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AIP - Chapter 135: Heavenbane Lightning Pearl

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

"Let's go!"

Stuffing the head Tang Jie had thrown to him into his Mustard Seed Bag, Leng Xiyu immediately shouted for everyone to leave.

He had achieved his objective, so he had no desire to keep fighting with the Heavenly Extinction Sect. As he shouted, everyone immediately began to withdraw.

Tu Baixiong's face turned cold. "You think you can run?"

His pitch-black saber swung, unleashing a biting gust of wind.

"Tu Baixiong, do you really want to make an enemy of my Jade Sword Gate for a single Five Energies Sovereign Essence Pill?" the elder shouted.

"What a joke! You think there's anything my Heavenly Extinction Sect doesn't dare to do?" Tu Baixiong savagely swung his saber again and again, unleashing wave after wave of saber energy at the Jade Sword Gate disciples. "The path of Immortality is too narrow to hold this many cultivators. Some will live and some will die, and such is the endless cycle. This is the objective of the Heavenly Dao. Any cultivator of my sect can kill anyone they please! Kill! Kill! Kill!"

He shouted "Kill" three times in a row, and all of the Heavenly Extinction Sect disciples behind him madly shouted, "Kill! Kill! Kill!"

They truly erupted with a boundless killing intent, no longer thinking about profit or loss. All they had was a seething and endless desire to fight.

This was the Heavenly Extinction Sect!

What Tu Baixiong had spoken was the guiding principle of the Heavenly Extinction Sect. The founding principle of the sect was that anyone in the world could be killed. Even against a student of Basking Moon, they would swing their sabers without hesitation.

This wasn't because the Heavenly Extinction Sect was merely a bunch of idiots. Rather, the cultivation methods and principles of the Heavenly Extinction Sect had made them act this way.

This was something that Tang Jie only began to slowly understand later on. If someone's personality was decided by their education and environment, then a cultivator's personality also had the addition of cultivation.

Just like Tang Jie had said, personality was also a kind of talent.

A person without the heart to boldly advance wouldn't be able to learn pugnacious and combative techniques, while someone who usually learned combative techniques would often be very aggressive, the two complementing each other.

This could also be considered a result of the Basking Moon Sect's tolerance.

Only when these minor sects acted unreasonably would the people submit to the major sects and solidify their rule.

If there really was some minor sect that acted reasonably, gaining the subservience of the people and gathering many talents under its banner, it might really be able to flip the tables.

This was precisely why Tang Jie's first interaction with other people after leaving the Basking Moon Sect had had him witnessing a fierce struggle between minor sects. After growing accustomed to the glory of a prosperous age and the style of the academy, going back to this world of mortals was like going from heaven to hell. Everywhere he looked was blood and slaughter. The dark side of the world was fully exposed!

Anyone else in this situation probably would have already broken from this stimulation.

As the Heavenly Extinction Sect disciples charged like berserkers, a vicious look appeared on Leng Xiyu's handsome face. "The Heavenly Extinction Sect's people are all madmen. Fourth Uncle, kill them!"

The elder raised his hand, and the Moon Lightning Shuttle shot out in a curve, flashing through the air toward a Heavenly Extinction Sect disciple. It pierced through their protective barrier, instantly obliterating it, and then penetrated through the disciple's chest. In an explosion of electricity, the disciple burst apart in chunks of flesh and blood.

The elder chuckled as he waved his hand, and the Moon Lightning Shuttle returned to his hand.

In terms of power, the Moon Lightning Shuttle was much weaker than the Heavenbane Lightning Pearl, but it was extremely fast and could be used over and over. Meanwhile, the lightning pearl was single-use.

This was precisely why the elder could use the lightning shuttle while Tu Baixiong couldn't just throw out his lightning pearl.

This thing was just too powerful. Once it was thrown out, there wouldn't be much left, and there was no guarantee that Gu Changqing's head would be among it.

The Jade Sword Gate was taking advantage of the fact that the Heavenly Extinction Sect couldn't lightly use its treasure. The elder threw out the shuttle again, which crackled through the air and obliterated yet another Heavenly Extinction Sect disciple.

Tu Baixiong was so furious that he was shaking. He howled, "No one will get it, then! All of your Jade Sword Gate's people will die here!"

The red pearl appeared in his hand, and he tossed it in Leng Xiyu's direction.

He had really used it!

He actually had the guts to use it!

Even Tang Jie was dumbfounded. "Shit! He really used it? This madman!"

Calm and rational people would never be able to understand the thought processes of madmen. At the very least, Tang Jie could not understand why Tu Baixiong would dare to do such a thing. At that moment, he couldn't help but think himself fortunate that Gu Changqing hadn't been Tu Baixiong. Otherwise, there was a high chance that Tang Jie would already be a dead man.

Even worse was that it seemed like there were quite a few madmen like this in the world!

And madmen like these just had to possess terrifying weapons!

The Jade Sword Gate members all paled. The richly-dressed Leng Xiyu whistled, and his body suddenly accelerated into the distance.

As for that elder who had been called Fourth Uncle, red, blue, and purple lights appeared to protect his body.

Tu Baixiong madly laughed. "It's useless! Explode!"

As he madly roared, he made signs with his hands.

This Heavenbane Lightning Pearl was made through a secret art, and detonating it also required a secret art.

As he formed the hand signs, the red pearl in the air flashed, and then it unleashed a red brilliance. A massive, red Astral Wind swept out in all directions.

With an enormous boom, flames rocketed into the sky, and the entire region was turned into a sea of flames.

hypersheep325's Notes:

Tang Jie is the cool-headed and scheming kind of MC. Tu Baixiong is the crazy and reckless kind of MC.


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Written by Yuanfen 0 缘分0. Translated by hypersheep325. Edited by Michyrr.