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100000PSI - Chapter 83.1: Adept At Transferring Money (1)

Cheng Lin only lost control of her emotions for a brief moment before pushing Ji Fanyin away. She rushed off to the washroom to freshen herself up. 

“I should get going now.” Ji Fanyin bade Li Mingyue farewell.

“Let’s exchange contacts.” Li Mingyue whipped out her phone. “I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing each other in the future.” 

The uncanny scenario of parents reporting a game developer over their child secretly spending money on the game surfaced in Ji Fanyin’s mind, but she still chose to exchange contacts with Li Mingyue. 

Just as she was about to leave, she glanced at the hotel entrance and saw that Bai Zhou was no longer there. 

“What are you looking for?” asked Li Mingyue.

“A stray cat,” replied Ji Fanyin.

Li Mingyue took a glance at the hotel entrance too, but her following words were completely irrelevant. “My brother went out to look for you earlier. I suppose that the two of you have already thrashed things out, so I’ll cut to the chase. Does he know about what you just admitted to?”

“Even if I told him, under the current circumstances, he wouldn’t have believed me.”

“That’s true.” Li Mingyue gave the matter some thought before waving her phone at Ji Fanyin. “I have other matters to attend to, so I’ll bid you farewell here.”

Ji Fanyin smiled in response. “Every family has its own set of troubles.”

“Indeed.” Li Mingyue agreed with a nod. 

Li Mingyue watched as Ji Fanyin coolly walked out of the hotel before returning to the room where Ji Xinxin was being held captive. She walked at a leisurely pace, looking as calm as ever, but the earlier conversation had left a huge impact on her. 

She finally understood why Cheng Lin talked about web novels and the sort when she expressed her concerns regarding privacy when reading the diary. 

She thought that Cheng Lin’s deduction was ridiculous as it was, but Ji Fanyin actually admitted to it afterward. Of course, her rational mind interpreted it as a case of dissociative identity disorder, but that was still rather shocking. 

In any case, if what they had said was true, her brother’s engagement with Ji Xinxin was bound to bring about a great deal of trouble. 

Li Mingyue halted right in front of the meeting room and let out a sigh. “Where is my brother?” Li Mingyue asked her assistant.

“Mr. Li isn’t back yet.” 

Shortly after the assistant answered the question, Li Mingyue spotted Secretary Fan pushing Li Xiaoxing over. 

Li Xiaoxing had changed into another set of clothes, but his hair was noticeably damp. 

“Brother.” Li Mingyue assessed Li Xiaoxing’s expression and calmly asked, “Do you intend to proceed with the ceremony?”

“… Yes, we’ll proceed as planned.”

Li Xiaoxing pushed the door open and called out, “Xinxin.”

Ji Xinxin looked up from her curled-up position on the chair with hope clearly written all over her face.

“Come here.” Li Xiaoxing reached his hand out to her. “We should resume the ceremony now.”

Tears of joy shimmered in Ji Xinxin’s eyes as she leaped into Li Xiaoxing’s arms. The engagement ring she wore on her finger was shining brighter than ever under the room’s lighting.

“You didn’t abandon me… You didn’t abandon me…” She murmured again and again as if she had lost her mind. 

The dependency and desire Ji Xinxin carried for him satisfied Li Xiaoxing, but this satisfaction dissipated the moment the name ‘Ji Fanyin’ surfaced in his mind. 

There has to be a way… Ji Fanyin isn’t omniscient. 

With such thoughts in mind, Li Xiaoxing combed his damp hair back and softly patted Ji Xinxin’s back. “Let’s have your makeup tidied up. You won’t look good on the stage like this.”

“Mm!” Ji Xinxin nodded enthusiastically, looking exceptionally obedient.

Ji Xinxin’s obedient persona persisted throughout the day. 

The plan was for them to start their cohabitation after their engagement, so the two of them headed to Li Xiaoxing’s house once the engagement ceremony ended. 

As soon as Secretary Fan closed the door and left the premises, Ji Xinxin immediately began making her move. Partly fuelled by the alcohol content in her, she pressed herself intimately against Li Xiaoxing and started to undress him as they slowly made their way towards the bedroom. 

Despite Li Xiaoxing’s disability, she was able to get him into bed easily with the help of the handicap installations around the house.

It was in a state of despair and desperation that Ji Xinxin gave herself up to Li Xiaoxing that night, but she had been the only passionate one of the two.

Li Xiaoxing was distracted the entire night. Even as he gently stroked the hair of the heavily panting Ji Xinxin after the deed, all that was in his mind was another woman. 

The words of Ji Fanyin rang in his head.

“Is your disability the root of your obsessive personality and low self-esteem?”

“I wonder how much you still love her now after hearing all of this. If it was a full ten points before, how many would it be now?”

… Ji Fanyin knew him too well.

She seemed to have already seen through him from their first meeting after returning from Greece.

As Li Xiaoxing’s thoughts wandered, he subconsciously ran the tip of his tongue along his upper jaw to relieve an itch.

“Xinxin.” Li Xiaoxing called out to the woman in his arms tenderly. “Do you love me?”

“I love you,” Ji Xinxin answered without hesitation.

Li Xiaoxing combed his fingers through her hair and gently massaged her nape. “I love you too.”

But I’m also in love with someone else.

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