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MCAB - Chapter 90

Let's Have An Affair Together: Who is it?! Who is it?! Who managed to get my goddess to dedicate a song to him?!

Affair Squad One: Are you really singing a song?! Or are you using it as an excuse to confess?!?!

Be Careful Of My Heart: What song are you singing? (Eagerly waiting) Also, who's the lucky guy?

Where Is The Promised Happiness: Jealousy disfigures my face!

Single Dog: Jealousy splits my mind into two!

Too many messages appeared in the live chat, so Jun Zishu only managed to catch one of them.

Jealousy, huh… Jun Zishu smiled as she happily laid down on the bed.

"I've never sung this song on stream before. The song is called Sun and Sunflower[1], and I will be dedicating it to my dearest big sister," Yun Zizhou said into the microphone.

Setting Fire To Everything: !!! Big sister!!! Uuu T_T!! I'm so envious of this big sister!!

Don't Talk Just Kiss Me: I feel relieved hearing that it's dedicated to your big sister. It's fine so long as it isn't a man.

Hehehe: @Don't Talk Just Kiss Me, you shouldn't relax even if it's her big sister.



"Because the darkening orange sky burns,

pain spread inside my chest,

summer will end… Please, somehow…

embrace me so that my body temperature(feelings) rises,


It was another Japanese song. Jun Zishu found it to be quite a pleasant song. However, she couldn't help but feel that something was amiss when she listened to the lyrics.

She had initially chosen this song thinking that it was about keeping a positive attitude. However…

Isn't this a love song?

Well, whatever. It's fine so long as it sounds nice.



"And then I’ll fall more and more in love,

I'll end up falling in love with only you,


Unbeknownst to Jun Zishu, Yun Zizhou's expression started becoming strange as she continued singing. Although her singing voice remained unchanged, her eyes grew brighter and brighter, and her mind grew more and more engaged in her singing.

And then I’ll fall more and more in love, I'll end up falling in love with only you...

When Yun Zizhou finished singing, her first reaction was to turn to look at Jun Zishu. In response, Jun Zishu smiled at Yun Zizhou, expressing her approval.

However, Jun Zishu couldn't help but grow a little confused when she saw Yun Zizhou's flushed cheeks and the sweat on the girl's forehead. She had never seen Yun Zizhou having such an intense reaction when singing in the past. The song she just sang did not involve particularly strong emotions, either.

Regardless, Jun Zishu pulled a tissue from the bedside table and walked over to help wipe Yun Zizhou's sweat.

Yun Zizhou was surprised by Jun Zishu's actions. However, she did her best to stay calm by grasping the armrests of her chair while lifting her head to let Jun Zishu wipe her sweat.

Pewpewpew: Huh? Why isn't Zizhou talking?

Let Time Pass By: ??? Did something happen?

The stream's viewers grew concerned when the stream suddenly turned silent.

Noticing this, Jun Zishu pointed at the computer and motioned for Yun Zizhou to follow up with her viewers.

Yun Zizhou nodded in a fluster, her body stiffening.

What is going on with me?

Yun Zizhou didn't have an answer to this question. However, what she did know was that the sweat on her face was increasing.

While tossing the tissue paper into the trash can, Jun Zishu started wondering whether Yun Zizhou was feeling too hot.

However, that shouldn't be the case since the room's temperature was just right. It was neither too cold nor too hot.

"I went to get a tissue just now; nothing happened."

"You're saying I left you guys to chat with my big sister? You're just imagining things."

Yun Zizhou smiled as she spoke. Her body temperature also gradually returned to normal as Jun Zishu moved away from her.

"Sleep with my big sister? Seriously, you guys are really..."

Yun Zizhou was rendered speechless by her viewers' dirty comments. At the same time, though, her heart rate inexplicably quickened as she subconsciously imagined the scenes her viewers described.

However, realizing that Jun Zishu was still sitting behind her, Yun Zizhou quickly closed her eyes and shook her head in an attempt to get those explicit images out of her mind.

Unfortunately for Yun Zizhou, her viewers did not plan on dropping this topic. As a result, Yun Zizhou had no choice but to start singing another song to silence them.


Yun Zizhou felt a little dehydrated when she eventually ended her stream.

At this time, Jun Zishu handed Yun Zizhou a water bottle before telling the girl to rest early.

"You too, Big Sister. See you tomorrow.


After Yun Zizhou quenched her thirst and took a shower, she opened up her phone and snuck a peek at the WeChat group she made to interact with her fans.

Unsurprisingly, her fans were discussing the identity of Yun Zizhou's "dearest big sister." After all, Yun Zizhou had stated that she was an only child in the past, so it couldn't be an actual big sister.

After many guesses, everyone eventually settled on the assumption that this "big sister" was one of Yun Zizhou's real-life acquaintances who knew of her stream. Meanwhile, Yun Zizhou must've chosen to dedicate the song to this person because she knew that this person would be listening in on her stream.

Yun Zizhou had to admit that her fans were capable detectives. After sating her curiosity, she closed her phone and decided to call it a day. However, after hesitating for a moment, she opened up her phone and clicked into her WeChat again. Then, she clicked on one of her contacts and sent the other party a message.

Yun Zizhou: I have something to ask you, Godmother. Does Big Sister Wentong have a boyfriend?

Jun Zishu was unaware that her godsister next door was inquiring about her information as she went to bed. When she woke up the next morning, she found that Mi Rou had sent her three messages only a few minutes ago.

Mi Rou: I quit my job.

Mi Rou: I'm on the road now.

Mi Rou: I'm coming to find you.

TL Notes:

[1]Sun and Sunflower: 太陽と向日葵 (Taiyō to Himawari)



Hellscythe's Notes:

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