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IGK - Chapter 64.2 The Demons Rescued Wang Ke (2/2)

Everything was so chaotic just now! Fatty, how could we tell whether you were a friend or foe? We slashed you by mistake. Do you need to shout so loudly?

Zhang Zhengdao searched around after being freed. “Where is Wang Ke? Where’s that bastard?”

“Wang Ke? I didn’t see him! That Innate Stage brat?” Zhang Li'er asked with a frown.

“Something seems off. Weren’t those the Demon Slaying Heavenly Lightning Array and the Immobilizing Radiance Mirror? There should be a powerful cultivator from the Heavenly Wolf Sect controlling them? Why don’t I see any disciples from the Heavenly Wolf Sect?” one of them asked.

“She Miejue was the one who set it up!” Zhang Shenxu said. He was still in a state of shock.

“She Miejue? Where is she now?” Zhang Li'er asked.

“Wang Ke killed her!” Zhang Shenxu replied.

“Whh...What? Wang Ke killed She Miejue?” Zhang Li'er could not believe it.

“He pierced her heart with a sword!” Zhang Shenxu swallowed his saliva in fear and confirmed what he had seen.

He did not expect Wang Ke to be that ruthless!

Even Zhang Zhengdao’s jaw reached the ground. It can’t be!Wang Ke dared to kill She Miejue?

Is he sick of living?How will he return to the Heavenly Wolf Sect?Aren’t you just spewing bullsh*t?

“What exactly happened?” Zhang Li'er asked, frowning.

“We’re not sure either. Everything is so messy today!” Zhang Shenxu was at a loss.

Princess Youyue is a demon among demons?She Miejue was demonized?But, she also set up a spell array to kill them!And when did that lying Wang Ke return?He even killed She Miejue? It wasn't just messy; Zhang Shenxu could only feel that his wise and smart brain could no longer keep up with the pace of all the events.

But anyway, the Great Qing Empire was over because Zhang Shenxu witnessed at the Zhu Cultivation Town that Zhu Yan had already turned into a demon.

How could a demonic disciple be an emperor?

The Great Qing Empire was over!

Cultivators from other immortal sects arrived one after the other. They, too, were shocked by the earth shaking event that happened in the Great Qing Palace. The news was spread in the Ten-thousand Great Mountains like wildfire.

Under the Great Qing Palace—in a dungeon filled with debris—She Tianba was trying his best to heal himself.

“I’m the one who killed She Miejue! Not Wang Ke! You’re all mistaken! I’m the hero that saved you. Cough, cough!” She Tianba was so furious that he couldn't stop coughing out blood.I risked my life to kill my own ancestral aunt, yet all the credit went to Wang Ke?More importantly, Wang Ke is not a demon; he’s still a righteous disciple.You demonic lot are thanking Wang Ke for what?

Can someone come and save me?I’ve been trapped in the dungeon for too many days while in terrible shape. I’m so miserable!


Inside the Great Qing Royal Palace, at the Great General's Residence—

A group of Wang Clan members paced back and forth anxiously. Then, another clan member rushed into the main hall.

“How are things? Any news about the Clan Lord?” the third grand-uncle urged for an answer.

“Our men outside the city saw the demons rescue our clan lord and take him away. We don’t know the exact location because our men were unable to catch up!” the messenger replied, feeling worried about Wang Ke.

“It’s good that he’s safe! He’ll notify us if he needs us, now that he’s left the capital!” the third grand-uncle opted to reassure everyone.

“Then, what about Princess Youyue? Should we inform the Heavenly Wolf Sect?” the big cousin-brother questioned with concern.We rescued Princess Youyue but lost our Clan Lord. This...!

“We don’t need to inform anyone. We just have to do a good job protecting the princess. Little niece, take good care of the princess, especially while she wakes up! We shall wait for our Clan Lord’s instructions!” said the third grand-uncle.

“Understood!” The little cousin-sister nodded.

“Then What should we do now?” another person asked.

“Didn’t our Clan Lord make arrangements already? The Great Qing Empire is going down the drain. This is the time for us to rise to power and fight for territories. Now, I shall block off all information about what happened in the Qing Capital. Meanwhile, I will consolidate the Great Qing Empire’s army, food and weapons provisions; but for intel, I will need to rely on you all!” the big cousin-brother said solemnly.

“Rest assured! We will surely do our best to fulfill our Clan Lord’s orders!” all of them replied.

“We will surely hand a great empire to our Clan Lord when he returns!” the big cousin-brother proclaimed with clenched fists.

“Let’s do it!” the rest cried out in unison.


In the Heavenly Wolf Sect!

A stream of light shot over from the south and flew directly toward the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s guarding spell array.


The beam of light crashed into the spell array’s barrier with a loud sound, taking many of the disciples by surprise.

“The Immobilizing Radiance Mirror? How did it return on its own?” someone asked in shock.

At the same time, one of the disciples opened the barrier to let the mirror enter. The mirror only came to a stop when it landed in the Sect Lord’s Great Hall.

The sudden return of the mirror had caught the attention of many, especially the Eldest apprentice-brother, Murong Luguang.

“The Immobilizing Radiance Mirror? If I’m not mistaken, my Revered Teacher borrowed it from the Sect Lord when she returned to our sect. Why did the mirror return on its own?” Murong Luguang said in astonishment.

“Eldest apprentice-brother, could it be that something happened?” a concerned East Wolf Hall’s disciple asked.

“What could ever happen? My Revered Teacher travels the Ten-thousand Great Mountains freely. No one can stop her!” Murong Luguang said with a grave voice.


Murong Luguang was also frowning. “I can’t leave the sect because I’m still bound by the appointed self-enclosed reflection. Send someone to go around and ask if anyone in the Ten-thousand Great Mountains has seen my Revered Teacher!”


Somehow, Murong Luguang felt a great sense of unease in his heart.

A few days later, one of his juniors rushed back with a nervous attitude.

“Eldest apprentice-brother, bad news! Bad news! The Golden Crow Sect just sent us a message, saying.... They said......!”

“What did they say?”

“They said that Wang Ke killed the East Wolf Hall Lord, She Miejue!” the junior reported anxiously.

“Bullsh*t!” Murong Luguang was incredulous and wide-eyed.

“It’s true! You can go and ask them personally if you don’t believe me!” the junior insisted.

Murong Luguang’s face changed instantly. He was in no mood to continue his punishment! He picked up his sword and charged out.Wang Ke?He killed my Reverent Teacher?All of you must be blind!

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Written by Guan Qi — Watching Chess. Translated by IcyRain. Edited by Calofel.