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IGK - Chapter 63.2 Wang Ke Saved Us (2/2)

 “Ancestral aunt, it’s me, She Tianba!” a voice called.The person approaching is my grand-nephew? She relaxed her vigilance, but then realized something was off, just when she let down her guard. Why are lightning bolts aimed at She Tianba?

“Oh no, cough, cough!” She Miejue coughed weakly.

But it was too late.

She Tianba dashed forward. He snatched the sword away from She Miejue and forcefully stabbed it back into her chest.

The moment the sword entered her chest—


The Demon Slaying Heavenly Lightning Array shook, followed by a loud sound. And then, all the lighting stopped.

“I knew it. I knew it! Ancestral aunt, you were the one controlling the array. All the lightning would cease as long as I stopped you!” She Tianba said, feeling fortunate he had been spared from such an ordeal.

She Miejue was still alive, but not for long since her grand-nephew had stabbed her heart.

Her already serious injuries worsened. Blood spurt out from her mouth as she stared at her grand-nephew, She Tianba.

“You’ve been demonized? Cough, cough, cough. She Tianba, you’re a demon! Cough!” Anguish flashed in her eyes.

“Yes, I am now demonized. Moreover, I can conceal my demonic Qi! Why? Why? Ancestral aunt, you were also demonized. Why are you doing this? Isn’t it good to become the Fifth Parlor Lord? I have a bright future, why would I sacrifice it because of your stubbornness? If you wanted to slay the demons, you could have told me beforehand. Are you trying to kill me together with them? I don’t want to die, so… I’m sorry. You should die instead of me!” She Tianba thrust the sword forward once again.


She Miejue took a step backward because of the impact; blood gushed out from her mouth.

“Hahaha, She Tianba? How dare you lie to me? Do you know what I left for you? I made a will, stating that all the virtue merit accumulated from slaying all these demons would belong to you. All of it! Hahaha, you bastard, you became a demon? You became a demon!” She Miejue was so aggrieved that she knew not whether to laugh or cry.

“What’s the use of giving me the virtue merit? I was about to be killed by those lightning bolts. So now, please die. Blame yourself if you want to!” She Tianba drove the sword deeper into her chest.

It was then that She Miejue slapped him in the face.

“What?” She Tianba was taken aback.


The slap empowered by her Qi smacked She Tianba soundly. The impact cracked all his bones, and he was sent flying off in a bloodied state.

She Miejue was severely injured, but she still was an Astral Infant cultivator. The burst of power before her final breath was so powerful that it sent She Tianba to the brink of death.

“She Tianba, it’s because of you that I can’t accomplish my plans, to have all these demons accompany us to our deaths! What an evil grand-nephew! Pffftt!” She Miejue vomited blood again.


A frustrated cry was heard next to the place She Tianba crashed into.

The voice also came as a shock to She Miejue. There’s someone else?She then realized that the place where She Tianba had landed was right where Wang Ke was peeking at them. She Tianba’s fall had cracked a hole open in the ground, exposing Wang Ke.

“Wang Ke, cough cough!” She Miejue could not believe her eyes.

Wang Ke’s face froze. It would have never crossed his mind that She Tianba would fly right into him after being slapped.

“Hall... Hall Lord She? Heh, Hehe, I’m just a passerby. I’m not related to any of this! You two can carry on. Please continue. I’ll be taking my leave now!” Wang Ke was about to run straight away.

“Stop there! Cough, cough!” a tinge of hope flashed in her eyes.

“Hall Lord She, She Tianba is not dead yet. He’s going to flee. I’ll help you pursue him! I’m going!” Wang Ke cried out as he pointed at She Tianba, who was scrambling to get up.

She Tianba had already sustained great injuries from the lightning bolts and his ancestral aunt’s bone-cracking smack. But that was not a place to linger safely. He had to give in his all to crawl back to the dungeon nearby. Why am I this miserable!

“Don’t go after him! Come here, now! Quick!” She Miejue cried out.

Wang Ke’s face grew pale, but he still walked up to her.

He then saw her take his right hand, upon which she made a small cut and squeezed out some blood.

“Hall Lord She, why did you cut my hand? I’m innocent.” Wang Ke asked anxiously.

“Cough, cough. Let the Heavenly Dao be the witness, and the Immobilizing Radiance Mirror attest. I, She Qingqing, will make a change to my will. All virtue merit gathered today shall not belong to She Tianba but to Wang Ke! Let this blood be the conduit! Let there be no mistake!” She Miejue tapped into the air with her hand.


Wang Ke’s drop of blood was enchanted an; it flew into the Immobilizing Radiance Mirror high up in the sky.

“Hall Lord She, you are....?” Wang Ke was astonished.

“She Tianba has been demonized. It would be too much of a waste to discard today’s virtue merit. You are the disciple of our Sect Lord, consider yourself lucky! Now hurry, find your own way out of here!” She Miejue said.

She seemed to be wielding her last reserve of strength as she spoke and pointed to the sky.

“Immobilizing Radiance Mirror, return to the Heavenly Wolf Sect. Go~~~~~~~!” She Miejue cried out to the artifact in the air.


High up in the sky, the mirror transformed into a stream of green light which flew out from the Great Qing Palace and headed toward the north of the Ten-thousand Great Mountains. Some cranes seemed intent on following it, but none of them were able to catch up to the comet-like mirror.

Wang Ke was at a loss. What just happened?

“Quick, run!” She Miejue said her final words before closing her eyes.She Miejue is dead?

Wang Ke looked at She Miejue, aghast. Were those her last words?

“Hall Lord She, don’t die now! At least tell me what happened first, so that I can explain to my Revered Teacher!” Wang Ke pleaded out of frustration.What is happening?


Right then, a great wind blew past and dissipated the smoke covering the Empress' Residence. Wang Ke then jumped after seeing all the demons outside.

Just when Wang Ke wanted to jump back into the tunnel, he saw how demons were pointing at him joyfully.

“It’s him! He’s the one who killed She Miejue?”

“He’s the one who disabled the Demon Slaying Heavenly Lightning Array?”

“It’s that brat! I remember his name is Wang Ke!”

“He saved us!”

“Wang Ke saved us!”




All the demons cheered after surviving a great catastrophe.

Wang Ke: “?????”

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Written by Guan Qi — Watching Chess. Translated by IcyRain. Edited by Calofel.