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IGK - Chapter 64.1 The Demons Rescued Wang Ke (1/2)

Outside the Great Qing palace!

“Inside the barrier! Our senior apprentice-brothers are inside! I see them. They are tied up over there. Quick, let’s break the barrier!”

“We can’t do that. It’s the demon Slaying Heavenly Lightning Array, and that’s the Immobilizing Radiance Mirror of the Heavenly Wolf Sect. It’s killing demons at the moment!”

“All the demons are going to meet their end soon. Let’s wait a while longer!”




A group of Golden Crow Sect disciples looked downward curiously.

Aren’t we here to rescue senior apprentice-brother Zhang Shenxu?Why is this happening?

The demons fell into a huge trap?

“So much virtue merit, lots of it! Why let the Heavenly Wolf Sect get it all? Crane King, why don’t we break the spell array?” Zhang Li'er suggested in excitement.

The gigantic crane looked down toward the spell array with narrowed eyes, then said, “There’s an Astral Infant cultivator down there!”

“What?” Everyone was shocked.

They looked again and saw Zhu Hongyi, sealed in ice at the center of the square. The lightning bolts were quickly chipping away at the ice sealing him up. Zhu Hongyi had been pierced by She Miejue’s sword and was severely injured, but he had yet to die.

He had fainted mainly because of how heartbroken he was.

The consecutive lightning strikes were bringing him back from his unconscious state.

He coughed a few times as he was about to break free from the ice. In the next moment, all the lightning bolts stopped.


The big barrier in the sky began to show crack lines.

“Qing’er? What happened to Qing’er?” Zhu Hongyi was shocked.

The demons cheered joyously, while Zhang Shenxu and the other prisoners were so terrified that none dared to say a word. Are the demons going to be set free? The effect of the Immobilizing Radiance Mirror became weaker due to the crumbling spell array.

At that moment the mirror soared into the sky and beamed toward the north of the Ten-thousand Great Mountains.

“Oh no!” Zhang Shenxu was horrified.

All the demons were instantly freed. Is this our end?


Some of the cranes went after the mirror, as though wanting to take it by force.

“Stop going after it! Save my younger brother first!” Zhang Li'er shouted.


The Demon Slaying Heavenly Lightning Array collapsed, and the Golden Crow Sect members immediately swooped down.

The demons could move once again, then they saw what was happening at the Empress' Residence. That’s Wang Ke. He killed She Miejue? He saved everyone?Wang Ke: “?????”

“Qing’er!” Zhu Hongyi, having just woken up, rushed toward the Empress' Residence with a sorrowful cry, enduring the pain from his injuries.

“Parlor Lord, the righteous faction is here. We need to leave now!” A powerful demon quickly rushed over to offer help.

Still, Zhu Hongyi struggled with all he had, eventually making his way up to Wang Ke. He wrapped his arms around She Miejue, ignoring the presumed killer. He pumped his essence energy into She Miejue’s body, disregarding his own safety.

“Qing’er, don’t you die on me! Don’t!” Zhu Hongyi wailed as he relentlessly tried to heal She Miejue.


A war began outside the hall. The Golden Crow Sect had not sent a lot of disciples, but the demons were on the losing side after having suffered numerous casualties, while the survivors had been badly injured.

“Parlor Lord, we need to leave now!” The demons surrounded Zhu Hongyi and She Miejue, as they were trying to escape.

Wang Ke wanted to stay away from them, but the demons pulled him along and ran.

“Brat, the Golden Crow Sect has come for us. You’re a sure goner if you remain here with your measly cultivation. You are our savior; we won’t leave you here to die. Follow me!” A demon dragged Wang Ke along.

“Aieee, hold up! Hold on! I don’t need you to save me. I know how to run!” Wang Ke cried out in frustration.I’m from the righteous faction! I won’t be able to explain myself in the future if you guys drag me along!

“Quick, let’s go!” The demons surrounded Wang Ke and fled.

“Let me go! I can move on my own. I don’t need you to carry me!” Wang Ke cried out.

Unfortunately, his cries were ignored, given the urgency of the situation.

Many bats flew over and formed a dark cloud that carried Wang Ke and the demons to break out from the Golden Crow Sect’s siege.

“Quick. Charge out!” the demons roared.

“Will do!”


The Great Qing Palace was instantly turned into a mess.

Wang Ke was exasperated. I don’t want to go! Are you guys trying to kidnap me?Damn it. Just what the hell is going on?

Wang Ke’s cultivation was too weak to even struggle and break free. With all the chaos going on, he was also wary of getting caught up in the crossfire between the two factions.

To his annoyance, the demons had already dragged Wang Ke out of the Qing Capital. They continued to fly toward a faraway place.

Zhu Yan had been tied up by the Hongyi Chain. The demons also had to take Zhu Hongyi’s enchanted artifact away, and so they were forced to bring the dying Zhu Yan along.

Thanks to the array and mirror being out of the picture, the demons were still able to make a run for it despite suffering great casualties at the hands of the Golden Crow Sect.

The demons were soon able to flee, but the royal palace was turned into mounds of rubble. The surviving guards and maidservants were horrified; they quickly made their way out of the palace compound.

Zhang Shenxu and the others were finally rescued; each of them felt as if they were dreaming.

“Hahaha, I killed quite a few demons this time round and earned a lot of virtue merit!” Zhang Li'er exclaimed excitedly.

“Quick, let me go! I got slashed three times by you people. I’m also a righteous disciple! You were only able to save Zhang Shenxu because I went to your sect and alerted you. Untie me now!” Zhang Zhengdao wailed. His body was covered in blood.

He felt utterly miserable. The aftermath of such a great battle left many dead bodies lying around. All the storage bags and bangles were waiting for him to be picked. He could strike it rich if he weren't tied up. But now, he could only look at others taking the plunder for themselves while he couldn't get a thing. Worse, he had been attacked by mistake multiple times. Damn it, why am I so unlucky?

Only then did everyone notice that Zhang Zhengdao was still tied up and felt sorry for him.

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Written by Guan Qi — Watching Chess. Translated by IcyRain. Edited by Calofel.