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PBS - Chapter 2249 - Cang's Reincarnation, Part Five


The chaotic sky and ground within a hundred thousand li from Qin Nan were dyed with a strong purple and started spinning like an enormous whirlpool..

Purple fragments of various sizes flew out from the whirlpool and turned into light rays surging into Qin Nan's mind and combining into one.

Qin Nan's eyes widened again.

He was familiar with the purple fragments. They were memory fragments that belonged to Cang!


The new power inside Qin Nan's body consisting of the Impenetrable Sacred Flesh, the Art of the Immortal Demon, and the twelve Arts of Dao Seeking activated itself.

It had unleashed its full potential in the blink of an eye.


The new power suddenly cracked apart.

The left side of Qin Nan's body emitted a brilliant sacred glow. It was the Impenetrable Sacred Flesh. Meanwhile, the acupuncture points on the right side of his body surfaced as the Rules of the Immortal Demon were unleashed, forming the Immortal Demon's Realm behind it!

"Mm? It's causing them to fight back?"

Empress Feiyue realized what was going on at the first glance.

To her surprise, two terrifying auras burst out of Qin Nan's body from two sides and surged across the place.

Two illusionary figures appeared following it!

Everything nearby lost its brilliance too as soon as they appeared. Their presence was comparable to the purple-light emperor's robe that he had put on.


A series of deafening explosions took place.

Zhou Di and Huangfu Jue's possessions, arts and will were reacting fiercely to the purple fragments that were flowing at Qin Nan.

The scene was perfectly reasonable!

However, its timing was just too coincidental. It completely exposed the secrets Qin Nan and his crew were trying to hide like a dazzling light ray which swept across the sky!


Eternal Night Heaven Highness and the authorities who had already calmed down were left in awe once again.

Even their souls were trembling.

"How could this be?"

Tang Qingshan looked up and opened his eyes wide.

Even he was unable to keep his calm at this moment.

"The Impenetrable Sacred Flesh, the Art of the Immortal Demon, and the will of Zhou Di and Huangfu Jue! Does it mean both Zhou Di and Huangfu Jue have reincarnated on the young man before my master did?"

Tang Qingshan's hair was standing on its end.

The sight was just too unbelievable!

Those were three Supreme Highnesses!

The three greatest cultivators who were at the top in their time!

"No...no wonder Brave Wolf Ruler and the other demon cultivator were helping Qin Nan...no wonder the Sixth Immortal had lost to Qin Nan...no wonder Qin Nan was able to claim Huangfu Jue's possessions in the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree..."

"The reincarnation of three Supreme Highnesses...three of them on the same person...if I can get my hands on him..."

Eternal Night Heaven Highness' heart was pounding heavily. He had found the answers to many of his questions. He was overwhelmed by excitement as the thought of something insane crossed his mind.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

The purple fragments were met with a strong resistance, but they continued to surge into Qin Nan's mind despite the pressure.

All of them entered Qin Nan's mind and formed a purple crystal with the shape of a polygon a few moments later. The crystal soon had cracks all over it!

Lightning flickers suddenly burst out of the purple whirlpool around Qin Nan, followed by mysterious symbols around the size of a fist flying toward him.


The Impenetrable Sacred Flesh, the Art of the Immortal Demon, and the illusionary figures of Zhou Di and Huangfu Jue unleashed a stronger light to resist the symbols, like they were unable to accept them at all costs!


An unprecedented battle took place.

The power involved in the battle was not particularly overwhelming, yet the impact of the collisions surged wildly across the place like a storm and triggered a series of rare phenomena.

Many authorities could feel their hearts pounding heavily.


Qin Nan who was caught in the center felt he was about to be torn part. His will was in a complete mess. He was screaming in agony.

The mysterious symbols soon unleashed great power and attracted the lightning nearby to strengthen themselves before ramming into the resistance.

The sky and the ground cracked as everything fell into darkness.

Zhou Di and Huangfu Jue's illusionary figures, the Impenetrable Sacred Flesh, and the Art of the Immortal Demon took a huge blow. The former started shaking while the latter dimmed. They were obviously at their limit!

"Once these symbols are done merging with Qin Nan, he will be Cang's reincarnation," Empress Feiyue murmured.

An unexpected change took place in Qin Nan's body in the nick of time.

A terrifying aura burst out from his soul, sending a chill down Zhou Xundao's spine who had yet to come to his senses.

The Nine Dragons Seal which remained motionless throughout the whole process began to unleash an incomparable light. A young, but imperious voice filled with anger exploded.

"Trying to take advantage of the Dao Calamity's influence to reincarnate on him?"

"Piss off!"


A tremendous force completely burst out of Qin Nan's soul like a tide that had been gathered for ten thousand years!

A shocking sight followed.

The purple fragments in Qin Nan's mind and the emperor's robe on him suddenly flew away from him!

The purple whirlpool around Qin Nan rose into the sky and withdrew the mysterious symbols. They stopped flowing at Qin Nan.


Zhou Xundao, Moxie, Demon Emperor Wutian, Tang Qingshan, and the rest of the authorities were startled.

What was happening?

Wasn't Qin Nan awakening his past life?

On top of it, the blood-red light that was shining on Qin Nan eventually shifted away from Qin Nan before it was fixed on another person at shocking speed.

The person was expressionless, and was wearing a long dress. She had created countless miracles which shocked the Primary Upper Realm time and time again.

She was none other than the Strongest Immortal since five thousand years ago, Empress Feiyue!

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