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PBS - Chapter 2226 - Cang's Capabilities

"Orb of the Heavenly Emperor, heed my call. Unleash your power and your brilliance!" the Ancient Taboo spat out its blood essence onto the orb.

The orb's color started changing until it completely turned amber. A strong light burst out of it and pierced through the clouds like an ancient sword, lighting up the area within a hundred thousand li. 

An astonishing sight took place after it.

Wisps of pure immortal intent gathered from all directions, together with a green light of life and a unique aura pouring into the orb.

Towering trees and strange plants and flowers sprouted across the valley and grew rapidly.

More than hundreds of them turned from ordinary plants to Immortal Blessing resources. Their quality kept on increasing.

"Is that..."

The eyes of Qin Nan, Li Posheng, and the others who came out of the rift widened.

"Orb of the Heavenly Emperor!" Empress Feiyue's blue eyes flickered.

"That's the aura of the Origin Force!"

"Orb of the Heavenly Emperor, it's the legendary Orb of the Heavenly Emperor!"

The authorities of various factions were in utter shock, including Eternal Night Heaven Highness.

"Copper mirror, what exactly is the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor?" Qin Nan asked. He was unable to see through the orb with his eye-technique. He could only tell it was extraordinary.

"Based on my understanding, Cang has refined thirty-three Orbs of the Heavenly Emperor when he destroyed the Great Dao in the past. Each of these orbs contained the same amount of Origin Force as a Small Immortal Realm."

"Those with an Orb of the Heavenly Emperor could absorb the Origin Force to improve their cultivation. They would obtain more Origin Force and gain control of the Origin Force of that particular Small Immortal Realm," Empress Feiyue said.

"Origin Force?" Qin Nan was shocked.

He was well aware of how incredible Origin Force was. The South-Heaven Gate, Heaven God Lu, and many Heaven Immortals and Peerless Rulers had put in a lot of effort just to claim the Origin Force in the Secondary Lower Realm, not to mention the Origin Force in any of the Small Immortal Realms.

"There's more to it too. Back then, Zhou Di, Huangfu Jue, Cang, and the fourth cultivator have achieved the Supreme Highness Realm because they each mastered an extraordinary path of cultivation. The Orbs of the Heavenly Emperor are as significant as Zhou Di's Indestructible Flesh of Eternity and Huangfu Jue's Art of the Immortal Demon," Empress Feiyue said.

"Oh?" Qin Nan collected his thoughts.

The Orb of the Heavenly Emperor seemed quite valuable, yet it did not feel as strong as the Indestructible Flesh of Eternity or the Art of the Immortal Demon.

"If anyone can collect all thirty-three Orb of the Heavenly Emperor, their flesh, power, and arts will evolve and reach a remarkable level."

"In addition to it, if you can achieve Cang's level in the past, you could even synchronize with the whole Nine Heavens Immortal Realm and become the Son of the Origin!"

"You will be able to utilize most of the Origin Force of any Small Immortal Realm, meaning that your energy will never deplete. You will swiftly recover even if you only have a fragment of your soul left after sustaining serious injuries."

Empress Feiyue said after a brief pause, "Based on my speculation, there's still another level above Cang's level. Even Cang couldn't achieve it. Anyone who reaches that level will become the Master of the Origin, the real Heavenly Emperor."

The words left great astonishment in Qin Nan's eyes.

These Orbs of the Heavenly Emperor were beyond what he had imagined!

"Cang...is scarier than I thought!"

Qin Nan took a deep breath.

"Therefore, Zhou Di had to use all his power and the maximum potential of the Undying Cycle Mountain, yet he still failed to kill Cang completely, allowing him to be reincarnated," Zhou Xundao said.

"From what I know, it's not even the scariest thing about Cang," Zhou Xundao said sternly.

"Senior, what...what do you mean by that?"

Qin Nan's heart skipped a beat. Did he mean Cang had something more terrifying than the Orbs of the Heavenly Emperor?

If so, how did Zhou Di even stand a chance against Cang?

"There's something that Zhou Di had never found out the truth in the past. Cang had developed a strange ability, but we weren't sure if it had anything to do with his extraordinary path of cultivation and the Thirty-Three Orbs of the Heavenly Emperor."

"He seemed to be able to read everyone's mind. He could use the simplest words to plant a demon deep in one's heart without alerting them." 

"I share different views with Bai Zhongsheng and the others. I believe Xiang Hun is to be blamed for betraying Zhou Di, yet his betrayal is closely related to Cang too," Zhou Xundao said.

"What do you mean?" Qin Nan frowned.

"Xiang Hun also practiced the Synchronization of the Minds in the past. Zhou Di knew clearly what his thoughts were, so did the others. Xiang Hun might have a bad personality, but he had always been loyal to Zhou Di." 

"Otherwise, they would have noticed something back then."

"One more thing, everyone has their own desires, greed, jealousy, and other emotions. These things are inevitable. Certain people would suppress them with their feelings, will, frame of mind, and moral values." 

"Some people might have weaker will and values, thus their negative emotions are slightly stronger."

"Cang might have magnified Xiang Hun's negative emotions by a few, or even more than ten times, causing Xiang Hun to lose control of himself after so many years." 

"Even though this is only my speculation, but similar things have happened in the past. Cang always managed to break down his enemies mentally without alerting them."

"We weren't sure if Cang was born naturally with the power, or he obtained the power after refining the thirty-three Orbs of the Heavenly Emperor," Zhou Xundao said.

Qin Nan felt a slight chill running down his spine.

If Zhou Xundao's speculation was right, Cang's capabilities were beyond terrifying. The power was indeed scarier than the potential of the Orbs of the Heavenly Emperor.

He had planted a little seed in Xiang Hun's heart over a few tens of thousand years ago. The seed had slowly sprouted over time. It would eventually explode when the time came.

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