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NETS - Chapter 179 – Seven Star Palace (5)

Lu Ping implicitly asked Ai Bo-Tao, "Brother Ai, I heard from Brother Shu-Tao that five halls have opened, and the thirty-five treasures have been claimed. Can you tell me who claimed them?"

Ai Bo-Tao said helplessly, "Every force and faction are in the Seven Star Palace now. But most have encountered difficulties establishing a firm position, other than large powers like Xuan Ling Sect and your Zhen Ling Sect. I’ve heard both sects have obtained four treasures, and Ji Zi-Xuan and Yin Zi-Chu returned from the east side with another treasure. They were chased all the way before reaching safety in Zhen Ling Sect's establishment. Hence, Zhen Ling Sect now has five treasures."

Lu Ping was relieved to hear that Ji Zi-Xuan and Yin Zi-Chu were unharmed. Although Lu Ping knew that together they weren’t any weaker than a Ninth Layer expert, no one could guarantee their safety in the midst of a chaotic battle.

Lu Ping saw Ai Bo-Tao's envious expression and said, "Brother Shu-Tao, he also got one treasure. After all, the Seven Star Palace has seven halls; there are forty-nine treasures in total."

Ai Bo-Tao breathed a sigh of relief and laughed. "That's right, my Ai Clan is only a medium-sized power in the North Ocean, so to have even one treasure is already considered a great fortune. Not to mention, the monster race is also competing for a share."

Lu Ping smiled and asked, "It seems like the monster cultivators have also claimed a lot of treasures."

Ai Bo-Tao said solemnly, "Yes, at least fifteen of the thirty five treasures are confirmed to be in the hands of the monster race. Especially that Young Master Jin, he alone seized three treasures. Then, there’s Golden Jiao Island's Primal Giant Crocodile, who has another two. He even sent his third sister after my little brother's jade scroll. If it wasn't for Brother Lu's help, I can't imagine what would happen."

Lu Ping asked, "How about the remaining treasures? Are they also in the hands of the large forces?"

Ai Bo-Tao shook his head. "Not exactly. There are a few lucky rogue cultivators who secured some treasures. But because they’re afraid of being hunted down, they’ve gone under hiding and will remain so until the Heaven of Seven Stars closes. We’ve also had many rumors circulating about the same treasures being in the hands of different cultivators. It's all a mess, really."

Lu Ping sighed with relief and thought the situation wasn't too bad. This way, no one would truly know who claimed the treasures.

After saying goodbye to Ai Bo-Tao and others, Lu Ping headed north in the direction between Zhen Ling Sect and Xuan Ling Sect. After all, there was no way they could occupy the entire Seven Star Palace, especially with the monster race taking up half of the area.

At this time, Tian Xuan Hall was already rumbling and about to open.

Lu Ping quietly moved to the north and kept a safe distance from other cultivators. He looked around and found that Xuan Ling Sect's Ouyang Wei-Jian was also among the rogue cultivators. It seemed that he had the same idea as Lu Ping.

Lu Ping's arrival had also attracted Ouyang Wei-Jian's attention, but with the mask on Lu Ping's face and his [Spirit Hiding Art], the other merely glanced at him and didn't take him seriously.

At this time, less than half of the initial number of cultivators lingered around the palace. Apart from those killed in battle, the remaining cultivators had scattered out to hunt down treasures from their owners.

There truly wasn’t a safe place anymore in the Heaven of Seven Stars.

Sometime later, Tian Xuan Hall finally opened and seven treasures flew out in all directions. Unfortunately, none of the treasures headed northeast to where the Zhen Ling disciples had camped out. By contrast, Xuan Ling Sect easily secured the treasure that flew towards them, which turned out to be an unknown golden charm.

Lu Ping's position was also lucky—a fist-sized, silver-gray stone was heading in his direction. However, Ouyang Wei-Jian was in a better spot than Lu Ping.

"Void Stone, it's a Void Stone!"

"Take it down!"

"Not so fast!"

"Get out of the way!"


Lu Ping didn’t expect it to be Void Stone, a necessary item for refining spatial mystic instruments.

Although it was not as precious as heaven-and-earth spirit items, it was classified as a heaven-and-earth rare item due to its special usage. Its value was comparable to top-grade first-class spirit materials. As far as Lu Ping knew, the Million Poisons Pulp he obtained was also a type of heaven-and-earth rare item.

Chen Lian once told Lu Ping that the production of interspatial pouches required a small amount of Void Stone powder. Even the more exquisite interspatial pouches used by Blood Condensation Realm cultivators only required small bits of Void Stone particles.

Larger Void Stone particles were used to forge high-grade spatial mystic instruments, such as the interspatial bracelets and rings.

But a Void Stone the size of a fist was something even Chen Lian didn't dare to imagine.

In other words, this Void Stone could be used to forge a large spatial mystic instrument like the Tome of Thousand Millets, or one suitable for Avatar Realm Great Ancestors.

Ouyang Wei-Jian obviously knew the value of such a large piece of Void Stone, but before he could make a move, several cultivators had already reached out to grab it.

Lu Ping observed Ouyang Wei-Jian’s movements. Instead of rushing out, he slowly adjusted his position to ensure that after he grabbed the Void Stone, he could quickly break out and retreat towards Xuan Ling Sect.

Lu Ping smiled quietly. With his current location, It was impossible for him to grab the Void Stone, unless he could handle fighting thirty Mid and Late Blood Condensation cultivators. However, that didn't mean he couldn't obstruct and complicate the situation.

A sword attack came, too swift to trace!

Ouyang Wei-Jian had struck out!

His sword danced like an invisible breeze, nigh impossible to perceive!

Swift, accurate, and untraceable. These were the key elements of [Dissolute Delightful 18 Swords]!

Unlike most other Sword Intents, Xuan Ling Sect's approach for attainment was not to master "Sword Complexity" first, but rather, "Ninety-Nine to One".

Conventionally, after cultivators attained the state of Sword Intent, they would hone their swordsmanship by practicing Sword Complexity, which was to release multiple sword lights in one sword attack. The highest level of Sword Complexity was achieved when the cultivator could release 1,296 sword lights. The cultivator must then merge all 1,296 sword lights together to enhance the sword attack.

However, Xuan Ling Sect broke down the process into smaller stages. Xuan Ling cultivators would practice Sword Complexity to the level of 81 sword lights. Then, they would directly practice Sword Simplicity to merge the 81 sword lights into one.

They would return to practicing Sword Complexity to release 162 sword lights, then Sword Simplicity to merge the 162 sword lights. This cycle was repeated until they could reach the level of 1,296 sword lights.

The conventional way was relatively easier to progress in Sword Complexity, but extremely difficult to practice Sword Simplicity.

Whereas the latter method was extremely difficult with each breakthrough, but by breaking down the process, it greatly reduced the difficulty of practicing Sword Simplicity.

Therefore, it was difficult to say which of the two was better or worse.

Through the conventional way of practicing Sword Intent, Xuan Ling Sect's approach was more focused on killing power. Their sword attacks were extremely powerful to take on, but at the same time, they were also easier to evade.

Whereas the conventional way of Sword Complexity was much harder to evade due to the excessive number of sword lights, but the scattered sword lights were also weaker individually.

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