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MCAB - Chapter 91

These three messages thoroughly woke up Jun Zishu.

[I was just about to notify you about these messages, Host. She had already sent these messages by the time I noticed them…]

Little Fairy was caught off guard by this situation as well. The biggest yandere was already on her way to kill Jun Zishu!

Jun Zishu did not respond to Little Fairy. Instead, she quickly replied to Mi Rou's messages. Although Mi Rou's hasty actions were outside her expectations, Jun Zishu knew that now wasn't the time to panic.

Jiang Wentong: Where are you now?

Mi Rou: I'm still a ways off from reaching. Did you just wake up?

Jiang Wentong: Mhm. What time will you be arriving? I'll go pick you up if I have time.

Mi Rou: Around three and a half hours later. You should be at work by then.

Jiang Wentong: That's right. I'll have my little sister pick you up, then.

Jun Zishu originally wanted to have Mi Rou stay at a hotel. However, after giving it some thought, she felt that it wouldn't be appropriate.

Her girlfriend had just quit her job to come to find her, yet she was having her girlfriend stay at a hotel… This didn't seem to match common sense no matter how Jun Zishu looked at it. It might be fine if they had already broken up, but they had yet to do so.

Mi Rou: The one living at your home?

Jiang Wentong: Mhm.

Mi Rou: Okay.

Jiang Wentong: I haven't come out of the closet yet.

Mi Rou: I understand.

The conversation came to an end here.

Jun Zishu caressed her chin as she tried to think of a solution.

Maybe I should save this one for last instead…

Mi Rou's behavior was simply too unpredictable.

If it wasn't for the mission explicitly stating that she needed the other party to consent to the breakup, Jun Zishu would've long since blacklisted Mi Rou's number and moved to a different city.

Mi Rou was undoubtedly the most difficult opponent to deal with out of Jiang Wentong's five partners. Although she had never appeared before Jun Zishu and had sent the least messages to Jun Zishu, she was much more proactive than the others.

In addition, Mi Rou was too "compassionate." She had shown so much care to Jiang Wentong that Jun Zishu couldn't find any ways to find trouble with her.

After taking a deep breath, Jun Zishu got out of bed and freshened up. Then, she peacefully jogged and took a shower.

Yun Zizhou had gone out to buy breakfast, prohibiting Jun Zishu from cooking.

After Jun Zishu finished her meat bun and took a sip of soy milk, she informed Yun Zizhou about Mi Rou's matter.

"You want me to help you fetch your friend? Is your friend a boy or a girl?"

Yun Zizhou was in a relatively good mood today. Last night, she had already asked her godmother about Jun Zishu's relationship status. Meanwhile, according to her godmother, Jun Zishu had a photographer boyfriend whom she had been dating for one and a half years now. However, that person was often away from Jun Zishu. Moreover, Jun Zishu had stated that her breakup had gone somewhat successfully yesterday. In other words, Jun Zishu might be single right now, which was wonderful news.

"She's a girl who's one year younger than me. She is already on her way here. I'll give you her contact information."

"Okay! I promise to get the mission done!"

Yun Zizhou wasn't opposed to the idea of helping Jun Zishu fetch a friend. On the contrary, she felt happy over the request. After all, this showed that Jun Zishu trusted her.

"Thank you," Jun Zishu said as she gave Yun Zizhou a rub on the head. She felt that it was truly wonderful to have an obedient little sister like Yun Zizhou. Not only did this little sister know how to cook and do the laundry, but she also had a healing voice and could help deal with yanderes.

With Yun Zizhou around, Mi Rou should be less likely to act rampantly.

However, thinking up to this point, Jun Zishu also couldn't help but worry for Yun Zizhou's safety. There was no saying what Mi Rou would do if she went crazy.

"Be careful when you go out."

"Mhm, mhm." Yun Zizhou nodded. Then, pretending to be casual, she asked, "Are you close with this friend of yours, Big Sister?"

"Not really. Don't stay too close to her," Jun Zishu said. After giving the matter some thought, she felt that it'd be best to give Yun Zizhou a heads up about Mi Rou.

"Okay." Yun Zizhou nodded, falling into thought.

When Jun Zishu returned to the hospital, her department head did not criticize her for her absence yesterday, especially not after seeing the state of her wrists. Instead, he simply asked about her well-being and told her to be more careful in the future.

For a surgeon like Jun Zishu, her hands were her most important assets.

While Jun Zishu was immersing herself in work, Yun Zizhou waited until the appointed time and made a trip to the train station to pick up Mi Rou.

Jun Zishu had previously messaged her a description of Mi Rou's attire. So, after spotting a person matching this description, Yun Zizhou waved at the person and greeted, "Are you Miss Mi Rou? I am here to pick you up on behalf of my big sister."

"I am. Hello," Mi Rou politely responded in a soft tone.

"Hello. My name is Yun Zizhou, Big Sister Wentong's little sister."

Yun Zizhou's first impression of Mi Rou was that the other party was a proper lady. She had a very gentle and reserved personality.

After the self-introductions were over, the two exchanged eye contact for a brief moment before ceasing all communication with each other.

Yun Zizhou had never been a high-spirited girl. The baseball hat she wore even made her look a little aloof. So, since Mi Rou didn't take the initiative to strike up a conversation, the two of them remained silent throughout the trip back to Jun Zishu's home.

When Little Fairy informed Jun Zishu that Yun Zizhou had made contact with Mi Rou, Jun Zishu had just gotten out of the operation theater and was sipping on a cup of hot water in her office.

What's the situation? How is Mi Rou's attitude?

[She hasn't spoken much. She keeps on looking at her phone.]

What is she looking at?

[...Buddhist scriptures.]

Upon hearing Little Fairy's answer, Jun Zishu suddenly felt the hot water in her stomach growing cold.

[She's so scary, Host!]

Stay calm. I haven't even started panicking yet, so why are you panicking?

[But I'm worried for you.]

Just keep an eye out on Mi Rou and Yu Biling for me.

Jun Zishu could tolerate her partners harming her, but it'd be terrible if they harmed other people.

Over on the other side, the atmosphere between Mi Rou and Yun Zizhou was fairly harmonious.

Following Jun Zishu's instructions, Yun Zizhou led Mi Rou to Jun Zishu's house. However, keeping Jun Zishu's warning in mind, she kept her distance from Mi Rou and didn't bother helping the other party with her luggage.

After opening the door, Yun Zizhou grabbed a pair of slippers for Mi Rou. Then, she walked up to the water dispenser and fetched Mi Rou a cup of water.

"Here, have some water."

"Thank you," Mi Rou accepted the paper cup and politely thanked Yun Zizhou.

"Big Sister can only come home after she gets off work. Do you have anything you want to eat?"

"No need. I've already eaten on the train."


"Is that Wentong's room?" Mi Rou asked as she pointed at Jun Zishu's room.

Yun Zizhou nodded. Then, when she saw Mi Rou approaching Jun Zishu's room, she quickly stopped the other party and said, "That… My big sister doesn't like other people entering her room."

"With the relationship I share with her, she wouldn't reprimand me even if I entered her room without permission," Mi Rou said. Although her voice was soft, she spoke in a tone that allowed no room for doubt as she pushed down on the door handle and pushed open the door.

From this moment onward, Yun Zizhou decided that she hated Mi Rou.

Who was this person to come in here and barge into her big sister's room? Moreover, "the relationship I share with her"? Her big sister had already told her to distance herself from this person. What was wrong with this person's attitude? Could this person be any ruder?

Anger filled Yun Zizhou's stomach. However, she couldn't possibly drag Mi Rou out of Jun Zishu's room now.

Meanwhile, Mi Rou simply smiled at Yun Zizhou before closing the door.

Afterward, Mi Rou started scrutinizing the bedroom while stroking the sheets of the bed.

This was the place where she lived in.

The furnishings were simple, and the room was clean and tidy. At a glance, one could tell that the owner of this room was an organized person, which was indeed the case.


When Yun Zizhou's anger eventually subsided, she went to the kitchen to prepare some fruits for Mi Rou. Then, when she walked into the room with the fruits, she found Mi Rou standing in front of Jun Zishu's bookshelf, reading a book.

"Have some fruit."

Yun Zizhou placed the plate of fruits on the nearby desk, closing the door behind her on her way in. Then, she took a seat on the bed, clearly expressing her intent to keep an eye on Mi Rou. Even she would rarely get the chance to enter her big sister's room, so what right did this person have to enter big sister's room? Moreover, who knew what this person was trying to do? Thus, it was best if she kept an eye on this person.

"Thank you."

Mi Rou only ate two apple slices before she wiped her hands and continued reading Jun Zishu's book.

She naturally wasn't interested in the complicated medical knowledge recorded in the book. Instead, what drew her focus was the beautiful handwriting decorating the sides of the printed texts.

That person's scent filled this room. Just standing in this room made her feel as if she was very close to that person.

When Yun Zizhou saw that Mi Rou was treating her like air, she had nothing better to do than to fiddle with her phone. She also wondered what she could do to get this woman out of Jun Zishu's room.

After pondering for a moment, she decided to vent her frustration to her fans. Then, as soon as she sent an unhappy emoji to her WeChat group, several people immediately responded to her message.

Hungry Hungry Hungry: What's wrong, mein goddess?

Wahaha: Heavens! Our stalker goddess has finally decided to speak up?! Hooray!

Stay Calm And Die: Did something happen?

After reading these messages, Yun Zizhou glanced at Mi Rou's back before pursing her lips and typing a reply.

Zizhou: A guest came to my house; she's my big sister's friend. I brought her to my house because of my big sister's request, but this person barged straight into my big sister's room as soon as she arrived.

Wahaha: Then? It doesn't feel like there is a problem.

Zizhou: My big sister told me this morning that she wasn't close friends with this person. She even cautioned me to keep my distance from her.

Welcome To Wilderness XXX: This…feels a little strange…

Zizhou: I even tried to stop her, but she told me that with the relationship she shares with my big sister, my big sister wouldn't reprimand her even if she entered my big sister's room without permission! I feel so angry! I can't even kick her out even if I want to!

Orange Flavor: There, there; don't be mad. Though, it does feel like this person doesn't know manners… Is she in your big sister's room right now?

Zizhou: Mhm. I'm keeping an eye on her.

Swimming White Dragon: I just imagined our goddess angrily helping her big sister to keep watch over that person. How cute.

Zizhou: What should I do to chase her out of the room?

Welcome To Wilderness XXX: What is she doing right now?

Zizhou: She's reading my big sister's book.

Wahaha: I think that your only option is to wait until your big sister is back.

Failing to get a proper answer, Yun Zizhou eventually got bored and decided to do something else. She had previously messaged Jun Zishu about Mi Rou's arrival already. However, seeing as Jun Zishu had not replied to her message even until now, she was probably busy with work.

When it was five o'clock in the evening, Yun Zizhou decided to go and buy ingredients for dinner. However, she also couldn't help but worry about leaving Mi Rou at home alone.

Of course, Yun Zizhou wasn't concerned about Mi Rou's safety. Instead, what worried her was the house. However, she couldn't not go out and buy ingredients, either. So, she made up her mind and said, "I'm going out to do some grocery shopping, Big Sis Mi Rou."

"I'll go with you," Mi Rou said as she closed the book she held and placed it back into the bookshelf.

"You're a guest. How can I make you go shopping for dinner with me?" Yun Zizhou said, subconsciously ignoring the fact that she, too, was a guest.

"It's fine. We'll go out together. I can also help you split the burden," Mi Rou politely said.

Although Mi Rou behaved in a friendly manner, Yun Zizhou simply couldn't bring herself to like the woman. Not to mention, the woman was now trying to steal her job of being the cook.

"It really isn't necessary. You're our guest, so you should let us treat you properly." So, can you stop trying to steal my job?

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