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NETS - Chapter 176 – Seven Star Palace (2)

The light barrier above the Seven Star Palace shuddered. Tian Quan Hall’s closed doors and windows opened, while the surrounding space rippled.

"So it’s the Tian Quan Hall that opened first this time… Junior Sister Qi, the Great Void Array Formation around Tian Quan Hall has weakened, and the treasures in the hall will soon spit out. Tell everyone to get ready."

Qi Zi-Cai immediately passed down orders to the Zhen Ling Sect cultivators. At the same time, the other forces and rogue cultivators started to act.

Just when all eyes were fixed on Tian Quan Hall, Ji Zi-Xuan suddenly touched Lu Ping, and said, "Let's go somewhere else."

Seeing Lu Ping's puzzlement, Ji Zi-Xuan replied with an expression of hatred, as if mourning Lu Ping’s slow-wits, "Stupid, the three of us came to the Heaven of Seven Stars on our own, not on behalf of Zhen Ling Sect. So naturally, our harvest in the Heaven of Seven Stars does not have to be submitted to the sect. But, that is only if we move on our own. If we stay with the sect, the harvest will naturally be the sect’s and we will only be rewarded for our contributions."

Lu Ping immediately understood, he turned and saw Yin Zi-Chu also looking at him. Hence, the three of them approached Qi Zi-Cai and informed her of their departure.

Qi Zi-Cai laughed, "I knew you three would go somewhere else, but this also means that you will no longer be under the sect’s shelter, increasing the risk greatly. I advise you three to think about it carefully."

Ji Zi-Xuan immediately replied, without waiting for the other two to say anything, "Don't worry, Senior Sister Qi, you should know our combat power, we are not weaker compared to a North Ocean 18 Warrior like yourself!"

Looking at the three of them walking away, Qi Zi-Cai laughed while murmuring, "Of course. How would I have let you go if I didn’t know about your strength?"

Lu Ping and the other two hastily moved backwards and left the area controlled by the Zhen Ling Sect.

After traveling a sufficient distance away, they returned to the field, pretending to be rogue cultivators who had just arrived, blending into the group of rogue cultivators in the southwest. The rogue cultivators there viewed them as new threats.

Lu Ping and the others naturally didn’t care about the rogue cultivators’ thoughts, and looked at their surroundings calmly. This place was not far from the area controlled by the Xuan Ling Sect, but there were still many cultivators in between.

The three of them stood in a triangular formation and watched each other’s backs carefully.

Suddenly, a muffled sound could be heard coming from Tian Quan Hall as seven items flew out in different directions. The seven items were a jade box, a jade bottle, an iron ore, two mystic instruments, a charm, and a jade scroll.

In the Seven Star Palace, other than the bigger sects who were able to remain calm and organized, the smaller factions and rogue cultivators had descended into chaos. Hundreds of cultivators rushed into the air and scrambled for the nearest items.

Immediately, it turned into a lawless and tangled battle

One of the items, the jade box, had flown in the direction towards Lu Ping and his gang. Lu Ping quickly flew up in the air, whilst a dozen more cultivators were also flying towards the jade box.

Before they even reached the jade box, the cultivators launched attacks at the competitors around them. Mystic instruments and spells filled the air overhead, with cultivators hitting the ground one after another.

Lu Ping casted the [Great River Eastward Sword Art] with his Verdant Dawn Sword. His attacks were fierce and hard to defend thanks to his recent attainment of Sword Intent. The cultivators standing in his path were swept to the sides.

As a result, the cultivators in front of him started to retreat, in fear of taking the brunt of his strong Sword Intent. But the cultivators knew that if he was not stopped, he would get the jade box for certain. Hence, the cultivators attacked him from all sides. But luckily, Ji Zi-Xuan and Yin Zi-Chu, provided timely aid by defending the incoming attacks.

A moment later, Lu Ping changed his sword art to the [Stormy Waves Crashing Shore Sword Art]. With a swing of his sword, a screen of sword lights fanned out to the surroundings.

Some knowledgeable cultivators suddenly exclaimed in shock, "Sword Intent, this is Sword Intent!"

Lu Ping ignored the exclamations and cast out the Crystal Jade Glazed Bowl. A stream of water flowed out from the bowl, forming into a large hand, and grabbing the jade box.

Immediately, Ji Zi-Xuan said anxiously, "Leave at once! Little Chu and I will hold them back, we will meet in the southeast."

Lu Ping didn’t hesitate. He darted towards the woods behind him, with Umbra overhead, and Auspicious Cloud underneath his feet.

The cultivators behind tried to stop Lu Ping, but Ji Zi-Xuan and Yin Zi-Chu, wouldn't let them succeed. All of a sudden, the duo randomly attacked the cultivators around them, throwing the cultivators into a chaotic battle.

Meanwhile, Lu Ping also released several Blood Condensation Realm charms behind him. The spells from the charms poured down on the cultivators, leaving many injured as they were caught off guard.

When the crowd recovered from the chaos, there was already no trace left of the red-faced cultivator.

Lu Ping was still running in the woods. There were initially five cultivators chasing behind him, but he had already lost two of them, leaving three still frantically chasing him.

Lu Ping knew that from their footwork techniques and secret communication, they belonged to the same group of cultivators.

They were obviously proficient in the art of tracking, and their speed was no slower than his Auspicious Cloud.

Lu Ping looked behind him, one was in the Ninth Layer Blood Condensation Realm, and the other two in the Eighth Layer. He thought about it and decided to confront them head on.

When they saw Lu Ping suddenly stop and turn around, they slowed down and formed a formation around him.

Lu Ping calmly said, "Why keep chasing after me? Aren't you afraid that you will miss the other treasures from the Seven Star Palace?"

The green-faced cultivator in the lead asked in a stern voice, "Where did you get the Crystal Jade Glazed Bowl in your hand?"

This bowl was obtained after he killed Yuan Shi-Kong, the new head of the Ocean Overturning Gang's Furious Sea Division. Lu Ping's heart moved, "You are from the Ocean Overturning Gang?"

"It's really you!" The first cultivator said in a cold voice, "Tell me, who else are your accomplices, and did you kill Junior Brother Yuan Shi-Kong?"

The lead cultivator naturally did not think that Lu Ping, who was just a Seventh Layer Blood Condensation Realm, was able to kill Yuan Shi-Kong who was in the Eighth Layer Blood Condensation Realm.

Yuan Shi-Kong's death two years ago was a mystery to all of the Ocean Overturning Gang. When the cultivators arrived at the scene, it was already too late for them to do anything; they only saw the murderer flying away on a monster bird.

Yuan Shi-Kong was from a prestigious background, otherwise, how could an Eighth Layer Blood Condensation Realm cultivator like him, be in charge of the Furious Sea Division?

Hence, it was no surprise that his unexpected death triggered a storm within the Ocean Overturning Gang, resulting in several senior members being punished to varying degrees.

So now, when the lead cultivator suddenly saw Yuan Shi-Kong's Crystal Jade Glazed Bowl, he felt that he had a chance to obtain some merit.

As long as he captured this red-faced cultivator, and figured out the truth of Yuan Shi-Kong's death, he might be able to get the attention of the faction behind Yuan Shi-Kong, and rise to the top.

While the lead cultivator was still thinking about how to capture Lu Ping, Lu Ping made the first move.

With the Verdant Dawn Sword as the weapon, [Disarrayed Rocks Puncturing Sword Art] as the sword art, and Sword Intent to enhance everything, Lu Ping launched a volley of fierce attacks towards the eyes of the lead cultivator.

The lead cultivator's eyes felt a painful sensation, as if Lu Ping's Sword Intent had stung him before the attack could even reach him.

Since he knew Lu Ping had attained Sword Intent, he didn't dare to take the attack lightly and summoned a top-grade mystic instrument to defend himself. At the same time, a huge sea shell appeared above him protecting him inside.

Lu Ping had already made up his mind to kill the three of them. If he didn’t, he would be in huge trouble if they passed the news back to the Ocean Overturning Gang. Furthermore, Lu Ping also didn't want to miss the treasures from the other halls of the Seven Star Palace.

Hence, Lu Ping went all out right from the beginning, hoping to end the battle swiftly and cleanly.

The cultivator on the left suddenly felt the sky turning dark above him. In the next second, a huge bird swooped down with its iron claws aiming at his head.

The cultivator turned around to evade Lu Qin's iron claws, but his feet suddenly became stuck, with half of his body sinking into the earth.

The cultivator's aegis energy quivered, releasing a powerful force around his body. He freed himself and was about to jump out of the hole.

However, Lu Qin's beak was already pecking at his eyes. The cultivator was unable to avoid it, and could only tilt his head sideways.

Lu Qin's beak missed the cultivator's eyes, but her iron claws shattered his aegis energy and tore out a large piece of flesh from his shoulder.

The cultivator cried out in pain and lashed out his mystic instrument towards Lu Qin.

But at that time, a turtle hopped up into the air and blocked the attack with its indestructible shell. The attack did no damage causing only a flash of sparks.

The cultivator suddenly felt a biting pain at his feet. The cultivator was shocked and jumped upwards again, but felt another biting pain on his buttocks.

The cultivator fell straight back down with a pale-white face, shivering, with his eyes wide open.

While the cultivator on the left was attacked by Lu Ping's spirit pets, the attack from the cultivator on the right was defended by Umbra.

After the cultivator finished another round of attacks and was recalling his mystic instrument, a small and delicate silver jade seal suddenly appeared above Lu Ping's head. The stamp seal enlarged into a 30 feet cube with the word "Landslide" engraved underneath it!

This was the first time Lu Ping had used Landslide after its upgrade to a top-grade mystic instrument. For the first time, Landslide finally showed its magnificent power in a battle.

Landslide severely suppressed the cultivator the second it was released. His flying sword was knocked away and his crystal shield splintered, causing him to spurt out a mouthful of blood. Then, his last line of defense, the aegis energy, also popped like a water bubble.

In just one blow, Landslide had turned a human into a meat cake on the ground.

It all happened so fast.

When the lead cultivator recovered from Lu Ping's attack, two of his men in the Eighth Layer Blood Condensation Realm were already dead.

The lead cultivator sucked in a breath of cold air. Out of habit, he took a step forward but was quick to move backwards with a look of fear on his face.

However, Lu Ping would naturally not allow him to leave.

A stream of water flowed out of the Crystal Jade Glazed Bowl, weaving a water net behind the lead cultivator, cutting off every route of escape.

Another stream of water turned into a water Jiao, while the Verdant Dawn Sword flew into the water Jiao, taking the place of the Jiao's horn.

Then, the water Jiao lunged towards the lead cultivator.

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