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ZY - Chapter 385- Formless

  I clicked on Poison Refining Technique and the level 4 poison effect and recipe all appeared--

    Heartloss Powder Lv-4: Apply poison to the weapon, when attacking target, 10% chance to stun him for one second. Within the next 3 seconds, target won't be able to use any other skills and abilities. The effect would be related to the user's level and Agility, recipe: Chancetaker Grass, Flame Stone x2, small bottle x1


    They were finally here!

    My heart shook, the legendary stun poison had appeared, I had waited for it for so long! Moreover, this Heartloss Powder didn't only stun, there was a chance to silence the target for 3 seconds. That was terrifying. In a 1v1 PK, once Assassins triggered that effect, would the other person be able to live?

    That was pretty much impossible!

    But what was this Chancetaker Grass?

    When I was in Hundred Poison Forest, I didn't see such grass. Logically speaking, there shouldn't be such a thing. Heading over to Hundred Poison Forest might not get me the answer so I had to find clues first!

    Thus, I opened the forums and searched for Chancetaker Grass.

    In the end, there was no answer at all. It was as if this grass hadn't appeared at all.

    No choice, I had to ask Senior Sister!


    I returned back to Blood Pool and stepped into the main hall.

    Not far away, Senior Sister Yun was resting lazily on the throne. She was holding a golden dagger. After seeing me come over, he got up, "En? What is the matter?"

    "Chancetaker Grass."

    I said solemnly, "Senior Sister, have you seen such a grass before?"


    She raised her hand and said, "When I was touring the human empire, I saw this poisonous flower near Shallow Ocean County, head over and you will find it."

    "Thank you Senior Sister!"

    At this point, Senior Sister didn't say many words to me.


I crushed the City Return Scroll to return to Linchen County. I then headed towards the teleportation formation and teleported to Shallow Ocean County. Shallow Ocean County was similar to Linchen County and it was the first batch of released counties. I didn't spend much to teleport over. The instance that the few gold disappeared, my body appeared in Shallow Ocean County.

    The ocean breeze blew across the city.

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    Shallow Ocean County's prosperity couldn't be compared to Linchen County, after all, Linchen County was closer to the border. It was faced with wars constantly and it had many leveling resources. Shallow Ocean County was near the center and had fewer training resources and players. But, there were still many people on the square.

    I clicked on the map and found the Ocean Wind Forest. It wasn't too far away so I headed out!

    But the moment I was heading out, a group walked towards me. This was a bunch that had just returned from leveling and most of their equipment had turned red. The one at the front was a level 94 Warrior called Yanshi Bugong. His name had a golden emblem and Lin Xi also had that. He was actually one of the strongest players on the server!

    Beside Yanshi Bugong was a level 93 Mage. This was a handsome teen. Beside him was a 20 year old teen called Yanshi Guanxing. He had a hidden job- Stargazer, his eyes were filled with arrogance.

    Limitless's core players were actually all here!

    Moreover, what I paid more attention to was the priest that was by their side. This was Su Xiaohan that was originally Breaking Dawn Fate. Her ID had changed to Soft Sweet. Beneath her ID was Limitless's emblem.

    After leaving Breaking Dawn, Su Xiaohan actually became a deputy guild leader of a first rate guild like Limitless!



    Yanshi Bugong looked at me and shock appeared in his eyes. He acted calm and walked forwards, "July Wildfire why are you in Shallow Ocean County?"

    "For a quest." I said.


    He laughed, "I thought you were here to kill people!"

    I smiled awkwardly, "I am not like that, it is just a misunderstanding of me."

    "What a misunderstanding."

    Yanshi Bumou touched his nose and smiled, "You make it sound like you weren't the Assassin that made Breaking Dawn terrified. Swallow Soul effect and Dark Shadow Jump, what a perfect combination. If such an Assassin joined Limitless that would be fantastic!"

    I smiled, "You don't have to ask."


    Su Xiaohan walked forwards and said, "July Wildfire, I didn't expect to see you in Shallow Ocean County."

    "You finally left Breaking Dawn."

    I looked at her and smiled, "You should have done that long ago. Breaking Dawn Ash is not a decent person."

    "Xiaohan, didn't I say that too..."

    Yanshi Bugong laughed, "July Wildfire says the same. I told you that you should have come to Limitless. In the end, you ended up suffering so badly."

    "Let's not talk about it."

    Su Xiaohan pursed her lips, "I am now a Limitless member. Let's not talk about the past, it is annoying."

    "En, okay."

    Yanshi Bugong nodded towards me, "July Wildfire then we won't disturb your quest. Goodbye."


    I nodded and brushed past them before heading out of the city. I didn't expect to meet the strongest few in Shallow Ocean County right away. Yanshi Bugong was one of the strongest and was on the level of Feng Canghai, Lin Xi, Fengxian and Dawn. Yanshi Bumou, one of the top few Mages and he was first rate. Apart from that, there was Yanshi Wuxing wh was their top Assassin. He was said to be one of the top few Assassins just that I hadn't seen him.

    Anyways, Limitless was really strong and they were in the middle of Breaking Dawn and Elements. They were all future king guilds in Illusionary Moon.

    As for With You, we shall take it slow!

    But I believed that with Lin Xi and I, With You wouldn't be too weak!


    Half an hour later, Ocean Wind Forest.

    This was a forest bathing in sunlight. In it were many huge beings moving slowly. A grey ocean turtle was laying eggs. It was huge and its shell was at least four meters long. When it moved, it was like a giant stone moving. On its head were pieces of rock and on its shell were sword shaped spikes. One could imagine how painful it would be if one was hit.

    Level 99, Legendary Grade.

    They weren't a problem!

    Under White Cloak state, I walked slowly into the forest. My eyes lit up and a grass shining a gentle glow appeared in my field of sight. From afar, this looked similar to the description of the Chancetaker Grass. Right, I found it!

    But the moment I got close, the three grey ocean turtles nearby roared. Although they couldn't see me, but they could smell me. They hollered and one of them charged at me. I couldn't dodge!

    I used Soul Star Explosion and raised my daggers to block!


    My body retreated and my boots left a long mark on the ground. I lost 10 thousand health. it seemed like this turtle's strength was defence and not attack. I started to work. The instance the two turtles charged, I used Apprehension+Hunter's Edge+Flames of Karma. I then summoned orange night and White Bird to suppress the three of them.

    Not long later, the three of them fell to the ground. I didn't want to kill them, after all, they were just laying eggs here. I couldn't bear to. However, the game designers made the protector of the Chancetaker Grass so I had to kill them. I had no choice to kill them for the Heartloss Powder!

    "Sha sha..."

    I walked forwards and started to collect. This plant gave me 20+ Chancetaker Grass. I had huge gains!

    Continue, walk forwards.

    A few steps forwards and more Chancetaker Grass appeared. Moreover, three ocean turtles guarded it. No choice, kill them!

    In the end, the instance I killed the final one, a grey ocean turtle sealing card dropped. I tossed it into my bag. This level was high than Gu Ruyi's Flame Turtles and should be stronger. If it was possible and I succeed, I will give it to Ah Fei.


    At that moment, a rhythmic slashing sound spread ahead. I could even see skill lights shining. I was wary and ordered Orange Night and White Bird to wait. I entered White Cloak state and headed forwards to see who it was.

    A person moved between two grey turtles and his daggers used Ice Boomerang Blade. At the same time, he also used Gouge. The third turtle was nearby laying on the ground. On his head was the Staggering Blow icon and it was stunned. I looked at his ID. To be able to tank three turtles, this bald Assassin was definitely strong. His strength was no lower than Mundane Slaughter--

    Yanshi Wuxing (Imperial Assassin)

    Level: 93

    Guild: Limitless

    Position: Squad Leader


    Yanshi Wuxing?

    I frowned. I didn't expect to meet Limitless's top Assassin here. This world was too small!

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