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100000PSI - Chapter 81.1: Were You Playing Me All This Time? (1)

The date that Li Xiaoxing and Ji Fanyin had meticulously chosen for their engagement ceremony wasn’t perfect. It had started drizzling from the crack of dawn, and by noon, it had already become a massive downpour. 

It was raining heavily when Ji Fanyin and Bai Zhou left the banquet hall. 

Being too much in a hurry to leave, Bai Zhou had forgotten to grab his umbrella. The two of them had no choice but to make do with the eaves of the porch.

“You won’t find the answer you’re looking for from me.” Seeing how Bai Zhou wasn’t saying anything after a long moment of silence, Ji Fanyin decided to cut straight to the point. 

“...” Bai Zhou didn’t say a word.

“It’s about time for us to end our business transactions,” Ji Fanyin added.

“No way!” exclaimed Bai Zhou right away. 

“Isn’t what you seek…” He hurriedly lowered his voice before continuing on, “What you want is money, right? I can give you as much as you want. Don’t even think about ending our transactions!”

“It has never been your prerogative to decide whether our transactions continue or not,” replied Ji Fanyin calmly. “Let me put it this way. Our positions have never been equal. You wouldn’t have been able to find another stand-in for Ji Xinxin if not for me. That’s why I get to dictate the rules.”

Besides, Bai Zhou is about to run out of money… or so Mrs. Bai says. 

Bai Zhou took a moment to digest the situation before protesting weakly, “… What about me then?”

Ji Fanyin discernibly noticed a nasal hint to his voice, and she couldn’t resist the curiosity to look over.

Bai Zhou’s eyes were a little red. It would only take one last push for him to start tearing up.

“You haven’t even graduated from university yet. There’s much in the world for you to see and experience,” replied Ji Fanyin amusedly, “Aren’t you the successor to the Bai Family? There’s so much for you to learn before you’re ready to take over the family business.”

“You know that’s not what I want…” Bai Zhou mumbled as he turned away with a pout. He sniffled as softly as he could, thinking that Ji Fanyin wouldn’t be able to hear it. “Does that mean that you’ve earned enough money?”

Ji Fanyin didn’t deny it. “Enough for me to discontinue the stand-in business.”

To be honest, Ji Fanyin was tired of managing the fishery. If not for her lack of choices and the fast money earned from this job, she would not have joined this industry.

Not to mention, she had stirred enough waves in the fishery to induce a tsunami. It would be too late if she failed to make a full retreat right now.

“… No wonder they say women turn bad with money,” grumbled Bai Zhou.

“?” Ji Fanyin couldn’t believe what she had just heard.

“What about the others then?” asked Bai Zhou annoyedly. “Were they expelled from your list of clients too?”

There was a slight rustle behind them at this moment. Ji Fanyin turned around and saw Secretary Fan pushing Li Xiaoxing in her direction. In particular, the man in the wheelchair had his eyes locked on her. 

“I guess so,” replied Ji Fanyin with raised brows. “It’s about time to do some cleaning up.”

Bai Zhou traced her line of sight and frowned at what he saw. “That dimwit couldn’t even recognize his own benefactor even though you were right in front of him all this while.”

“You aren’t in a good position to be saying that of him.” Ji Fanyin chuckled softly in response. She raised her hand to signal Li Xiaoxing to hold on for a moment.

Li Xiaoxing gritted his teeth in irritation, but he still gestured for Secretary Fan to stop the wheelchair.

Bai Zhou: “…” I am all too familiar with that.

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