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PBS - Chapter 2232: The Guidance from the Seal

"Crimson Emperor Saber Intent!"

Qin Nan slashed forward. Flames lunged at the flags like a phoenix!

Each flag immediately summoned a magnificent figure above it. They sat on the flags and uttered thunderous chants.

However, Qin Nan's saber intent was unusually strong. Two of the flags could not even withstand it for more than a second.

That being said, the rest of the flags remained standing, so was the seal in the area.

"Qin Nan, stop wasting your energy. These thirty-six Flags of the Heavenly Demon were once the natal artifact of a Heaven Highness. It would still work even if there's only a flag left!" Ruler Xueyu yelled as he approached from behind.

Qin Nan's eyes glittered.

Every Ruler of Dao did have some outstanding trump cards!

"Qin Nan, use the Impenetrable Sacred Flesh to control the Ownerless Heaven Pattern. Its spirit might still be asleep, but you should be able to unleash its power," Zhou Xundao's voice echoed in Qin Nan's mind.

"The Ownerless Heaven Pattern?" Qin Nan was startled, but he quickly collected his thoughts and took out the Ownerless Heaven Pattern.

When Qin Nan poured his Master Force and the power of the Impenetrable Sacred Flesh into the Ownerless Heaven Pattern, it started emitting a sacred glow.

"Is that..." Ruler Xueyu held his breath.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Sacred rays burst out of the ancient pattern and turned into enormous hands looming over the flags while unleashing an overwhelming ancient will.

"Crap!" Ruler Xueyu's face turned pale.

It all happened so quickly that he did not have time to react. The flags broke into pieces following a series of explosions.

The artifact's spirit struggled fiercely, yet it did not make any difference!

Qin Nan did not stop there. He fired thousands of saber intents at Ruler Xueyu.

A few seconds later, the flags were destroyed.

The area was no longer placed under a seal.

The will and forces which the two had unleashed throughout the fight immediately spread in all directions, resulting in rare phenomena.

Qin Nan did not overstay. He withdrew the Ownerless Heaven Pattern and disappeared into the rift.

"Qin Nan!" Ruler Xueyu yelled. He immediately executed a great art and chased after Qin Nan.

Unfortunately, the tables had already been turned.

Time gradually passed. Half an hour later, Qin Nan finally shook off Ruler Xueyu.

Qin Nan did not dare to take his chances. He kept going forward for another half an hour and changed his direction. He flew for a few more hours before slowing down while concealing his presence.

"I'm lucky to be able to run away. I should be more cautious next time!" Qin Nan mumbled. He had completely fallen for Ruler Xueyu's bait.

"Besides, I should focus on improving my cultivation to evolve the Impenetrable Sacred Flesh into the Indestructible Flesh of Eternity and master the Art of the Immortal Demon!" Qin Nan made up his mind.

Even though there were only less than a hundred Rulers of Dao in the entire Primary Upper Realm, Ruler Xueyu's strength was only considered below average among them.

There were many who were stronger than him!

Qin Nan was now officially at the top of the Primary Upper Realm. He was going against the highest authorities of various factions. He could not afford to relax. He had to grow even stronger to slowly turn the tide around.

Qin Nan resumed his search after calming his thoughts.

Time gradually passed. Two days had passed.

Qin Nan came back empty-handed after searching for two days, nor did he hear any news about Empress Feiyue. 


The Nine Dragons Seal in his soul suddenly shuddered.

Qin Nan's lips twisted when he observed it.

The Nine Dragons Seal did not speak, yet he could understand what it was trying to say. It was calling him useless for not being able to find anything useful after so long.

The seal was mocking him!

Qin Nan smacked his lips and ignored it. However, the Nine Dragons Seal continued to mock him for days.

Even a clay figurine had its temper, let alone Qin Nan. His face darkened as he snarled, "Why don't you track down the orb spirit instead?"

"I seriously don't understand. What's so impressive about you that all four Supreme Highnesses wanted to get their hands on you?"

Zhou Xundao was left speechless. He subconsciously lifted his hand to rub his forehead, but he realized there was no sweat on it.

Qin Nan's words seemed to have worked. The Nine Dragons Seal fell silent for some time. However, it soon shuddered again.

It was expressing something different this time. It seemed to be saying, "Humph, your provocation is very effective. Fine, I shall provide you with some guidance."

It emitted a light which drew a map in front of Qin Nan.

The map had a red dot on it which represented Qin Nan's location. He also saw a golden dot to the east of the map.

"Mm?" Qin Nan's eyes flickered with astonishment.

He was just venting his frustrations. 

He immediately felt suspicious. Was the Nine Dragons Seal trying to set him up?

"Qin Nan, if the Nine Dragons Seal has told you to go somewhere, you should head to it immediately," Zhou Xundao said.

"Fine, I'll go take a look," Qin Nan nodded and changed his direction.

Around six hours later, he arrived at the golden dot on the map. It was a vast mountain range with mountains soaring into the clouds.

Qin Nan did not go to the mountains right away. He used his Immortal Eyes of the Divine God of Battle to observe them for more than an hour. He went to the mountains when he did not sense anything unusual.

After searching for two hours, Qin Nan detected an unusual energy on a cliff.

His eyes flickered as he went closer.

The bottom of the cliff had all kinds of rare herbs, flowers, and trees.

An ancient palace over ten zhang tall and eight zhang wide, with cracks all over it stood in the corner.

The ancient palace was not emitting any aura, yet Qin Nan did not dare to underestimate it. He tried probing it with the power of the Impenetrable Sacred Flesh. After confirming there was no reaction from the palace, he dropped down from the cliff and went inside the palace.

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