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PBS - Chapter 2247 - Cang's Reincarnation, Part Three


A shocking sight took place.

The Rules of Dao across the entire Thirty-Second Small Immortal Realm became restless like boiling water.

The blood-red light shining upon every corner thickened too, as if the whole world was covered in blood.

The cultivators of the Thirty-Second Small Immortal Realm, and even the Thirty-First Small Immortal Realm could sense something strange was happening.

"Cang's reincarnation has caused such an extraordinary phenomenon!"

Moxie and Demon Emperor Wutian who were hiding in the dark were astounded.

Even Qin Nan did not cause such a shocking scene when he awakened as the reincarnation of Zhou Di and Huangfu Jue.

That being said, they knew the phenomenon had occurred because Cang had other plans in mind. Otherwise, he would not place himself in such a dangerous situation unless he did not have a choice.


Two huge bolts of blood-red lightning appeared in the Southern Region and the Northern Region.

The ground within a few million li shook vigorously.

An orb around the size of a fist had appeared.

"Let's go to the Southern Region!"

Progenitor Mingchu disappeared after finishing the sentence.

The authorities of the formidable factions turned into rays of light and flew into the distance too.

However, on top of Eternal Night Heaven Highness, the Wang Clan, and the Li Clan, the Shidao Tribe, Mumen Sect, and Zheng Clan did not leave the area.

Even though they did not claim any of the orb spirits, they still had a chance to negotiate with the formidable factions who had claimed the orb spirits once they secured an Orb of the Heavenly Emperor.

The authorities of the Shidao Tribe, Mumen Sect, and the Zheng Clan each summoned a pitch-black altar over a hundred zhang tall. The altars were covered in mysterious runes and embroidered with stones around the size of a fist.

Every stone was emitting a dark aura into the center of the altars which gradually formed an ancient pattern.

Qin Nan glanced at the altars and recognized the stones. They were the Stones of Time and Space.

He also noticed a formidable Power of Time and Space from the altars.

The authorities of the three formidable factions quickly performed mystical hand seals to inject formidable Power of Rules into the altars.

The altars began to buzz and unleash a shocking force to absorb the blood-red light around them.

"Are they trying to travel to the past with their souls to achieve the Heaven Highness Realm?"

Zhou Xundao smiled when he realized the secrets of the altars. He said, "It does have a chance, but it's easy to tell that they have not mastered the art to absorb the power of the rare phenomena. It's hard to tell what's going to happen once their souls traveled to the past. The risks are too huge."

Qin Nan took a few extra glances at the altars before withdrawing his attention. He fixed his gaze on the ten moons in the sky instead.

Time gradually passed. Fierce battles soon took place in the Southern Region and the Northern Region.

The ten magnificent figures on the moons remained still, but everyone could see their hand seals shifting rapidly, as if they were trying to accumulate enough power.

Half the duration of an incense stick later, it felt like everything had frozen in place.

"It's happening!"

The eyes of the authorities widened.

Qin Nan was feeling nervous too.


The hand seals which every figure had summoned emitted a brilliant ray of light at the Thirty-Second Small Immortal Realm.

The light rays had a thicker presence than the light of the moons. They also had a strong presence of authority.

The ten rays of light slowly combined into one. They soon gathered and shone upon Tang Qingshan.

Tang Qingshan was spreading his arms wide like he was indulging in pleasure.

"Does it mean..."

The hearts of every authority shuddered.

Qin Nan's Divine Sense was struck by lightning too.

According to the First Immortal, Bai Zhongsheng's prophecy, when the light of the ten moons gathered, it would be shining on Cang's reincarnation!

The ten light rays were currently shining on Tang Qingshan!

In other words, not only was Tang Qingshan the reincarnation of Heaven Highness Wuwang, he was also Cang's reincarnation!

"This...this is unexpected!"

Moxie and Demon Emperor Wutian were the first to collect their thoughts.

The former's eyes glittered with excitement.

He would not react like this if Cang's reincarnation was someone else, but it had to be the Peerless Ruler.

Judging from Qin Nan's reaction, the Peerless Ruler was clearly someone whom he treated dearly!

The orb spirit which Heaven Highness Wuwang reincarnated into had also reincarnated through the Peerless Ruler. There might be a way to erase Heaven Highness Wuwang's will and let the Peerless Ruler reclaim his will, but it was no longer possible if he was also Cang's reincarnation!

Qin Nan and the Peerless Ruler would be one another's enemy of life and death!

Was it planned, or was it just a coincidence?

"It's greatly in our favor!"

Moxie squinted with a grin.

He was figuring out a way to convince Qin Nan to refine his master's flesh earlier. The situation had provided him with a perfect opportunity.

However, what Tang Qingshan did next took everyone by surprise!

He suddenly dropped to his knees in the sky and placed his hands in front of his chest. He said, "My master, the world has declined significantly as time went by. It's time for you to wake up from your deep slumber and save the world!"

The ten light rays which gathered on him suddenly sprang forward.

"Mm? It's not him?"

Moxie, Demon Emperor Wutian, and the authorities of formidable factions were startled.

Qin Nan had yet to come to his senses when he felt his body warming up all of a sudden. Everything in his vision turned blood-red. He could no longer see things clearly.

"What...what's happening?"

Qin Nan wore a confused look.

What was going on to him?

The authorities were dumbfounded when they saw the ten light rays gathering on Qin Nan.


It felt like a great clap of thunder had echoed across the Thirty-Second Small Immortal Realm.

Qin Nan...was Cang's reincarnation too?

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