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CSG - Chapter 3063: Frightened Out of Their Wits (One)

At this moment, the entire southern region experienced a great earthquake. The ground split open, the mountains collapsed, and even the ancient walls and structures that stood in the south were affected, facing different degrees of damage.

The Dong’an province where the Tian Yuan clan stood was a heavily-affected zone. Under the havoc of the powerful collateral energy, not only was the entire provincial city devastated, but the many low-level cultivators in the city suffered from injuries of various degrees too.

Fortunately, the Grand Prime possessed extremely sharp control over his energy, so almost no more energy remained after destroying the formation in a single strike. Otherwise, probably all the lives in the entire Pingtian Empire would be annihilated.

Immediately, the Tian Yuan clan lost all of their formations. The entire clan was exposed before everyone’s eyes, without any secrets to hide anymore.

Figures flickered above the Tian Yuan clan. They appeared out of thin air, g…

Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu, Deceptioning..