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PBS - Chapter 2225 - Orb of the Heavenly Empire, Part Two

The power of Rules of Eternal Night!

Only the Eternal Night Heaven Highness had mastered the Dao of Rules, thus allowing him to establish his own Rules.

"It's really him!"

Many people frowned.

They were not too surprised that Eternal Night Heaven Highness was still alive. After all, Eternal Night Heaven Highness was the strongest cultivator in the Primary Upper Realm. He had been around for more than ten thousand years. On the other hand, the Army of Eternity was unable to fight at full capacity.

However, things would be a little tricky if Eternal Night Heaven Highness had sided with the Ancient Taboo.

An old man approached from the distance. Even though he was controlling the Rules of Eternal Night, his hair was as white as snow. It turned out he had sustained serious injuries from the battle against the Army of Eternity.

The old man soon came to a stop and said, "Fellow cultivators, I have given the Ancient Taboo my words, so my single wisp of will here will lend him a hand. I hope you all understand."

Li Posheng, Zheng Di, and the rest of the Rulers of Dao were startled.

What Eternal Night Heaven Highness just said was quite interesting!

Why did he purposely tell them he had only sent a wisp of his will here?

"That old piece of sh**!" the Ancient Taboo cursed in its heart.

Anyone would easily pick up the obvious hint.

However, the Ancient Taboo was utterly helpless. It was already at a disadvantage since it had taken the initiative to ask Eternal Night Heaven Highness for help. It was unable to negotiate the conditions.

"Ancient Taboo, our clones are here to help you too!" a loud yell took place.

Two middle-aged men and a blue-haired young woman appeared not far away from Eternal Night Heaven Highness.

The auras they were emitting were in the Ruler Realm too!

"Ruler Miexiang, Ruler Duanmu, and Ruler Huangyun, three leaders of the Wang Clan have come!"

The Masters of Dao were startled.

The blue-haired young woman, Ruler Huangyun, in particular, was the most powerful person in the Wang Clan. She had made a name for herself ten thousand years ago. She was extremely talented and strong.

"Clones huh?"

Li Posheng, Zheng Di, and the Rulers of Dao squinted.

"Since you four are on the Ancient Taboo's side, we have no choice but to apologize for our misbehavior in advance!"

They immediately made up their minds and unleashed their auras as they dived at the Ancient Taboo.

"Ancient Taboo, we'll escort you there safely!"

Eternal Night Heaven Highness, Ruler Huangyun, and the others blocked the attackers with impressive moves.

The Ancient Taboo scolded the enemies in its heart, yet it did not dare to waste any second. It quickly flew into the distance.

Qin Nan and Empress Feiyue were watching closely. Qin Nan shook his head. He knew the Ancient Taboo must still have other tricks up in its sleeves. It was not that stupid to place its trust in Eternal Night Heaven Highness and the others.


An intense battle soon took place.

The clashes were so terrifying that it felt like the sky was going to crack apart. Many years later, the cultivators would still see a river of stars when they looked into the sky.

Eternal Night Heaven Highness and the others had lifted the heavy pressure the Ancient Taboo was under. It soon flew out of the barrier of the Thirty-Third Small Immortal Realm and headed straight for the Thirty-Second Small Immortal Realm.

"It's about time!"

Qin Nan's eyes glittered. A brilliant light burst out of his body as he flew out of the light of the Ten Lifetimes and threw a punch at the Ancient Taboo.

"Qin...Nan?" the Ancient Taboo's expression darkened when it quickly looked around after it sensed the approaching danger.

"Impenetrable Sacred Flesh?"

The Rulers of Dao of many factions instantly noticed Qin Nan's aura.

Was the Supreme Highness' reincarnation about to rise in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm?

"Zhou Di!" Eternal Night Heaven Highness' eyes flickered coldly.

Ruler Huangyun and the others had different thoughts too.

"Qin Nan, are you planning to kill my master's reincarnation? It's not going to happen!" the Ancient Taboo yelled. Wisps of sacred light shone upon it and nullified the force of the punch.


A glamorous woman appeared behind Qin Nan.

Her expressionless icy-blue eyes were fixed on the Ancient Taboo.


The Ancient Taboo felt a lightning strike had flashed in its mind.

Its body started trembling too. 

It knew Empress Feiyue was going to show up, yet the pressure it was under when she was actually standing in front of it was simply too strong. It was not even that scared when it was facing the others previously.

"Switching the Two Realms!" the Ancient Taboo yelled without any hesitation.

White mist burst out of his body and spread across the rift at a remarkable pace.

Everything froze all of a sudden.

"Oh?" Qin Nan collected his thoughts.

Empress Feiyue noticed something. She went above the Ancient Taboo and flung her hand down.

It seemed like an ordinary slap, yet the force it contained was capable of destroying the Heavens and Earth!

The light of the Thirty-Second Small Immortal Realm and Thirty-Third Small Immortal Realm flickered in the nick of time.

A magnificent force encapsulated the Ancient Taboo and teleported it away in time to dodge the attack.

"It has gone back to the Eastern District of the Thirty-Second Small Immortal Realm," Empress Feiyue said coldly. She waved her hand and unleashed a formidable force to wrap around Qin Nan as they both flew into the distance.

"Chase them!" Li Posheng and the rest of the cultivators pushed forward like a great army.

Meanwhile, a valley in the Eastern District of the Thirty-Second Small Immortal Realm...

An enormous pit appeared on the ground following a loud crash. Smoke rose and spread into the surroundings as the Ancient Taboo crawled its way out of the pit.

What it did just then was one of its trump cards. It could have run away to other places, yet as long as it stayed in the Thirty-Second Small Immortal Realm or the nearby Small Immortal Realms, it was only a matter of time until someone found it.

"I'm left with no choice!" the Ancient Taboo clenched its teeth and performed a hand seal.

The rift nearby shook vigorously as rays of light gathered from the distance and combined into an orb around the size of a fist.

A formidable aura burst out of the orb. The whole valley and the Great Dao were shaking, as if an emperor was about to appear.

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