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ZL - Chapter 1085- Flaming Sun Power

Time passed bit by bit and it was closer to the time for the mission.

But I was sure that they would attack. These insane animals never knew what was shame. Moreover, if they dared to attack, it would prove that this technology wasn't local but was international. They were planning to cause chaos. The situation was as what Shen Bing said, it was getting more and more serious.


I looked into the sky. As police, all I could do was to use my life to protect the safety of others. What we were doing now was exactly that.

"Unit B pay attention."

Orders from the command center spread into the Bluetooth. We were facing the road and if we were attacked, this was the easiest spot to get targetted.

Very quickly, it was 4:17 but there was still no movement around.

"What is going on?" Xing Lie was a little impatient.

I said, "Calm down, continue to wait."

This was also when the group was the largest. There was no news from the command center, they just told us to be warier.

A few minutes later at 4:25, a person carrying a bunch of people holding leather bags walked over. They looked like people who had come out of the villages. Some were guys, some were girls. I sensed the violence in their bodies and that violence couldn't be hidden. I had trained my energy for so many years and could easily pick that up.

"Be careful of them, they are in disguise," I said.

Xing Lie turned over and smiled, "They look like a bunch of workers, it should be fine right..."

The moment he said that, one of their expressions changed. His face was filled with hatred. He pulled out a 40cm fruit knife and slashed towards a mother that was holding her child. He was also saying words that I didn't understand.

Was there a need to hesitate?

I made a decision right away, pulling out my gun and firing at the fastest speed!


Gunshots as the bullet pierced his forehead and exploded. Blood and flesh splattered at the same time.

"Ah?" Xing Lie was shocked.

In the distance, 20+ people pulled out their blades at the same time and charged towards the innocent people that were fleeing, "These bunch... They aren't Artificials, what should we do?"

Five meters away, a middle aged woman in normal clothing chased a girl that was roughly 7-8 years old. She cried, running while crying. I didn't wait, dashing across and punching her!


The heavy fist shattered her neck and her body fell onto the ground after spinning a few times. She died right away!

As a captain of the Hangzhou squad, I shouted, "Don't hesitate, do we have to pity such people? Attack, the bosses didn't request us to capture them alive. Kill them, such people don't need judgment!"

Xing Lie didn't say anymore, he pulled out his gun and shot them one after another.

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Axe and the others were great killers too and we finished the 20+ people here. None of us were injured. There were no civilians that were injured too.


Fresh blood splattered all around,

but it was all theirs. Xing Lie held his smoking gun and frowned, "That girl was nearly killed..."

I nodded. She curled up under the festive decorations on the square and cried. I walked forwards and kept my gun. I touched her hair and said, "Little friend, don't cry, where is your mother?"

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"My mother went to buy a drink..." She cried and looked at me. It was obvious that she was terrified, "Uncle, you are... A policeman?"

I smiled gently, "Yes, I am. No need to be afraid, I will protect you."

"En." She nodded.

At that moment, Wang Xin's voice spread from the earpiece, "Not good, danger in the south. Li Xiao Yao lead your team over! Artificials have appeared!"


I reached out towards the salesgirl at a Gucci store and shouted, "Come and help, protect this little girl."

That salesgirl was bold, running out to hold her hand and then closing the door.

I glanced towards the group, "Head out, continue the mission!"


We ran towards the south and when we arrived, it was a gunfight. A few black vans parked by the side of the road and a bunch of black shirt guys were shooting forwards. The ones in charge were the Shanghai branch. Three of their members fell to the ground and were bleeding.


A furious roar. After one of them was hit, he entered beast mode and green fur grew from his body. That wound started to heal.

Xing Lie shouted, "Such strong recovery."

I glanced and there wasn't a good cover spot. I could only grit my teeth, "Head to the elevator to find cover. Xing Lie head up and find a sniper spot!"


I carried Butterfly while Xing Lie carried a sniper rifle. The only one who could compete with me in sniping skills was him.

After finding a covered spot, I noticed that there were dozens of civilian bodies laying around. The Artificials had succeeded. No matter the outcome, their goal was causing chaos was reached.



A heavy shot sound as Xing Lie fired. An Artificials hiding behind the van fell and he was hit in the neck. However, he wasn't dead. His body twisted and his fingernails became sharp. He ripped his suit and shit and showed his chest that was covered in green scales.

B Grade Artificial!

I gritted my teeth, "The brain is their central system, aim their heads. Once you shoot their heads they would be killed!"

Xing Lie said, "En, I understand!"

I shot once more. This time it was more accurate. A C-grade Artificial's head exploded. Blood flowed all around and he didn't move.

Finally, they couldn't take it anymore. The one that was hit in the neck climbed up and charged at the Shanghai team. In the end, after being hit by numerous bullets it still continued to charge forwards.

I couldn't take it anymore. I pulled out Butterfly and the cold glow caused Axe to praise, "Wow, good sword!"

But the Shanghai captain Tang Lin's voice spread from the earpiece, "Li Xiao Yao, you don't need to help, I can deal with it!"

Tang Lin charged and his black glove was shattered by energy. From afar I could tell that he was mid-Energy Controlling Realm. Not bad, he could kill a B Grade Artificial. After all, the Artificial was already injured.

Tang Lin brushed past the Artificial and smashed his fist into his chest. Along with the sound of bones cracking, he kneed the Artificial. He then took out the blade tied around his leg to slash the neck of the Artificials. However, it didn't pierce through as the Artificial had scales there.


The Artificial was terrifying and he waved his claws, leaving deep wounds on Tang Lin's back. Blood flowed and he was injured.


Tang Lin was furious. He didn't care about his injuries and punched the back of the Artificial's neck. He pulled out his gun, shoving it into his mouth and firing. Fresh blood splattered from the back of his head and this B Grade Artificial was finally dead.

Before he could pant, there was another furious roar as a B Grade Artificial slashed his back. Tang Lin stumbled. He waved his blade and sliced two fingers off before his chest was slashed once more.


Tang Lin kicked. A cultivator's strength couldn't be underestimated. That strong Artificial was sent 10s of meters back.

But there was another sharp roar. A red scaled man stood on the roof of the car and pretty much squashed it. His eyes were blood red and his pupils were enlarged. He roared like a beast. He charged right at Tang Lin!

A Grade Artificial, fully armored!


"Come you animal!"

Tang Ln gathered his energy on his blade and slashed at the A Grade Artificial!

What was shocking was that he actually smiled. It looked deceitful and ugly. He raised his red scaled fist and punched!


The military blade started to shatter and turn into dust. Tang Lin's palm changed shape. He screamed and retreated. His arm was probably broken.

As expected, mid Energy Controlling Realm wasn't an A Grade Artificials' match.


Xing Lie sniped once more but the bullet bounced off the scales. Only half a scale was damaged!

I aimed at his eyes and fired but he actually raised his arm to block it. His intelligence was still there.


"Tsk tsk..."

He looked at me in disdain. He stretched his 30cm tongue and licked Tang Lin's blood off the scales on his fist, "You cultivators are all trash! Your attacks are just tickling us Dragon Blood Warriors!"

Dragonblood Warriors?

I nearly laughed. These idiots thought that just because they had mutated scales that they had become Dragonblood Warriors?

"Protect Tang Lin!"

I charged with Butterfly in hand. My energy increased to a highest point and Butterfly was wrapped in flames, turning into a red sword. I jumped up and sliced down. While in the air, I laughed coldly, "Time to let you block a cultivator's strike!"

Shock flashed across his eyes but he still raised his dark red-scaled arm to block!


The sword light slashed across and along with the red arm landing on the ground, Butterfly sliced across his neck and out from his waist.

He was split into two!

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