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IGK - Chapter 62.1 Perish Together (1/2)

The day grew dark. Numerous campfires had been lit on the square outside the Empress' Residence. Some demons sat on the chairs already set up while the rest stood by the two sides of the square. They looked toward the main hall of the Empress' Residence expectantly, because they were about to get their share of Netherborn flesh.

As for the Golden Crow Sect disciples tied up at the center of the square, only the weaker demons were interested in them.

“Senior apprentice-brother, were we fooled by Wang Ke again?” a Golden Crow Sect disciple said in tears.

If I knew this would happen, I would have risked it all to fight back. Maybe a miracle would have taken place!Even if I died in battle, I could still be considered a martyr for righteousness!But what am I now?We surrendered on our own, and the demons are still going to eat us.There’s no way we’ll be seen as martyrs.We’d only be used as a cautionary tale for future generations!What a shame!

Zhang Shenxu no longer placed his hopes in Wang Ke, merely looking at the skies devoid of emotion. Nothing went right ever since I met Wang Ke. Damn it, why!Where did my brilliance and wisdom go?Why!

Not only did I fall into Wang Ke’s traps a few times. Even She Miejue, a leader of the righteous faction, turned to the demon side!Who would have thought?Who would have thought!

“Is this no longer the Ten-thousand Great Mountains that I knew?” Zhang Shenxu was at a loss.

All the Golden Crow Sect disciples showed more grief than fear for their own deaths!

A loud cry was then heard, “The Nether Demon Assembly will now begin!”

“Nice~~~~~~~~~~!” The demons shouted in unison. They were already tired of waiting.

All the demons watched as She Miejue and Zhu Hongyi walked to the center of the square. Zhu Hongyi smelled of wine, but he still kept a happy face.

“Some of the demonic disciples were still on their way over in the morning. I think everyone should be here by now, right? Come, let me introduce her once again. This is She Qingqing. She is our Fifth Parlor Lord! Today, the Fifth Parlor Lord is hosting the Nether Demon Assembly. All who are willing to receive the Fifth Parlor Lord’s gift must respect her as much as you respect me. Don’t take her gift and turn against her afterward, or else I will certainly go after you!” Zhu Hongyi shouted, his breath reeking of alcohol.

“Don’t worry, Parlor Lord. We will surely obey!” the demons replied.

Compared to having a share of Princess Youyue’s flesh, accepting the Fifth Parlor Lord’s identity was nothing! Many of them had converted to the demonic sect from the righteous factions. They only found She Miejue difficult to accept because she had been too ruthless in her demon-slaying; it was only them throwing a little tantrum. They merely had to change since the Demon Sovereign had issued orders.

“Good. Now, shall we invite the Fifth Parlor Lord to speak?” Zhu Hongyi looked toward She Miejue.

Zhu Hongyi really put in his best effort to pave the way for She Miejue, since she had killed countless demonic sect disciples in the past.

She Miejue walked to the center of the square and looked back to where Zhu Hongyi was.

“Brother Hongyi!” she said with softness in her eyes.

“Qing’er?” Zhu Hongyi was pleasantly surprised.

Her tone! Does this mean that she forgave me?

“Do you remember back when we were still ordinary people?” She Miejue reminisced about the past. Sweet affection flashed in her eyes.

There are too many demons watching! Why are you talking about our past during your speech?

But Zhu Hongyi was not particular about it and played along. If Qing’er could find it in her heart to forgive him, how his subordinates saw him was nothing!

“Of course I remember. My Zhu Clan was known for generations thanks to our doctors. And I, Zhu Hongyi, was already accomplished in my studies, so I had already begun adventuring across the world, saving people from their ailments, including a few plagues. Everywhere I went, people called me Divine Doctor Zhu, while you…!” Zhu Hongyi remembered.

“I’m the eldest daughter of the She Clan. My parents worked tirelessly to marry me off to either the royal or the aristocratic families. But... but I fancied none of them. Once I passed by a plagued zone and saw you laying on the ground, overwhelmed by fatigue, then I gave you a bowl of water. And even after you woke up, the first thing you did was not to thank me, but to continue treating some beggars!” She Miejue said with teary eyes, “That scene really touched my heart as you selflessly helped the commoners. You were the hero in my heart… I disregarded my clan’s objections and was determined to help the commoners together with you. I saw absolute sincerity, a caring heart, and true love in you!” She Miejue said. Tears welled up her eyes.

“That is all in the past,” Zhu Hongyi comforted her.

“You are right. There’s no way to rewind time!” More tears welled up in She Miejue’s eyes.

“Fortunately, we are still alive, and we can finally be together again! Qing’er, let the pain from the past go. You have me now!” Zhu Hongyi approached She Miejue and wiped the tears off her face.

Although the demons around them were impatient, no one dared to interject.

“Hongyi, can you give me a hug?” She Miejue said, choking with sobs.

“Of course!” Zhu Hongyi happily stretched out his arms.

“Not like this. Like the way you used to hug me when we watched the cauliflower field. Hug me from the back!” said the expectant She Miejue with reddened eyes.

“Okay, okay!” Zhu Hongyi was overjoyed.

Qing’er finally accepted him. He was too happy to care about how the demons felt about this. My Qing’er is back.

Zhu Hongyi wrapped his arms tightly around She Miejue from the back.

“Back then, you hugged me while we looked at the cauliflowers, and you taught me swordplay!” She Miejue took out a sword as she spoke.

Zhu Hongyi felt as though they had returned to how they used to be. He felt so happy at the moment. Finally! Finally, my Qing’er is back.We were this sweet and loving back then. Just like this.

Zhu Hongyi closed his eyes slowly and reminisced about the sweet past.

“Hug me tight!” She Miejue said, choking with sobs.

Zhu Hongyi hugged her even tighter. But then, all the surrounding demons were in shock.

“Parlor Lord, be careful!” the demons cried out.

They saw She Miejue reverse her long sword and drive it forcefully into her chest.


The sword pierced She Miejue’s chest and went through Zhu Hongyi’s chest who was right behind her.

She pierced through the two of them?

Everyone was dumbfounded. What... She Miejue is committing suicide?No, wrong. She’s killing Zhu Hongyi while dying along with him!“Qing’er?” Zhu Hongyi opened his eyes and asked in shock. Blood streamed down from his mouth.

He thought Qing’er had forgiven him. It never crossed his mind that she would kill him.

The scene shook the grieved disciples of the Golden Crow Sect. What...What is happening?

“Parlor Lord!” The demons rushed forward.

She Miejue held the sword’s hilt with one hand while she waved the other toward the sky.

“Activate! ”

“Hummmmm~~~~~~~! ”

Countless green rays of light suddenly beamed down from the sky. Next, all the demons who were rushing toward the pair were stuck and could no longer move.

“What? Why can’t I move?”

“What is this green light?”

“It’s the Immobilizing Radiance Mirror. The Heavenly Wolf Sect’s Immobilizing Radiance Mirror!”




All the demons cried out in fear as they looked up to the sky.

Indeed, a mirror was hovering in the sky. It was the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s Immobilizing Radiance Mirror. In the meantime, a massive array barrier with the mirror as its center descended from the sky, covering the entire royal palace in all directions.

“Rumble~~~~~~~~~~~~! ”

Following the loud noise, a huge barrier was formed.

“This... This is the Demon Slaying Heavenly Lightning Array? The Immobilizing Radiance Mirror? When… Qing’er, when did you set this up? I remember you were…!” Zhu Hongyi exclaimed in disbelief.

He knew She Miejue was setting up a certain spell array in the royal palace during that period. He even examined it carefully and found it was just an ordinary array to fend off possible enemies, so he didn’t ask her about it. Why is the array so different today?

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Written by Guan Qi — Watching Chess. Translated by IcyRain. Edited by Calofel.