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PBS - Chapter 2248 - Cang's Reincarnation, Part Four

"How is this possible!?"

Eternal Night Heaven Highness, Ruler Huangyun, Li Posheng, and the rest of the authorities were dumbfounded. They could not believe their eyes.

They knew Qin Nan was Zhou Di's reincarnation!

How was it possible for two Supreme Highnesses to be reincarnated on the same person?

Most importantly, everyone knew Zhou Di and Cang were one another's nemesis. The conflict between them was unresolvable!

The battle during ancient times took place mainly because of Cang and Zhou Di!

Why would these two Supreme Highnesses be reincarnated on the same person?

"My...my...my master?"

Ancient Taboo's voice was trembling, so was its body. The sight before it was simply too shocking, even more than when it found out about the orb spirits of the Trio Warriors and the other two orb spirits inside the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor.

Either way, it did not expect the person whom it tried to kill countless times and even went in person to eliminate had turned into its master whom it had waited for more than ten thousand years!


Demon Emperor Wutian who was hiding in the dark was speaking in a trembling voice too.

Moxie who was beside him wore a blank face. He was unable to hear any voice around him.

Zhou Xundao who was deep inside Qin Nan's soul shared the same reaction as them.

He must admit that the sight was just too shocking for them. Their minds were full of doubts!

They knew Qin Nan was already the reincarnation of Zhou Di and Huangfu Jue, and now Cang too?

Three Supreme Highnesses were reincarnated on the same person?

At this rate, wouldn't the fourth Supreme Highness be reincarnated on Qin Nan too?

Why would Zhou Di and Cang both choose Qin Nan as their reincarnation knowing the relationship between them?

Could it be that the three Supreme Highnesses were planning to have a huge showdown between one another and see who would claim Qin Nan's body in the end?

Or were there some other secrets to it?

Who should they refer to Qin Nan as now?

Among them, only Tang Qingshan and Empress Feiyue did not look too surprised.

Tang Qingshan had just come to this world. He completely ignored the Ancient Taboo, thus he was still unaware of the details. He was just a little surprised that the young man whom he tried to kill a moment ago had suddenly become his master.

He was also confused about everyone's reaction. Why were they making such a huge fuss about it?

Unlike him, Empress Feiyue had quickly come to her senses after the initial astonishment. Her eyes remained cold and expressionless.

Everything was much simpler for her.

It did not matter how many Supreme Highnesses were reincarnated on Qin Nan, what plan they had in mind, or who Qin Nan was going to turn into in the end, Qin Nan would always be Qin Nan in her eyes. 

He was the only person whom she was willing to use every forbidden art and stand in front of without any remorse.

"I'm...Cang's reincarnation too?"

Qin Nan's expression shifted as he realized something was not right.

He had always treated Cang as his enemy. Now that Cang had been reincarnated on him, did he become his own enemy? Did he have to kill himself?

Qin Nan's eyes suddenly widened. He sensed a blood-red glow emerging from his body out of nowhere and turned into sinister words.

Whoever takes the seal without permission will suffer the wrath of the Dao Calamity!

Qin Nan had experienced the same thing before when he first claimed the Nine Dragons Seal and was in the crucial stage of achieving the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm. It was the power of the Dao Calamity which exposed his identity.

It had exposed his identity as Zhou Xiao's reincarnation and the secret that he was practicing twelve Arts of Dao Seeking to everyone. It attracted the attention of the Supreme Daoism factions and provoked the Ancient Taboo to come in person, which ended up forcing Empress Feiyue to execute a forbidden art, leaving her with only one year of lifespan.

The Dao Calamity had influenced Qin Nan greatly.

Qin Nan thought he had overcome the Dao Calamity, yet it had shown up again when he entered the Void Heaven Realm.

And now, it was happening again.

"Does this mean Cang has been reincarnated on me because of the Dao Calamity?"

"That doesn't sound right, Senior Zhou said that the person being reincarnated on is already decided by fate!"

"That's not right either, the fact that both Zhou Di and Huangfu Jue were reincarnated on me means they can at least bind themselves together!"

"But now..."

Qin Nan's thoughts were in a mess.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The five Orbs of the Heavenly Emperor which the formidable factions had yet to claim let out a brilliant light and soared into the clouds as if they had just received an order.

Loud chimes echoed across the rift.

Countless runes spread swiftly with Qin Nan at the center and eventually formed a mysterious pattern consisting of eight dragons.

Four chimes followed by the pattern of eight dragons!

It was the rare phenomenon symbolizing the awakening of one's memories of their past life!

Meanwhile, the hand seals summoned by the ten magnificent figures on the ten moons in the sky multiplied into ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine seals in just a second.

The figures swung their hands at the Thirty-Second Small Immortal Realm simultaneously, unleashing purple rays which sprang forward like ancient dragons. They flew at Qin Nan at the speed of lightning.

It felt like Qin Nan was putting on an emperor's robe amid the blood-red glow. His aura was skyrocketing like he had just broken an ancient seal.

Qin Nan suddenly stood out among the cultivators in the Thirty-Second Small Immortal Realm, as if everything in the Primary Upper Realm, including the Rules, the Great Dao, and the Heavens and Earth had lost their brilliance.

Tang Qingshan and the Ancient Taboo froze like they were struck by lightning.

Even though the aura was a lot weaker than it used to be, they were still familiar with it.

"Master, welcome back to the Nine Heavens!"

Tang Qingshan bowed his head down while kneeling on the sky.


On the other hand, the Ancient Taboo's voice was still trembling as it was struggling to collect its thoughts. However, its body was moving on its own as it knelt while facing Qin Nan and knocked its head on the ground.

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