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CSG - Chapter 3075: A Grand Exalt’s Killing Intent

Faced with the artifact spirit’s arrogant words, the Anatta Grand Exalt said nothing. He was enveloped by the laws. The haze around him glowed brightly, and his eyes were extremely cold, completely devoid of any emotion.

As for the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths standing to one side, he stopped hiding himself. He seemed no different from a regular old man. He seemed highly approachable.

The artifact spirit’s words stunned him slightly at first before he became slightly awkward.

As a sovereign of a world, the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths obviously had his pride. Actually, anyone who stood at their heights placed extremely great emphasis on their pride and appearance, let alone a prestigious sage of the Saints’ World like the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths.

Yet right now, the artifact spirit had labelled him as a thief, which left him a little embarrassed.

However, he was unable to find anything to refute him with, as he had indeed obtained the method of forging the ultimate weapon by breaching that formation in the Tower of Radiance.

Perhaps this was perfectly normal in the eyes of all the experts in the Saints’ World. After all, most people respected and adhered to the principle that only the capable could possess treasures.

However, that was not how the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths thought.

The Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths coughed twice gently and said to the artifact spirit amicably, “When I entered the Tower of Radiance back then, I did indeed take something away, but this item is just far too important to our Saints’ World, so I had to set my pride aside it and borrow it for a period of time. I promise you that once I have forged it, I’ll return the method in the same state I found it.”

Grand Exalts rarely ever issued promises, but once they did, it would be the greatest oath in the world. Ancient Paths had used his identity as a sovereign of the world to issue this promise to the artifact spirit, which only demonstrated how sincere he was.

“Master gave this item to the mistress back then. Apart from master and the mistress, no one has the right to view it, let alone study it. Even if you do return mistress’ item in the future, you’ve still studied it. Hmph. You’re a mighty Saint, yet you commit such despicable actions. How shameless.” The artifact spirit completely brushed aside the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths’ sincerity. It was as if he did not take the sovereigns of this world seriously at all. He was quite confident and proud.

“I’m warning you one last time. Return the item to where you found it immediately and return the mistress’ formation to its original state, or once the mistress returns, she’ll never spare you.”

The Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths sighed gently. “Who knows how many aeons have already passed since your era. Perhaps it was the previous aeon, or perhaps it was the one before that. Your mistress has vanished into the dust of history long ago.”

“The mistress is eternal. Even worlds cannot destroy her, and even tribulations cannot annihilate her. The mistress even survived the Infinite Cataclysm with ease, so how can she be completely annihilated? I already sense the mistress’ presence too. She will return before long.” The artifact spirit was absolutely certain and filled with confidence.

“Also, you must have cast the formation that seals me here. What gives you the right to seal me here? What gives you the right to seal me here?” A blurry face appeared on the artifact spirit’s body. His face was currently twisted and as vicious as it could be. He seemed to be extremely furious.

“Not only will you return the mistress’ item to its original place, but you’ll also immediately remove the formation that seals me too.”

The Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths remained as calm as ever. He was completely unfazed and unperturbed. No matter how much of a ruckus the artifact spirit raised, he remained calm.

“Artifact spirit, you’ve only just awakened. You don’t know what has happened throughout the years. Sealing you here was not my intention. Instead, a past hall master of the Radiant Saint Hall found me and asked me to set up this formation so that the Tower of Radiance would be sealed here forever.”

“Throughout the years, many experts and powerful organisations have desired the Tower of Radiance. The Tower of Radiance has changed hands numerous times within the Radiant Saint hall too. Because of this, the Radiant Saint Hall was almost destroyed several times.”

“As a result, when the past hall master regained possession of the Tower of Radiance, he asked me to seal it here so that no one could take it away. That was also the only way to dispel the others’ greed for the Tower of Radiance.” The Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths explained patiently.

“Ancient Paths, we haven’t come here to talk about this.” The Anatta Grand Exalt suddenly spoke up. His tone was nowhere near as friendly or approachable as the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths’. It was extremely cold.

Ancient Paths nodded to express that he understood. Then he changed the topic. “Artifact spirit, Anatta and I have come this time to ask for some information from you-”

However, before the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths could finish what he was saying, the artifact spirit said firmly, “I’m not going to tell you anything, you thief. Not only have you stolen the mistress’ item, but you’ve even sealed me here for all these years. Now, you want some information from me? Forget about it.”

The Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths immediately frowned with that. He was troubled.

“Will you really say nothing?” The Anatta Grand Exalt spoke up. He was nowhere near as easygoing as the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths. Killing intent immediately appeared.

This was the killing intent from a Grand Exalt. It immediately led to a disturbance in the surroundings, where the laws fell into disorder. Even the space within the Tower of Radiance shook violently.

“W-what are you trying to do? Let me tell you, my mistress has already appeared. She’ll return very soon, so y-y-you better watch yourself.” The artifact spirit became rather tongue-tied, doing his best to put up a tough front.

The Anatta Grand Exalt did not seem to have the patience to bicker with the artifact spirit here. He simply extended a finger.

With that, the space within the entire Tower of Radiance shuddered violently, and the terrifying Laws of Destruction suddenly appeared, forming a black sword. It radiated with tremendous pressure as it directly shot towards the artifact spirit’s body.

“Anatta, show some mercy!” The Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths also leapt in fright in response to the Anatta Grand Exalt’s sudden attack, immediately calling out to stop him. The artifact spirit had been very rude, but that was not enough to warrant its death.

However, the Anatta Grand Exalt was extremely resolute with the attack, leaving absolutely no room for further negotiation. He was absolutely determined to kill the artifact spirit. The Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths was unable to stop him at all.

“Y-y-you’re trying to kill me. N-no! Let me go, let me go! I’ll tell you whatever you want! I’ll tell you whatever you want! No!”

This time, the artifact spirit finally began to panic. During its prime, even Saints would need to use quite some effort to kill it.

However, the issue was it was not in its prime. From a certain perspective, it had already been dead for countless years. Right now, it had only been revived through a different way, through the use of a foreign spirit after gathering some remaining memories and imprints.

In this state, it was nowhere close to possessing the special characteristic of being unkillable. As a matter of fact, it was extremely feeble.

However, the artifact spirit’s pleas were not enough to change its fate. With a rumble, the black sword condensed from the Laws of Destruction directly pierced its body.

In that instant, the artifact spirit’s thoughts blanked out. The tremendous body hovering before the Anatta Grand Exalt and the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths disintegrated too.

Pipipingu, Deceptioning.'s Notes:

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu, Deceptioning..