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100000PSI - Chapter 79.1: Look Closely, Stupid! (1)

Ji Fanyin was sipping on some refreshing coconut water when the emcee suddenly stepped on stage. The emcee maintained a composed front but his premature appearance and hurried movements hinted that there was a sudden change in plans. 

It’s barely 4PM. Wasn’t the ceremony supposed to start at 4.30PM? 

The abrupt change in plans piqued Ji Fanyin's interest. What could have prompted this change while she was idling in her seat? 

To be exact, she hadn't exactly been idling since quite a few things happened ever since she settled down on the seat. 

For one, there was a constant stream of people who either mistook her for Ji Xinxin or were curious about their identical appearances, that approached her for small talk. 

There was also Bai Zhou and Song Shiyu, who entered the venue shortly after her. But what particularly caught her eye was Cen Xiangyang.

The budding film director shot her a long, meaningful stare. 

Ji Fanyin figured that Cen Xiangyang was up to no good, but she chose to ignore him.

Soon, the emcee welcomed the two stars of the night up on stage.

The doors to the ballroom opened, and a wheelchair-ridden Li Xiaoxing entered the ballroom with Ji Xinxin. She slowly pushed him down the aisle and up onto the stage via a specially constructed ramp. 

“What a beautiful couple…”

Awed murmurs could be heard from the audience. 

Some of the guests even turned to look at Ji Fanyin after seeing the bride, shocked at the degree of similarity in their appearances.

To hype up the atmosphere, the emcee cued the couple to share the story of how they met.

The emcee was an amateur and a close friend of Li Xiaoxing, so he didn't pull any punches with his teasing, “Should we get the bride-to-be or groom-to-be to answer this question?”

That threw the crowd into a frenzy. Loud applause broke out, and several people in the crowd chanted Li Xiaoxing’s name.

Ji Xinxin's accusatory eyes immediately darted toward Ji Fanyin. Ji Fanyin felt wronged. 

… The heavens can vouch for me. If anything, I was the one who has been trying to conceal the matter. Instead of looking at me, you should look at your parents instead. That would have been much more useful. 

Li Xiaoxing took the mic from the emcee.

This was an important day to him too, so he didn’t hesitate to share the story. “I was involved in a car accident back when I was nineteen. The impact damaged my spinal cord, leaving me fully paralyzed. My family and the doctors told me that there was a chance for me to recover, but deep down, I had already given up all hope.”

He turned to Ji Xinxin and grabbed her hand.

“When I fell into depression from the thought of having to be confined to a bed for the rest of my life, a little girl who was in the same hospital barged into my ward. She was…”

A faint smile formed on Li Xiaoxing’s lips as he recalled that moment.

“... an angel. She appeared and comforted me when no one else could understand my fear. She brought hope back to me. Under her care and support, I worked hard on my rehabilitation and eventually started recovering.”

The mischievous emcee then stuffed the mic toward Ji Xinxin and said, “Shall we get our bride-to-be to share her thoughts after hearing the groom’s touching story?”

Ji Xinxin took the mic from the emcee and said, “That was just an intermittent memory of our childhood days. We lost contact afterward, and it was only on the 20th of May five years ago that our paths crossed again. It was an unexpected reunion, but we still managed to recognize each other. Over time, we developed feelings for each other. I am fortunate to have been able to meet Xiaoxing and grasp hold of this wonderful relationship.”

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