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NETS - Chapter 155 – Wanted

This was Lu Ping's first time battling a Core Forging Realm Enlightened Master, and also the first time witnessing them battle.

The power that the Enlightened Masters displayed in each swing of their limbs made Lu Ping realize the insurmountable gap between the Blood Condensation and Core Forging Realm.

The battle between the two Enlightened Masters didn't last long.

The lightning representing Enlightened Master Yang Xuan-Mu suddenly exploded, releasing blue lightning in all directions, and struck hard on the eight tentacles again.

Then, a magnificent sword light surrounded by flashes of electric sparks penetrated through the cage of tentacles, breaking the cage completely.

A mournful cry of pain was clearly heard, and the eight tentacles that had suffered heavy damage swung backwards in unison.

A green shadow flickered in the sky, leaving only a voice roaring reluctantly, "Yang Xuan-Mu, you’ve defeated me today, but only because I have yet to condense my natal mystic treasure. We’ll meet again one day, and I will have my revenge!"

Another clear voice answered back, "Enlightened Master Zhang, take care. Yang will be waiting for you!"

As the aftermath of the battle cleared, Enlightened Master Yang came trekking across the sea, and Lu Ping came forward to pay his respects along with Liu Zi-Yuan and the others.

After listening to Liu Zi-Yuan's account, Enlightened Master Yang took the jade scroll in his hand and swept his divine revelation into the scroll to read its contents.

When the crowd saw Enlightened Master Yang's grave face, they didn’t dare to ask anything.

A few moments later, Enlightened Master Yang put the jade scroll away and gave Lu Ping a strange look, leaving the young cultivator baffled.

Then, Enlightened Master Yang smiled at Liu Zi-Yuan and said, "It is as our sect expected. The Golden Jiao Island is behind the sea monster’s recent abnormal behavior.

"Our original plan remains unchanged. You and the others will continue to hunt in the monster sea while making your way south. Be sure to reach the monster race waters outside Qiu Yun Island before the seventh month, and then the sect will inform you of your next mission."

Liu Zi-Yuan, Du Zi-Sheng, and Fang Zi-Yan nodded their heads in response—they obviously knew the sect’s plan.

After Enlightened Master Yang instructed the three, he turned to look at Lu Ping rather oddly and asked, "Are you Lu Ping? The Quasi-Master Alchemist Lu Zi-Ping, and the Mid Blood Condensation disciple under Junior Aunt Liu’s tutelage?"

Lu Ping didn’t know his purpose, but he still replied politely, "Yes, senior, I am Lu Zi-Ping."

Enlightened Master Yang laughed and said, "Did you kill the fourth son of the Lord of Golden Jiao Island?"

Stunned, Lu Ping immediately linked the fourth son to the Seventh Layer Blood Condensation Primal Giant Crocodile that he had killed. It had also been called the "Fourth" by the other three Primal Giant Crocodiles.

Could this crocodile be the fourth son of the Lord of Golden Jiao Island?

Lu Ping did not know whether it was a blessing or a curse, but judging from Enlightened Master Yang's tone, it was obvious that Golden Jiao Island was a place of great power, and it was definitely not a good thing for him.

Lu Ping replied hesitantly, "More than a year ago, I did kill a Seventh Layer Blood Condensation Primal Giant Crocodile..."


Before Lu Ping could finish, Yao Yong and the others had already gasped deeply in shock. Even Liu Zi-Yuan and the Master Immortals wore looks of incredulity.

More than a year ago? His cultivation was only at the Fifth Layer Blood Condensation Realm, right? How could he kill a Primal Giant Crocodile at the Seventh Layer?

Not to mention that Primal Giant Crocodiles had the same status as Emerald Sea Spirit Snakes in the monster race thanks to their peerless prowess.

A Primal Giant Crocodile in the Seventh Layer was considered invincible to those at the same cultivation realm.

Even Eighth Layer cultivators were no match for them, yet Lu Ping had manged to kill one?

The strange looks from the crowd left Lu Ping at a loss for words.

Enlightened Master Yang Xuan-Mu laughed loudly and said, "So it really was you! Truly worthy of being Junior Aunt Liu's valued disciple!"

Immediately afterwards, Yang Xuan-Mu put his smile away and patted Lu Ping's shoulder, saying, "Junior Brother, you're in trouble."

After saying that, he squeezed the jade scroll from the monster shark.

After the jade scroll broke apart, a water screen was formed in mid-air, on which was a portrait of a person, drawn in perfect strokes. The portrait was none other but Lu Ping!

Enlightened Master Yang Xuan-Mu said in a gruff voice, "Junior Brother Lu, the Lord of Golden Jiao Island has considerable influence among the North Ocean monster race. You killed his youngest son, this portrait is your wanted notice. The reward for turning you in is a mystic treasure. Tsk, tsk, tsk, Junior Brother, seems like you’ll be facing an endless pursuit of monsters."

Liu Zi-Yuan noticed that Lu Ping was overwhelmed by the news, and he quickly asked, "Senior Brother Yang, what do you think we should do?"

Enlightened Master Yang pondered for a moment and said, "For now, Junior Brother Lu, you'd better return to Huang Li Island first. After all, once your presence is exposed, not only will you be hunted by monster cultivators, I'm afraid you’ll also disrupt our sect’s plan of operations with the North Ocean Alliance in the monster sea."

Du Zi-Sheng and Lu Ping had a good relationship. Back when Lu Ping was in the Blood Refining Realm, he risked his life to help Du Zi-Sheng stop Zhang Zhihe, the leader of the Cultivator Sharing Union. This incident had allowed Du Zi-Sheng to make a meritorious contribution to the sect.

So upon hearing that Lu Ping was wanted by monster cultivators, he also voiced his concerns, "Enlightened Master Yang, we’ve been in the monster sea for several days. If Junior Brother Lu returns now, he will inevitably encounter monsters on his way back. If any of them were aware of his bounty, isn't that like a rabbit hopping straight into the tigers’ mouths?"

Enlightened Master Yang considered his words. "Well said. Hmm, then here, this is an interesting toy of mine. Junior Brother, put it on your face and it will change your appearance. As long as the monster cultivators don’t probe carefully with their divine sense, it should be sufficient to cover your identity."

Lu Ping received a mask made of an unknown material. Upon wearing it, it instantly changed his features into a red-faced forty-year-old man. Interestingly enough, Lu Ping could control the mask to convey any facial expressions he had in mind.

However, this mask couldn’t hide from the detection of the divine sense. Should anyone look closely with their divine sense, they could easily see Lu Ping's true face through the mask.

Yao Yong was initially anxious, and when he saw that Lu Ping could conceal his identity with the mask, he said joyfully, "In that case, can Junior Brother Lu continue his hunting mission with us?"

In the past few days, everyone had a good look at Lu Ping's prowess; if Lu Ping could remain in the team, it would indeed be of great help.

Chen Lian and others also looked relieved.

"No!" Enlightened Master Yang and Liu Zi-Yuan said almost simultaneously.

Stunned by their stern tone, Yao Yong mumbled, "Why not?"

Lu Ping saw his confusion, and he hurriedly explained, "Senior Brother, Enlightened Master Yang's mask does not obscure divine sense detection. And there are always monsters that are inherently born with secret talents, they might easily see through the mask’s disguise. Senior Brother and the others must continue the operation in the monster sea. It’s already a critical situation, and my presence will only add more risks."

In the vast and boundless sea, a white cloud drifted in the sky with the breeze. Although it was constantly changing course, it actually moved with purpose.

The white cloud slowly descended on a small coral islet. As the cloud lowered, a red-faced man could be seen standing on the cloud.

"How lucky, there’s no big change in this area."

The red-faced man casually cast a [Water Repelling Spell] and dove to the bottom of the coral islet.

At the bottom, there was a small cave which looked as if no monsters had lived in it for a long time.

After reaching the cave, the red-faced man wiped his hand over his face. A thin mask fell into his hand—the red-faced man turned into Lu Ping.

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