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PBS - Chapter 2224 - Orb of the Heavenly Emperor, Part One

After the duration it took an incense stick to burn, Qin Nan and Empress Feiyue were the first to arrive in the vicinity.

Empress Feiyue flicked her finger and unleashed a light ray with the Art of Ten Lifetimes. Their auras immediately disappeared between the Heavens and Earth.

Qin Nan soon noticed Li Posheng, Zheng Di, and Anxiao, three Rulers of Dao leading a huge group of people out of the rift.

"Stand in your positions!"

The experts and elders of the Li Clan and the Zheng Clan swiftly performed hand seals. Runes spread rapidly across the ground and concealed their auras.

"Tsk tsk, you seem to have come prepared. Are you trying to stay hidden?" the Ancient Taboo was amused.

It did not have to rely on its secret trick to locate its enemies.

"Ancient Taboo, tell us Cang's secrets if you don't want to die!" Li Posheng said coldly. He moved forward without any hesitation. The ancient sword on his back turned into a tremendous glow which contained his will, aura, and power of Rules.

Zheng Di and Ruler Anxiao attacked from both sides too.


The whole valley was soon filled with explosions. The rift and the Rules that belonged to the Thirty-Third Small Immortal Realm shattered and fell into chaos.

The battle was utterly destructive.

If the Ancient Taboo did not prepare in advance, the whole Thirty-Third Small Immortal Realm would be alerted by now. Even the cultivators in the Thirty-Second Small Immortal Realm would be startled.

"Statues of Buddhas and Devils!" the Ancient Taboo reached its hand forward. 

A tremendous Bodhi glow and an ancient demonic glow appeared simultaneously and hovered between the Heavens and Earth with an indescribable pressure.

"Oh?" Qin Nan collected his thoughts.

Qin Nan, Li Posheng, and the others were astounded.

The power was extremely terrifying, and it did not seem to belong to the Ancient Taboo.

"Statues of all living creatures!" the Ancient Taboo scoffed and performed another hand seal.

Tens of thousands of figures appeared across the place, each with a different appearance and emitting a different light. 

"Ancient Taboo, I didn't expect you to possess such power!" Li Posheng and the other Rulers of Dao said with stern looks.

They already knew it would not be easy to take down the Ancient Taboo, but they did not expect it to be so strong.

"HAHA, are you already intimidated by my current level of strength? What if I..." the Ancient Taboo said in a murderous tone.

However, the skeleton that resembled a tiger exclaimed before the Ancient Taboo could finish its sentence, "Master, this is bad, the Xu Clan, the Han Clan, and the Mumen Sect have infiltrated the Thirty-Third Small Immortal Realm. They are heading straight toward us!"

The Ancient Taboo shuddered.

"Damn it! These formidable factions, since when are they so good at tracking people down?" the Ancient Taboo's expression darkened.

"However, those three factions are only sending one Ruler of Dao each. I can still handle them!"

The Ancient Taboo took a deep breath.

The skeleton shuddered and said in a trembling voice," Mas...master, the other Supreme Daoism factions, ancient tribes, and Rulers of Dao have also arrived in the Thirty-Two Small Immortal Realm!"

The words were like a clap of thunder.

"What did you just say?"

Li Posheng, his crew, and the Ancient Taboo were dumbfounded.

It was reasonable if a few formidable factions had found the place, yet how did every faction manage to find where they were?

Some of the ancient tribes did not even have a Ruler of Dao!

"Who is it? Who leaked the news about this place?"

The Ancient Taboo's heart was brimming with rage. The murderous intent it was emitting was solidifying!

How big of a price did he have to pay as a result?

It felt like time had suddenly slowed down.

Every second was torturing the Ancient Taboo. An hour later, its final hope was shattered too.


A series of explosions took place.

The formations and artifacts which Li Posheng's crew and the Ancient Taboo's crew had established were destroyed by wisps of powerful forces.

The dark valley was completely exposed under broad daylight.

"It's really the Ancient Taboo!"

"The Li Clan and Zheng Clan are here already?"

"HAHAHA, Ancient Taboo, you're pretty good at hiding. It took me a while just to find you!" figures with formidable auras stood in the sky like an ancient formation and surrounded the valley.

The area within a few tens of thousand li began to shake vigorously under the enormous pressure.

Every cultivator who had achieved the Heaven Immortal Realm in the whole Thirty-Third Small Immortal Realm felt their hearts pounding heavily like something terrible was about to happen.

Even Qin Nan was placed under great pressure. The will in his body was on the verge of exploding.

Even though the formation was not as intimidating as the one he had faced in the Battlefield of Aeon, but the power of Rules in the Thirty-Third Small Immortal Realm was weaker than the Battlefield of Aeon's too.

The ten Rulers of Dao and the Masters of Dao had come fully prepared too!

The Ancient Taboo shivered in fear. It only collected its thoughts after its mind went blank for a few seconds. It turned into a blood-red ray and vanished into thin air.

It was the most terrifying sight it had encountered ever since the battle in the past.

"Ancient Taboo, are you seriously thinking of running away?" The words shook the Heavens and Earth.

The Rulers of Dao unleashed tremendous auras and shattered the mountain that was formed with the power of Rules into pieces.

The Ancient Taboo fell out of the rift after receiving a deadly blow.

"Ancient Taboo, down you go!"

A Ruler of Dao of the Mumen Sect went above the Ancient Taboo and unleashed a destructive force.

"Eternal Night, how long are you going to wait for?" the Ancient Taboo yelled miserably.

"Eternal Night? Eternal Night Heaven Highness?"

The Rulers of Dao and the Masters of Dao were stunned.

"I know what I'm doing. What's with the rush?" a calm voice approached from the distance like a godly arrow.

Following it, the whole place darkened. Even the light the Rulers of Dao were emitting had weakened significantly.

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