zhi called out, having lost his cool completely.

Huangfu Guiyi laughed at the ceiling. “You’re actually shameless enough to mention them? Do you really think that I wasn’t aware that Donglin Yanxue, Bai Yu, and Han Xin had always been opposing you when you wielded Godslayer’s sword? Xuan Zhan and Xuan Ming definitely won’t stand by your side either. They’ll only celebrate now that you’ve ended up like this. Why would they help you?”

“If I kill you here, they will only thank me, not oppose me, as I’ve done something that is inconvenient for them to do. On top of that, I’m not foolish enough to leave behind any obvious traces.”

“Kiddo Gongsun, I’ve put up with you for a very long time. Since you no longer have any value in existing, you can go and die.”

Afterwards, Gongsun Zhi faced a series of painful torturing before finally dying to Xu Zhiping and Huangfu Guiyi’s hands. His soul was shattered, and his body was disposed of.

His sacred robes that signified the hall master of the Radiant Saint Hall ended up in Huangfu Guiyi’s hands. Afterwards, Huangfu Guiyi arranged for a clansman to disguise himself as Gongsun Zhi and show himself in the various major cities on the Desolate Plane with the robes on. Finally, he left the Desolate Plane through an interplanar teleportation formation.

After that, Gongsun Zhi completely vanished from the Desolate Plane as a person. Of course, in the eyes of others, they only thought Gongsun Zhi had left this place in dejection.

However, neither Huangfu Guiyi nor Xu Zhiping were aware that a gaze in the distance had clearly witnessed everything they had done there. Even the numerous powerful formations around the Midheaven clan could not stop the gaze.

“What a pity. Only that portion of the legacy left behind by that sovereign of the Martial Soul lineage remains. It is in Jian Chen’s possession.” In the Sword God Mountains, the Celestial Sword Saint slowly looked away from the Midheaven clan. His ancient eyes gradually deepened as he let out a murmur, “Martial Soul Mountain…”

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu.