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PBS - Chapter 2252 - Overt Plot

Empress Feiyue said expressionlessly, "None of my past lives is a ten-year-old kid."

"Besides, even if I've awakened your daughter's memories, it's most likely part of your plan."

"Your words and conspiracy are meaningless to me."

The illusionary figure shrugged and said, "You are overestimating me. I might be a Supreme Highness, but I was almost killed by Zhou Di's final blow. I didn't have so much power left to arrange such a great conspiracy."

"It’s just a huge gift the disgusting fate has given me!"

His voice suddenly changed like the whisper of the Heavens, "Didn't you ever wonder why you have such extraordinary talents?"

"You only had a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit in the Canglan Continent, yet you have invented the Art of Three Lifetimes before you achieved the Martial Dominator Realm!" 

"Weren't you aware how extraordinary the Art of Three Lifetimes was?"

"After coming to the Primary Upper Realm, you only spent a thousand years to evolve the Art of Three Lifetimes into the Art of Ten Lifetimes. Wasn't it fishy to you?"

The words served as a series of claps of thunder in Empress Feiyue's mind.

Her icy-blue eyes widened too.

The illusionary figure's voice changed once again. He sounded like a dying old man this time as he talked about his past, "I've refined thirty-three Orbs of the Heavenly Emperor for each of the Small Immortal Realms so I can be the Son of the Origin Force when I was a Heaven Highness."

"Do you think my daughter is only an ordinary person?"

"Immortal Jade was also a Heaven Highness back then, but her cultivation dropped to the Ruler of Dao Realm while she was pregnant to give birth to our daughter."

"She would have lost her life if I didn't make the necessary preparations."

"I'm not saying this out of my pride, but my daughter has inherited all my talents and the origin force. No one could possibly match her talents if she was able to grow up healthily!"

The illusionary figure yelled at the top of his lungs, as if he was unwilling to accept his daughter's death at the age of ten.

He soon calmed his voice and said, "Therefore, I have no choice but to reincarnate her."

"Her reincarnation has been outstanding too. Her terrifying talents have been influencing you before you have awakened any memories which allowed you to come so far."

"You might still think none of your past lives was a ten-year-old kid, but have you ever thought of the possibility that you have eleven lifetimes in total?"

The last few words penetrated the boundless darkness like a ray of light.

He did not stop there. He added in a mischievous tone, "You were supposed to awaken my daughter's memories when you became a Ruler of Dao, yet to my surprise, you were able to complete the Art of Ten Lifetimes prior to it."

"The art is powerful, and since it's tied to the Cycle of Reincarnation, it just happened to suppress my daughter's memories."

"You weren't supposed to awaken her memories in this life too, but as the father of your first past life, how could I not do anything to bring her back?"

Empress Feiyue's body tensed.

With her outstanding intelligence, she instantly realized everything Cang had said so far was not defying any logic.

If Cang was telling the truth, that there were eleven lifetimes in total, Cang's daughter would be her first life, making her current life the tenth life.

Why didn't her other past lives awaken the first life's memories? Why did she only awaken the memories now in her ten life?

It was very simple, none of her past lives had achieved the Master Realm. Most of them had only reached the Peerless Ruler Realm, let alone the Ruler of Dao Realm.

The memories of her first life were placed under a seal, which would only be broken after she achieved a certain cultivation level.

It was a lot more complicated than other people's past lives. For example, Qin Nan's past lives were Zhou Di and Huangfu Jue. He did not have his second life, third life, and so on.

The only reason why it had come to this was because what Cang was trying to achieve in the past and the existence of his daughter was too law-defying.

Empress Feiyue's eyes soon returned to normal. She said calmly, "It's not going to make a difference even if everything you said is real."

"You are awakening your daughter's memories because you want to use me to take out Qin Nan."

"You can give up on the thought now."

The illusionary figure laughed, "That's right, I want to use you to take out Qin Nan!"

"I know that you won't side with me even after you awakened my daughter's memories because of your strong will. Besides, I didn't treat my daughter well either." 

"I was wary and scared of my daughter's talents, so I didn't show her any love before I got my way. She had a great passion for martial arts and cultivation, but I didn't allow her to become a cultivator. I sealed away her meridians, Divine Sense, and her soul."

"But does it even matter?"

"What will Qin Nan think if he learns the truth? How are Bai Zhongsheng, the Undying Cycle Mountain, the Ownerless Heaven Pattern, and the others going to treat you?"

He lowered his voice and said with a sinister grin, "Most importantly...you won't be able to choose for yourself when the time comes."


The power of the Nine Dragons Seal entered Empress Feiyue's body as soon as the illusionary figure finished the sentence. It surged at the illusionary figure like an ancient tide.

The illusionary figure, the blood-red light, the purple robe, and the whirlpool around Empress Feiyue left her just like how they left Qin Nan.

"It worked!"

Qin Nan was overjoyed.


However, loud chimes sounded as runes appeared under Empress Feiyue's feet like illusionary dragons.

Four chimes followed by the pattern of eight dragons!


Qin Nan was startled.

"Is she awakening her past life?"

Zhou Xundao was astounded. Did Empress Feiyue still have another past life?

The purple crystal in Empress Feiyue's Divine Sense exploded as a series of memories poured into her mind.

"Protect the Mind and Soul!"

Empress Feiyue performed a hand seal.

She did not want the memories to influence her.

The sight before her changed.

When the first scene appeared, even she did not realize she had completely fallen into the reminiscence. 

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