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ZL - Chapter 1087- Gathering the set

I woke up the next morning and felt like my body was filled with power. The Blazing Sun Power that I had used yesterday had all recovered and it even felt slightly stronger than before. After eating, I went online. I hadn't had time to go online since the country war, now I finally had time to deal with game matters.


I appeared in Tian Ling City and looked at my personal interface. The Executor was shining gold and there were a few choices there that were related to the expansion of armies. I didn't need to bother about that and allowed Lochlan to deal with them himself. What I was going to do was to take a look at Fan Shu City.

I teleported over and after a flash of light, I appeared in this secondary city that was hit by war. I noticed that the buildings were all new. The walls after the system refreshed were strengthened and the white iron was much firmer. There were also many more arrow towers and cannon towers. Even the dragon nests and hawk nests had recovered.

I waved and the Fan Shu City interface appeared in front of me. As compared to before the second country war, we had fewer troops but the production and defence had increased greatly. After half a month to a month of resting, Fan Shu City would become much stronger--

Fan Shu City (Level 11 territory)

City Lord: Xiao Yao Zi Zai

Lord: Chi Yu Han & secondary lord: Chi Yu Qing

Buildings: 314

Army: 51230 (Heavy Flame Archers x3000, Deep Freeze Cavalry x2959, Flame Hawk Archers x22133, Cliff Dragon Cavalry x23138)

Labor: 115210

City scale: Huge

City production--

Food: 400000/hour

Wood: 400000/hour

Stone: 315210/hour


Finally leveled to level 11. This was the difference between Fan Shu City and other player cities. After breaking past level 10, the overall scale had greatly increased. The production power was really shocking. if not including the resources needed for maintenance, we could recruit 100+ Cliff Dragon Cavalry an hour and over 3000 a day. Not long later we would get back to pre war levels!

"City lord."

Within the hall, Chi Yu Han held his sword and walked over with his sister Chi Yu Qing. He said respectfully, "Fan Shu City has been rebuilt and troops are being expanded! I have also broken through."

I nodded my head in satisfaction and also looked at Chi Yu Qing and Chi Yu Han's level. I was terrified. Chi Yu Han had actually jumped to two star god general. He had trained so much in that war and killed so many. Chi Yu Qing also became one star and she wasn't much weaker than Han Yuan. If Lin Qiong didn't level up, Chi Yu Han might be the strongest Tian Ling City NPC. However, the country war was so huge and Lin Qiong killed many people so it was impossible for him not to level up.

I looked at The Executor space and took out Heaven Barrier Army's details. General Lin Qiong was already three-star. Our players had suffered heavy losses in this country war but none of the NPC generals died. This was a good thing. The stronger they were meant that after a few more country wars, they could reach five star. Them alone would be enough to give Iron Skull City and Swirling Abyss City a problem.

The people near the potion shop were gathering and discussing about attacking the south of Fire God Mountain.

It was Yan Zhao Warrior and a bunch of core Prague players. They were planning to use Fan Shu City as their base to level up around here.

I smiled, "Uncle Yan Zhao, is everything okay recently?"

Yan Zhao Warrior looked at me and laughed, "continue to level and get equipment. What about you?"

"Something happened in real life and now I finally have time to go online. Right, are you heading to Fire God Mountain? Is there Prohibited Dragon Land at the south? There is no need to continue searching right."

"Ha, you don't know that after the second country war, the map has changed. Prohibited Dragon Land's dragon crystal mines have changed and there are hell flames. Now people can't mine there anymore. A bunch of level 6 Hybrid Demons has appeared so Prague is planning to attack this area. If we focus on monsters, no one would fight with us for it."

"So that is the case." I said, "For the entire map's monsters to change, something must have happened in the north right?"

"Yes, I heard that the first Lord broke free. The Boss is called Azure and no one has seen him. The moment he appeared he had numerous troops and have started to invade. Oh right, this thing is related to you. You were the one who brought the soul prison to take down Moon City so you resulted in his awakening."

I touched my nose, "I thought that people wouldn't find out!"

Yan Zhao Warrior smiled, "How so. Moon City's players saw you lead the Hybrid Demon Army to attack Moon City. But don't worry, to them you are evil but to the chinese, you are a hero. Everyone is not blind and saw what you have done. Don't worry, at least in China no one will blame you for it. If not Prague won't agree!"

"He!" I smiled, "Right, I haven't been online, what is the situation now. Uncle, can you summarise it for me?"

Yan Zhao Warrior held the reins of his horse and looked into the north, "We have occupied Green Rock City and also the main cities of Philipines and Vietnam. But they didn't give up. Lee and Frost Forest have discussed. They are leading tens of millions of players along with 500 thousand NPCs towards the north of Sea of No Return."

"Oh, isn't that Hybrid Demon Territory?"

"Right!" Yan Zhao Warrior laughed, "Lee really is a talent. He led a few hundred thousand to take down two cities originally occupied by Hybrid Demons. He then sent NPCs and merchants to Tian Ling City and Nine Heavens City to buy items to rebuild the cities. They have said that they will rise back up there and then take back the things they have lost."

I laughed, "He is talking about Waterfront City and Green Rock City right? Unfortunately, they don't have a chance."

"Right, you don't have to worry too much, China is definitely leading the war now."

"En, that is good. Go level, I will go do other things."



I looked at my equipment and frowned. I still haven't gotten the full Overlord Set. I had to get them quick, best if I could get them before the third country war. I faced many threats. Apart from Swirling Abyss City and Iron Skull City, there was also Blood Abyss.

Sky Rose and Brown Eyes were proud players so how could they allow the humiliation of the second country war to repeat itself.

Moreover, the Indian players moved west and went past Moon City. They occupied Goddess's Tears and also Lion City. I also heard that they went to rebuild a few abandoned cities south of Moon City. With Clear Black Eyes, they might be able to rise up once more.

I felt my head hurt. I flew towards Dragon City. Time to see if Frost had any news of Blood Abyss's Azure!


Half an hour later, I arrived in Dragon City. Like normal, Dragon City was snowing and the Dragon City warriors had ashen white faces. They were wrapped in leather armor but the armor wasn't able to provide much warmth. However, this was a form of training for them. Each of them needed to be able to handle the cold, if not this city that was in winter all year round would lose its combat strength.

"Sha sha..."

I stepped on the snowy land and walked towards the administrative hall. On it was a symbol of swords intersecting. This was the mark of Dragon City. When I pushed the door open, the cold wind blew in. I heard Odelia's voice, "hehe, this fellow is finally here!"

I closed the door and noticed that Queen Zhi Shu, Frost, Qing Luo were all there. Apart from that, there were a few other Dragon City male generals. Two Deity Tier and one god star. They looked strong. As for Queen Zhi Shu and Qing Luo, they were five star god generals. As for frost, I couldn't see her strength.

"Come and sit down." Frost smiled towards me.

I walked over and sat by Frost's side, "I came to ask about Azure."

Zhi Shu giggled, "Tian Ling Empire's The Executor is actually a scout, how rare..."

I touched my nose and smiled, "Red Dragon Queen is teasing me. In Dragon City I am forever Frost's student and not The Executor. So what is Azure doing?"

Frost said, "Azure's strength is increasing quickly and his strength affected Dragon City seven days ago. Now I can sense that he is stronger than me and he is getting stronger. He is waking up and he also brought many demons."

A general beside clenched his fist, "I think that Dragon Rider shouldn't have agreed with Lanais and brought her to Moon City to collect souls."

"That is not it."

Frost explained for me, "Even if Xiao Yao didn't, Azure would absorb strength from hybrid demon lords. He would just awaken one to two days later, it won't be much different."

"What now?" I asked.

Frost looked at me and glanced at my equipment. She suddenly laughed, "Isn't your armor the legendary Overlord set? What a coincidence. My quest is to help you complete the six items and that would help increase your strength."

I was filled with shock and surprise, "Frost you are able to help me?"

"Of course!"

We are hosted novel, find us on google.

She pushed her chest forwards and she looked really confident.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.