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MCAB - Chapter 93

Yun Zizhou could feel her heart pounding rapidly as Jun Zishu's words echoed in her mind.

"I'll help you, then."

Yun Zizhou heard herself speaking, her voice carrying a hint of urgency.

"No need."

Yun Zizhou saw the woman in front of her shake her head, the woman's smiling eyes showing that she didn't seem particularly distressed over the problem she faced.

"But it must be a painful experience to keep getting entangled by a person you don't like."

"It is my business; I can handle it myself," Jun Zishu said as she rubbed Yun Zizhou's head. She felt that her little sister was truly a considerate little angel.

"But I want to help you, Big Sister. You must've already mentioned the topic of breaking up with her, right? Since she's unwilling to break up, I can help you persuade her," Yun Zizhou said with a sincere expression, her voice clear and pleasant.

"Listen to me: stay away from her."

Jun Zishu appreciated Yun Zizhou's goodwill, but Mi Rou was simply too dangerous. She couldn't risk getting Yun Zizhou involved in their affair.


Yun Zizhou was puzzled. She wanted nothing more than to show Mi Rou out of the house right now.

"She is very dangerous, and I mean it literally. Do not get close to her. Do not agitate her, either."

"Then, why are you..."

"I have to give her an explanation."

Jun Zishu stopped talking after speaking up to this point.

Yun Zizhou also stopped asking and started preparing for her live stream.

Today was the first time Yun Zizhou had looked forward to ending her stream as soon as possible. The sight of Jun Zishu lying on the bed in her pajamas stimulated Yun Zizhou's mind.

Jun Zishu had a standard rest schedule. She was already getting ready for bed before it was even midnight.

Although Yun Zizhou was a little too excited to sleep, she still obediently set her phone aside and laid down on the bed.

A short moment later, only the sound of breathing could be heard in the quiet room. Jun Zishu didn't have any trouble adapting to the new bed, so she quickly fell asleep after closing her eyes.

After noticing that Jun Zishu had fallen asleep, Yun Zizhou pretended to have accidentally placed her hand on her waist before falling asleep with a smile on her face.


When Jun Zishu woke up the next day and saw Yun Zizhou hugging her, she mentally noted that her little sister had a bad sleeping habit. Then, she massaged her eyes for a moment before getting out of bed and leaving the room.

As soon as Jun Zishu walked out of the room, Yun Zizhou's eyes snapped open. Then, she looked at her right hand with a happy smile on her face.

Jun Zishu had a relatively free morning today. After completing one successful operation, she spent the rest of her time sitting in her office and listening to Little Fairy's report.

[Host! Host! Little Sister started fighting with No.3!]

They're fighting?

[Uh... Not exactly. They're not arguing, either. It's just that the atmosphere between them is a little strange.]

What's the cause?

[No.3 wants to wash your clothes, but Little Sister isn't letting her.]


[Little Sister seems to be agitating No.3...]

Jun Zishu frowned. She understood that Yun Zizhou was trying to help her, but Yun Zizhou underestimated just how dangerous Mi Rou could be.

Just when Jun Zishu was about to ask Little Fairy to broadcast the situation at home, someone knocked on her door and told her that she was needed for another operation.

[Go ahead, Host. I'll help you keep an eye on them. I'll call the police if something happens.]



After much struggle, Yun Zizhou snatched away the clothes in Mi Rou's hands and looked at Mi Rou coldly. Then, she said, "You don't have to behave this way even if you are close friends with my big sister, Big Sis Mi Rou. This is my responsibility."

"I used to do these chores when I was living with her before," Mi Rou said, drops of water sliding down her fingertips.

"But she has me now."

The two of them stared at each other, neither of them giving way to each other.

"You seem to hold hostilities toward me?" Mi Rou asked.

"You don't seem to like me very much, either," Yun Zizhou countered.

Mi Rou curled her lips but said nothing.

Yun Zizhou was determined not to let Mi Rou touch Jun Zishu's clothes, so she took the washbasin to the balcony, intending to wash the clothes there.

"You're not a local, right, Big Sis Mi Rou?"

"Did she not tell you?"

"It's best if you be aware that you are a guest, Big Sis Mi Rou."

"You don't have to treat me as an outsider."

"But you are an outsider," Yun Zizhou said as she turned off the faucet and began pouring washing powder into the basin.

Mi Rou's expression darkened slightly. However, she no longer continued arguing with Yun Zizhou.

While things might have calmed down for the moment, that was only on the surface. Strong undercurrents were brewing in the background.


When Jun Zishu got out of the operating theatre, she was relieved to hear that Yun Zizhou still had all of her limbs attached to her body.

However, Yun Zizhou turned out much cheekier than Jun Zishu imagined. For example, she would speak about some of the good times they shared in front of Mi Rou, feed her fruit in front of Mi Rou, and eat the fruit that she had taken a bite out of in front of Mi Rou.

Yun Zizhou was constantly challenging Mi Rou's patience, and Jun Zishu couldn't help but be frightened by the girl's actions.

If an outsider were to observe their interactions, they would think that Yun Zizhou was Jun Zishu's girlfriend instead.


"What you are doing is extremely dangerous, Zizhou."

"What are you afraid of, Big Sister? What could she possibly do to me? I can see that she is already wavering. It is only a matter of time before she leaves."

Jun Zishu had a headache when she looked at Yun Zizhou's confident expression.

Jun Zishu couldn't let this situation continue. She really couldn't let it continue.

Jun Zishu could tell that Mi Rou's patience was running thin. At this rate, it wouldn't be strange even if she took action against Yun Zizhou tomorrow.

Mi Rou was like water, capable of taking various forms. She was also capable of resisting all sorts of damage. It wouldn't be easy for Jun Zishu to sway her mind.

Thus, Jun Zishu had been waiting for Mi Rou to explode all this time. Only when that happened would she be able to do something about the crazy girl.

Simply put, Jun Zishu was waiting for Mi Rou to stab her. Afterward, she would use the attack as an excuse to make a clean break from Mi Rou. She had gotten the inspiration for this idea from Shi Yu. It was also her only solution to persuade Mi Rou into accepting the breakup.

However, Jun Zishu wanted Mi Rou to vent her anger and frustrations on her, not other people.

[Host! Host! No.3 is messaging her sub-account right now! I've forwarded the messages to your phone already! Go and look at them, quickly!]

Little Fairy's urgent tone gave Jun Zishu a bad premonition, so she hurriedly grabbed her phone and left the room.

Seeing this, Yun Zizhou couldn't help but wonder if she had behaved too eagerly before and caused her big sister to feel strange.


After entering the shared bathroom, Jun Zishu locked the door and read the messages Little Fairy forwarded to her. At the same time, she couldn't help but wonder why Mi Rou was messaging her own sub-account.

As Jun Zishu read through Mi Rou's messages, she felt like she was getting a glimpse into Mi Rou's heart.

Simply put, Mi Rou's messages were a long list of questions and complaints mixed with hints of confusion.

—What do you like about her? Is it her face? Is it her voice? Or is it her gentleness?

—If she doesn't have that face and that kind of voice, and her gentleness was only a facade, would you still like her?

—Why won't you look at me? I have been looking at you all this time. I have only ever focused on you.

—I've cut her apart in my mind before, occasionally doing the same to you as well.

—If I stitch your lips and watch as you fall asleep in my arms, will the pain lessen?

—But before that, I should get rid of the eyesore.

—What should I do? I hate the way she shows off in front of me. I hate the way she looks at you.

—What should I do?

Jun Zishu frowned when she finished reading Mi Rou's messages. The "her" in the messages should be referring to Yun Zizhou. Meanwhile, these messages should be directed to Jun Zishu.

Yet, Mi Rou had sent these messages to herself… In other words…

[Host! She logged into her sub-account and replied from there! I'll forward you her replies.]

It was just like Jun Zishu anticipated. After reading the new messages, her expression darkened as she lowered her phone.

Mi Rou let out a burst of soft laughter inside Jun Zishu's room, her expression strangely excited as she recalled her conversation with Yun Zizhou yesterday.

"Why are you staying here? She clearly doesn't like you anymore."

Mi Rou found the expression on that girl's face to be exceptionally loathsome.

"What does it have to do with you?"

"You clearly know that there is no future between you and her."

"Who will she have a future with, then? Is it you?"

Yun Zizhou laughed, her reaction a form of acknowledgment.

"I will not give her to you."

"Since when is my big sister yours? Also, I don't need you to give her to me. Don't you know what kind of position you hold in her heart?" Yun Zizhou countered. "You should've long since felt that something was amiss, right? Otherwise, you wouldn't have come running all the way here. Yet, so what if you've moved here? You still failed to get the result you want, right? I know that my big sister is an excellent person, so it isn't strange for you to fall for her. However, in my opinion, all you're doing is harming yourself right now."

"Do you know about our past?" Mi Rou asked, smiling when she saw Yun Zizhou's stiff expression.

However, Yun Zizhou's following words caused Mi Rou's smile to vanish without a trace.

"I am not interested in your past with my big sister. Her future won't have your presence in it, in any case. She no longer likes you, so it is impossible for you two to get back together. Not now, not ever," Yun Zizhou said dismissively. "Tell me; how exactly are you worthy of her?"

Those sharp words pierced straight through Mi Rou's heart.

Tears blurring her vision, Mi Rou revealed a smile as she looked at the striking words displayed on her phone.

—Kill her, then.

—Why should you continue suffering?

—What should you do with the eyesore?

—What should you do if you hate her?

—Just kill her.

—Make it so that she can't ever appear in front of your beloved again.

"As you wish."

Mi Rou's expression contorted, her tears dripping onto her phone and sliding off the floor.

Jun Zishu splashed her face with cold water and looked at herself in the mirror.

Yanderes were people with mental abnormalities. There was no question about that.

However, Mi Rou's present condition was far too severe. She already had a dull and sensitive personality, to begin with. Now, she was even imagining herself to be Jun Zishu.

[Host, I checked through her message log and found that she has held many conversations with her sub-account in the past. It looks very scary, honestly.]

Jun Zishu didn't even need to see those messages to know what had transpired. She felt that Mi Rou truly needed to see a doctor.

Now, though, the more pressing matter was that Mi Rou was planning to take action against Yun Zizhou.

This won't do. I need to send her away first.

"You're sending me away?"

"You don't need to stay cooped up at my place if you're only trying to find inspiration for your art. You can go visit other places."

"But I still haven't helped you—"

"That is my business. Be a good girl, alright?"

"Can I stay one more day?" Yun Zizhou asked as she looked at Jun Zishu expectantly, her hands behind her back balled up into tight fists.

"Follow me to the hospital tomorrow, then. I'll send you to the train station after I get off work."

Yun Zizhou nodded and unhappily said, "Okay."

After Jun Zishu left, though, a sneer appeared on Yun Zizhou's face. She wanted to know just what Mi Rou was capable of doing. Maybe then she would know why her big sister feared Mi Rou so much.

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