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LGS: Releases for November! 3w 6d ago by
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LGS - Chapter 1082 - Parting After a Thousand Years, a Storm Brews Once More

In the dark, gloomy Sword Collection pavilion, elder Tian and elder Di sat together, both in thought. This was the first time in the past century that they had no interest in comprehending the Sword Collection Manual of Heaven and Earth. When they heard about everything that happened on Great Buddha mountain, they went from disbelief to beyond belief, followed by the silence right now. Only two hours had passed.

Regardless of their moral alignment, sword cultivators never lacked resolve, yet they were stuck in a period of great hesitation now.

“Should we…” elder Tian asked hesitantly.

“Have you forgotten about the teachings handed down through the sect? Unless the sect faces destruction, we should never do that. It is something completely beyond our control!” Elder Di declined firmly, but his eyes also flickered with uncertainty.

“If this continues, we’ll basically be watching as the sect faces destruction! Li Qingshan, Northmoon.” Elder Tian ruminated over those two na…

Written by Dream Teller (说梦者). Translated by Pipipingu.